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Sure, you can find more convenient Malakoffs on a few menus in town, but here the Malakoff package includes fresh air, the Lac Leman landscape, a walk in the vineyards, and the local white wines. What a number of the enthusiasts also often want to know from the specialists is this: just how do you make these delicious things?

Fortunately, the owners of the specialty restaurants in the villages of Vinzel, Bursins and Luins, are willing to. The proportions — they jealously guard those — we pinched from a German-language Swiss cookbook, whose tarted-up recipe is otherwise not the real thing. See pieced-together recipe below. Officially, the Malakoff — a. Malakoffs, priced at 5. This is because the cooking — rather than being an automated process — is done by hand by a specialist, Mr.

Wolfsteiner says. As a main course, diners consume on average three Malakoffs, Mr. The record is 15, or 17, depending on whom you ask.

Edited By Peter Rosenberg, Konstanze Jungbluth and Dagna Zinkhahn Rhobodes

But since men frequently eat more, and faster, than women, the ladies often skip a turn, he says. Those interested in the seasonal specialties instead, can start with some sauteed mushrooms, for example. Other customers like to have just one Malakoff as a starter and then move on to, say, game, or regional sausage. The recommended dessert is cherries marinated in kirsch 9. Among the differing tales about where the Malakoff originally comes from includes one about a so-named Russian general who once passed through the region.

And so, the mostly agreed-upon if not necessarily historically accurate version — which appears on the Vinzel and Luins menus — is the following tale: Vaudois mercenaries who fought alongside French troops in the Crimean War fried themselves some cheese in their fires during their long but ultimately successful siege of the heavily fortified Fort Malakoff in Sebastopol. But where exactly did that baptismal happen? But I will tell you it is here. At the turn of the century, other melted cheese lovers began descending on the region to eat Malakoffs, Mr.

Marguerat says. These days, eating Malakoffs is a kilometer roundtrip Sunday car excursion from Geneva that is popular all year round, although enthusiasm does dip a bit in the hottest months. Currently, the three restaurants that are best known for the specialty say they enjoy a friendly rivalry. Friendly enough to send each other overflow business, but rivaled enough to each claim that their Malakoff is the least greasy.

And as for those calories? Presque un tiers de la population a moins de 20 ans. Mais pas les secrets de sa recette. Doris Antonini kannte den Sohn des Restaurantbesitzers. Ich brauchte nicht lange zu studieren und sagte ja. Im Wald und auf wilder Aue waren wir heim.

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I have a mother, Herzeleide is her name. In woods and wild meadows was our home. Parsifal: Den schuf ich mir selbst, vom Forst die wilden Adler zu verscheuchen [zu scheuchen]. Gurnemanz: Doch adelig scheinst du selbst und hochgeboren; warum nicht liess deine Mutter bessere Waffen dich lehren? Yet eagle-like yourself and nobly born you seem; why did your mother not allow you to learn better weapons?

Here Wagner makes a pun on Adler eagle and adelig noble. Parsifal is silent. Kundry has listened uneasily to Gurnemanz's account of the fate of Amfortas with frequent violent movements; now, still lying in the undergrowth, she eyes Parsifal keenly and, as he is silent, calls out in a rough voice. Sie lacht. The fatherless one was born to his mother while Gamuret was slain in battle; from such an untimely heroic death to save him, far from weapons in a wilderness she reared the fool - like a fool!

She laughs. Who has listened to her with sudden attention Yes! And once along the forest's edge, sitting on beautiful animals, came shining men; I wanted to be like them; they laughed and resumed their hunt. I ran after but could not overtake them; through the wilderness I came, up hill, down dale; often night fell, then the next day came; I used my bow to defend myself against wild beasts and giants. This is a very compressed version of Wolfram's account of how Parzival left his mother to follow a company of knights and squires.

Kundry: Ja! Robbers and giants felt his strength; the learned to fear the fierce boy. Those who threatened me, were they wicked? Gurnemanz laughs. This tells us that the widow's son Parsifal is innocent of the knowledge of good and evil. It might be that he is in the same state of dreaming innocence as pre-fallen Adam. To Gurnemanz he simply appears both foolish and ignorant.

As I rode past I saw her die; she bade me give the fool her greetings. Parsifal springs at Kundry and seizes her by the throat. Gurnemanz restrains him. Wieder Gewalt? Was tat dir das Weib? Crazy youth! Violence again? What has the woman done to you? She speaks the truth; Kundry never lies, no matter what she has seen.

Kundry, realising Parsifal's condition, runs to a spring in the woods and brings water in a horn, which she sprinkles on Parsifal and gives him to drink. Gurnemanz: So recht! That's right! According to the Grail's mercy; evil is defeated when good is returned. I never do good; I long only for rest, only rest, in my weariness.

Sadly she turns away and, while a fatherly Gurnemanz tends Parsifal, she drags herself, seen by neither of them, into the forest undergrowth. To sleep! O that I might never wake again! Not sleep! Horror seizes me! Kundry wishes to return to her "deathlike sleep" and never wake again. In other words she desires to die and never to be reborn. She is unable to do so while carrying the burden of sin that she acquired in an earlier life.

So far we have not been told what this sin was. She falls into a violent trembling, then lets her limbs fall, her head drops wearily and she staggers away. Movement is seen by the lake and at length in the background the returning procession of knights and squires with Amfortas' litter. From the bath the King returns homeward; the sun is high; now let me lead you to our solemn meal; then if you are pure, the Grail will give you food and drink.

Seeing Parsifal's remorse for his killing of the swan, Gurnemanz has decided to take him into the Grail Temple. Here Wagner is referring to the traditional cornucopia aspect of the Grail; it will provide nourishment only to those who are worthy. He has gently laid Parsifal's arm around his neck and puts his own arm around his body; thus he leads him with very slow steps.

Parsifal has gathered from Gurnemanz's references to the Grail the understandable impression that the Grail is a person. Gurnemanz: Das sagt sich nicht; doch, bist du selbst zu ihm erkoren, bleibt dir die Kunde unverloren. Und sieh'! That cannot be spoken; but if you yourself are called to its service, the knowledge will be revealed to you.

Now look! I think I know you aright; no path leads to it through the land, and nobody finds their way there, unless the Grail itself leads them. The Grail and its mysteries are secret; this is a feature that Wagner found in his medieval sources. For example, in the Elucidation : The Grail's secret must be concealed and never by any man revealed Gradually, as Gurnemanz and Parsifal continue to move, has the scene changed more and more noticeably; the woods have disappeared and in the rocky wall a doorway has opened, through which they pass and which closes behind them.

On a rising path they move between the rocks until the scene has completely changed. Gurnemanz and Parsifal now enter the great hall of the Grail Castle. Gurnemanz: sich zu Parsifal wendend, der wie verzaubet steht Nun achte wohl und lass' mich seh'n; bist du ein Tor und rein, welch Wissen dir auch mag beschieden sein. To the last supper renewed from day to day, A procession of squires passes with rapid steps across the scene into the background. A second procession of squires passes through the hall.

The ultimate glossary of German idioms and their English translations

Who delights in doing good, will be renewed by this meal; he will find refreshment and receive the highest gift. The nourishment provided by the Grail is no ordinary food; it revives, revitalises and regenerates; like the mead that was served to heroes in Valhall. Some commentators see here and elsewhere in Wagner's text a tension or even conflict between Christian and pagan concepts. The collected knights stand behind the dining tables. Voices of boys are heard from half-way up the dome.

Knights and serving brothers carry in Amfortas on a litter through the door opposite; before him walk four squires bearing the shrine that contains the Grail. This procession moves into the centre foreground, where stands a raised couch, on which Amfortas is set down from the litter; in front of it stands an oblong stone table, on which the squires place the covered shrine of the Grail. As once the blood of the redeeming hero flowed, for the sinful world of a thousand pains; So now with joyful heart let my blood be offered.

His body, which he offered for our sins, lives in us through his death. He wrote: It is just the strength of consciousness of suffering that can raise the intellect of higher natures to knowledge of the meaning of the world. Those natures in which the completion of this lofty process is evidenced by a corresponding deed, we call heroic.

Poured out for you enjoy the wine and take the bread of life! According to Wolfram Parzival book 9 the Grail receives its sustaining power from a wafer that, each Good Friday, a dove brings to the Grail from Heaven. Once all have arrived at their appointed places and after a complete silence has settled on the scene, the voice of Titurel is heard from a vaulted niche behind Amfortas' couch, as if from a tomb. Titurel: Mein Sohn Amfortas, bist du am Amt? Soll ich den Gral heut noch erschau'n und leben? Muss ich sterben, vom Retter ungeleitet? Amfortas, my son, will you serve? Shall I once more look on the Grail and live?

Must I die for want of my Deliverer? Amt can mean authority but here it means either a religious service or an acolyte who serves at such a service. Titurel calls on Amfortas to serve. Amfortas: Wehe! Wehe mir der Qual! Mein Vater, o! Noch einmal verrichte du das Amt!

Wie kann ich zur Ruhe kommen? – The Whisper of Christmas - Jens Koslowski

Lebe, leb' - und lass mich sterben! Woe is me for my pain! My father, oh once more serve the office! Live, live - and let me die! It is implicit here that both the aged Titurel and the wounded Amfortas are being kept alive by the sustaining power of the Grail. Amfortas wishes to die but knows that, deprived of the sight of the Grail, his father would die first. In the grave I live by the Saviour's grace; but I am too feeble now to serve Him. In His service can you expiate your sin!

Hansel and Gretel (ENGLISH) - Hänsel und Gretel (GERMAN)

Uncover the Grail! Just as Amfortas is extremely sick Wagner called Amfortas his third-act Tristan inconceivably intensified , letter to Mathilde Wesendonk of 30 May , so his father Titurel is extremely old and therefore feeble. Amfortas: Nein! O Strafe, Strafe ohne gleichen des - ach! Du Allerbarmer! Ach, Erbarmen! Nimm mir mein Erbe, schliesse die Wunde, dass heilig ich sterbe, rein - Dir gesunde! Leave it covered! May no-one, no-one suffer this pain, brought on me by that which gives you joy!

What is the wound, its raging pain, compared to the distress, the hellish torment, of this office which I am damned to serve! Woeful inheritance that has fallen upon me, that I, the only sinner of us all, must attend that which is supremely sacred, must ask the Pure One for his blessing! O punishment, unparallelled punishment of one - oh! For Him, for His holy greeting must I ardently yearn; in repentance, deep in my soul, I desire union with Him.

The hour draws near; a ray of light descends upon the holy vessel; the covering falls. The divine contents of the holy chalice glow with radiant glory; - Enraptured in agony of ecstasy, I feel the fount of divine blood pour into my heart, whose own guilty blood surging in mad flight sweeps me back, in wild terror it gushes into the world of sin; once again it breaks open the door and now rushes out, here, through my wound, like His, made by a blow from the same Spear which wounded the Saviour, a wound from which He wept tears of blood for man's disgrace, in compassion's holy desire - and now from my wound, in the holiest place, serving the most divine treasure, the guardian of the balm of redemption, spills forth the fevered blood of sin, ever renewed from the fount of desire that - ah!

All-merciful one! Have mercy upon me! Take back my inheritance, close my wound, that I may die holy, pure and whole for Thee! Not only does the Grail ceremony keep Amfortas alive, but it also exacerbates the pain of his wound. The divine contents of the holy vessel, the balm of redemption, are on one level the blood of the Saviour, the divine essence of free-willed suffering des bewusst vollenden Leidens selbst Wagner called it in his late essay Herodom and Christendom , , and on another level, in some mystical sense, the Saviour Himself. Commentators have had difficulty in reconciling Amfortas' burden of guilt with the Christian teaching that a sinner by repentance can obtain forgiveness.

Yet Amfortas believes that repentance cannot help him, only death. So it was promised you; secure in expectation, serve the office today! But I won't let the old man appear again, said Wagner, he would remind me too much of the old gondolier in Venice who always butted in when others were singing. Amfortas gets up slowly and with difficulty.

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The squires take the cover from the golden shrine and take out an ancient crystal chalice, from which they also remove a covering, and place it before Amfortas. Youths voices from above: Nehmet hin meinen Leib, nehmet hin mein Blut, um unsrer Liebe willen! While Amfortas bows devoutly in silent prayer before the Chalice, the light dims until the hall is in twilight. Knights from high up: Nehmet hin mein Blut, nehmet hin meinen Leib, auf dass ihr mein' gedenkt! This is resonant of the institutional words of the Last Supper as recorded by St.

Sulzer’s “Recitativ”: Edition and Translation

Paul 1 Corinthians 11 v. Here a dazzling ray of light falls on the crystal chalice, which now glows bright crimson, softly illuminating everything. Amfortas, transfigured, elevates the Grail and waves it gently in each direction, to bless the bread and wine. All are on their knees. Amfortas sets down the Grail again, and its grow gradually fades as the darkness lifts; then the squires enclose it in the shrine and cover it again. Daylight returns.

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  • The four squires during what follows distribute the two flagons of wine and baskets of bread. Since the interval in which a placement of the armature lies on the pole face will be extended, in one embodiment such that a set at the beginning of a regulation within this interval power is maintained, it becomes the holding current. For this purpose, of course, then be subjected to a speed control when it has been determined, for example, by a stroke sensor, the issues of the armature to the corresponding pole face.

    For regulating the holding current for reduction of energy demand under the influence of disturbances such. Vibrationen des Motors oder des Fahrzeugs, wird auf die Offenbarung der nicht B. The at least two as described above, designed straight pieces of the target trajectory in one embodiment of the invention, substantially the same pitch, whereby the speed in the region of the beginning of the valve clearance is greater than the impact velocity is selected.

    In this case, the target trajectory in a straight line, these pieces is continuous intermediate connecting piece freely selectable with respect to its path substantially. With this in mind, an optimization in play as a reference curve is performed by the present invention according to one or more of the features described above. So werden auch bei Offset-Fehlern eines Sensors bestimmte Auftreffgeschwindigkeiten zur Vermeidung oder wenigstens wesentlichen Minderung der vorstehend nach dem Stand der Technik auftretenden Probleme eingehalten.

    Thus, certain impact speeds to avoid or at least substantially reduce the problems mentioned occurring in the prior art are maintained even when offset errors of a sensor.


    To illustrate further advantages of an embodiment of the invention with reference to the drawing will be discussed in more detail with a description of the prior art below. In der Zeichnung zeigen: In the drawing:. In der Abbildung von In the illustration of 1 1 ist ein Aktuator an actuator 1 1 bekannter Bauart skizziert dargestellt. Der Aktuator the actuator 1 1 umfasst dazu neben zwei Elektromagnet-Spulen In addition to comprising two solenoid coils 8 8th ,.

    It is known that the length L varies drying or various types of wear during engine operation due to thermal Ausdeh. Um einen fehlerfreien Betrieb des Motors sicherzustellen, muss dieser Effekt in einer geeigneten Weise kompensiert werden. In order to ensure error-free operation of the engine, this effect must be compensated for in an appropriate manner. In engines with camshafts, a hydraulic valve play compensation is usually used. In addition to the complicated structure of these expensive and relatively trouble-prone solution is bought as a further disadvantage is that oil may leak into the valve chamber.

    This method makes a concrete executed electronic valve clearance compensation, at least for the closing operation is substantially superfluous. Further, it has advantages over a rigid valve coupling as an advantage to simplify the control task, and in particular by the absence of an oil supply for a hydraulic lash adjuster and a significant simplification of the system dynamics, a substantially lower number of components. Die Regelung unter Verwendung eines freien Ventilspiels wird nachfolgend unter Bezugnahme auf die Figurenfolge von The scheme using a free valve play is described below with reference to the figure sequence of 3a 3a bis to 3c 3c beschrieben.

    Das Gesamtsystem setzt sich aus einem mechanischen sowie einem elektrischen und einem Software-Teil zusammen. The complete system consists of a mechanical and an electrical and software part. Abschaltung eines Haltestroms l h lange bewegt, bis sich das Ventil by inverting or disconnection of a holding current l h moved until the valve 3 3 durch Absetzen des Ventildeckels by settling the valve cover 5 5 abdichtend in dem Ventil sealingly in the valve 6 6 geschlossen hat.

    In order to regulate the armature in the inventive manner is to provide a suitable control. Die wesentlichen Elemente einer derartigen Regelung sind eine vorgegebene Solltrajektorie und Regler. The essential elements of such a scheme are a predetermined target trajectory and controller. Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Erfindung werden die vorstehend angedeuteten Kontrollbereiche definiert, in denen ein Regelungseingriff erfolgen kann. In the present invention, the above-indicated control areas are defined, in which a control procedure can be performed. This point in time t A is in an interval A for the regulation of the stroke z t along a trajectory T, in which a first control of a speed v 1 is already engaged.

    Damit wird ein erster Kontrollbereich durchlaufen, in dem der Anker This is the first control range is passed through, in which the armature 4 4 auf eine vorgegebene Geschwindigkeit v 1 eingeregelt wird. Advantageously, the valve clearance must z. Continuous measurements of the valve clearance can erfallen thus, it rich in place of a default value standardized tests by initially referring to the relevant prior art method described in very broad time intervals from.

    The same applies to the stroke position z o in the stationary end position, since a sufficient interval length is also defined herein by B. Advantageously, for an electromagnetic valve drive unit including such a comparatively small number of components and items and dispensed in particular an oil supply of a hydraulic valve play compensation and additional methods for lash determination. Under moving additional requirements in the field of control and the processing of electrical measurement signals without the use of additional sensors etc.

    In a final phase of a closing movement in a region A of the possible start of a valve clearance z s is moved by at a predetermined constant speed v 1 , that in the trajectory T as a reference curve for the armature stroke z is a straight line G 1 for setting the speed v 1 is inserted. Verfahren nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass der Bereich A als definiertes Intervall innerhalb eines Hubverlaufes z t durchlaufen wird.

    The method of claim 1, characterized in that the area A as defined interval within a lift curve z t is passed through. At a predetermined constant speed v 2 is moved. Is adjusted.