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Our ranking emphasizes drinkability, interesting flavor profiles, value, and, above all, deliciousness. After much heated discussion that fell just short of actual bottles being tossed around the room, we came to a conclusion. Despite receiving international acclaim for his consistent, high-end Barolos , Fissore has zero pretension. The Bricco Pernice Barolo comes from a specific vineyard plot within the lauded, long-aging Ravera cru.

Elvio Cogno always maintained that this vineyard was truly special.

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After sipping this time capsule of a wine, we fully agree. Sniffing this Saint-Joseph is like inhaling a breath in fresh air. There are more terroir-driven, grower Champagnes available in the U. The rose gold-hued blend of roughly equal parts Pinot Noir , Chardonnay , and Pinot Meunier hits on all cylinders: racy one second, rich another, with incredible drinkability and complexity at the same time.

Rich, nutty, red-fruited flavors greet the palate, with fine texture, savory minerality, and a citrusy, lip-smacking finish. The iconic Cain Five is a blend of five classic Bordeaux varieties that absolutely sing of their inherent varietal characteristics and place of origin, all at the same time.

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This wine is a lesson in intentional, careful winemaking. Australian Riesling defies Old World versus New World stereotypes, taking enamel-stripping acidity and austerity to a new level.

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One of the pioneers of Western Australian winemaking produces this lean, lively gem from grapes grown in the cool Frankland River region. An affinity for grapevines has been shared through the generations of the Lanzavecchia family, most recently landing in the hands of the talented Paola. Elegant and ethereal, notes of red cherries, roses, and turned earth are lifted by high acidity. This is a beautiful wine.

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  6. Name any grape in the world. Turley is known for its wide range of single-site Zinfandel wines, but they also experiment with a few other grape varieties, such as Cinsault. The result is a juicy red that is light enough for summer days yet concentrated enough to keep the palate engaged. Wild berry flavors and irresistible floral tones explode on the tongue, heightened even more by slightly chilling the wine prior to drinking. While the quality might be surprising for the price, it makes sense.

    The aromas and flavors persist, driven by ripe red and black fruit, fresh earth, herbs, and particularly beautiful rose petals.

    Built to Last: Collecting Age-Worthy Wine

    Any Nebbiolo lover should pick up a bottle immediately. It was one of the most surprising wines we tried this year. Produced by U.

    Expensive wine is for suckers

    Black fruit and floral accents combine to make this bottle super chuggable, like a darker Fleurie. Envision Grand Cru Chablis with bubbles. An ideal white wine for seafood, this Arneis from Piedmont is bright and refreshing, with bright, limey acidity. Made from Grillo grapes in Marsala country, careful usage of new oak does exactly what it should, adding another layer of savory richness to an already high-quality wine, rather than covering it up.

    The acidity is bright and refreshing, making the tart red fruit pop. The sweetness is balanced, with concentrated lemon and pear flavors and saline minerality. We dare you not to finish the bottle. This Sonoma bubbly is floral and easygoing, with pear and citrus flavors, making it a reliable standby and fantastic value. We want to dive into a pool of this wine. Concentration of flavors is usually a sign of a wine that will age well also.

    More on Aging Wines

    That all said, I think the number one factor to ensure a wine will age well is proper storage. This tops everything. GP: Are there grapes or types of wine that are better suited to bottle aging than others? DW: Absolutely. Wines with good structure tend to last longer. Stick to well-made wines from good producers and solid vintages for longer aging.

    GP: What about the length of time in which a wine is aged? Are some styles better when aged longer? It also depends on the initial quality of the wine. High-quality Nebbiolo could last 50 years or more, where a more basic style might only last five years or so. Generally speaking, if the goal is to age the wine for a long time, buy something of high quality and store it right. Cool temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit , darkness, proper humidity around 70 percent should do the trick. Read the Story. Gear Patrol. The Newsletter Get the best new products, deals, and stories from across the world, in your inbox daily.