Les conséquences politiques de la paix (French Edition)

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The Consequences of the First World War

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Clash Israël -- États-Unis : Quelles conséquences sur le processus de paix ? (Partie 2) - #DébatF24

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Macron annonce la levée de l'état d'urgence "à l'automne"

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About the So-Called “Revitalization” of Algiers’ Casbah: An Open Letter to Jean Nouvel

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SciencesPo SPIRE - Accueil

Dossier : L'Europe. The French have already partially destroyed the Casbah three times in the past. First, following the invasion of the Regency of Algiers in , the colonial officers had already fully understood the potential danger of its insurrectional urbanism and ordered the destruction of the entire lower part of the city, thus depriving the Casbah of its access to the sea.

Later, the colonial authorities built Haussmann buildings there, taking up the counter-insurgency town planning tactics already applied in Paris and Marseille. As you may have seen during your short visit, this house has been left unchanged for the last six decades to make it a memorial, a memorial without an architect.

We believe that any change in the Casbah that would not come directly from its inhabitants and community would need, at least,to demonstrate an acute knowledge and respect of its past and its present, well beyond the instructions that the Wilaya of Algiers itself seem to have can provide or understand.

The announcement of cultural projects in particular, while many homes experience leaks and problems of water evacuation, which is nowadays one of the major problems of the neighborhood, seems to be, particularly problematic and yet again, disconnected from the everyday concerns of the residents. Similarly, the release of a staggering budget to finance this study can only contrast with the blatant lack of resources that the associative community of the Casbah has to confront daily to carry out its initiatives.

In this sense, do we need to remind you that the decisions of the latter weigh every day a little more on the lives of the most precarious Paris inhabitants who, for many, are people who directly or through their family history suffered from french colonialism, especially the one at work during years in Algeria?

The same one who, in addition to her unequal policies, did not hesitate to join an Islamophobic crowd who pushed around Muslim devots in Clichy when they were praying in the street so as to protest against the transformation of their library prayer room by the municipality in November The same person who also did not hesitate to declare that she would be in favor of a law aimed at doubling the prison sentences for acts committed in certain neighborhoods, in contempt of all constitutionality October