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This document reflects a certain period in my investigation of Area 51, ending around Dec.

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If spotting a saucer at Area 51 is unlikely, I hear you ask, then why then bother consulting the guide in the first place? I like his thinking. Log In Register.

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He uses the famous explorer from history, Sir Richard Francis Burton, to tell us the story. But rather than use some kind of flashback tool, the characters of the story translate some of his lost material throughout the course of the novel, feeding us awesome pieces of the puzzle one translated chapter at a time.

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I happen to be a huge fan of Burton and have read several biographies of him. The author of this novel could not have chosen a better historical figure to enhance the plot here.

Nov 08, Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , fantasy. Another very fun read in the Area 51 series. I've decided for this one to switch over my tags from sci-fi and military to sci-fi and fantasy. This novel had less in the area of military ops though the battle armor was pretty wild!

It's amazing to me that Bob Mayer can move from Egyptian history to Arthurian legend and it all somehow works! And, for a Dragon lover like me, it was awesome how he managed to even work in Dragons, in a new way.

Really looking forwa Another very fun read in the Area 51 series. Really looking forward to the next in the series to see what Artad is all about, and what's going on with Lisa! May 09, Dustin rated it it was ok Shelves: sci-fi. This one really feels like it exists only to move the story to the next book.

It's way, way more expository than the previous entries in the series with huge sections of the novel just characters reading from the secret manuscript of Richard Francis Burton. I have no doubt that the pertinent information from this one will be repeated in the next book in between describing specter gun ships and the back stories of characters who are destined to die in three pages so I'd probably recommend skippin This one really feels like it exists only to move the story to the next book.

I have no doubt that the pertinent information from this one will be repeated in the next book in between describing specter gun ships and the back stories of characters who are destined to die in three pages so I'd probably recommend skipping this one if you decide to read the series. Nov 28, Tufty McTavish rated it it was ok.

I kinda like the action scenes, but the data dumps were very tiresome. Oct 02, Katie rated it really liked it. Things are finally coming together with this book.

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I think I'm finally following who everyone is: the Airlia, Aspasia and Artad wise at least. So many things that start with 'A'. In this book you finally get to see more sides of characters and learn more about the history of the aliens. It does leave you with more questions and wanting to read the next book to find out what happens to the characters next. Exciting story I would recommend this book to anyone following the area 51 series. The book can stand alone but is best read as a continuation of the story as this gives the reader a fuller understanding of what is going on. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to read this book even if they hadn't started the series from the beginning.

They will still be enthralled by the story shown in this book independently. Nov 15, Spot Allen rated it really liked it.

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  • Yet another installment in the history spanning Area 51 series. Giving just enough closure to be labeled a novel, yet leaving you with a fade-to-black "Executive Producer Chris Carter" X-Files ending. Always gifting you more questions than answers. If the goal was to keep me reading; it's working! Damn you Mayer! Jun 10, Carlos Trevino rated it it was amazing. What I'm starting to love about these novels other than the alien aspect is how the author does such a brilliant job of integrating different ppl and events in history into the story.

    Burton's journals almost made it feel like I was reading a mini novel within the novel and with Artad now in play, I'm that much more eager to get to sixth book. May 10, Bob Willis rated it really liked it. Wish I had started with book 1 as it would have made more sense from the start. I've read a couple of other Area 51 books and will probably go back and read the rest of the series at some point. Jan 21, Eric Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , techno-thriller , military-scifi. Everything just keeps coming faster and faster.

    Multiple groups in play with multiple plans operating over multiple books has created some kind of four player chess game where not only do the humans not know all the rules but only have pawns and knights on the board. Can't wait to see what's next. Aug 03, Richno3 rated it really liked it. One more down. How many more to the end??? Jan 07, Nicolene rated it really liked it. A little disappointing in comparison to the previous books in the series yet still gripping and still leaving you with the need to know what happens in the next book.

    Jan 06, Stuart Bell rated it really liked it. I thought it was entertaining and I never suspected the way Turcotte - Duncan and Yakov would be kind of estranged at the end. Lots of questions with Easter island, and Mars? Mar 18, Riley Freer rated it liked it Shelves: wanted , scifi , robert-doherty , military-scifi. Good enough to plow through. One of my earliest sci-fi reads. Jul 12, Robert Bailey rated it liked it. Nice story, and well written. Really made me want to read the next one until I had every book on the shelf :.

    Mar 26, Nai Wang rated it really liked it. Worst Narrator Ever! Loved how he wove Christian mythology into aliens! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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    Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. About Robert Doherty. Indiana Jones 5 will be set in China during the Cultural Revolution.

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    The series has a reversal of Star Trek 's even-odd rules. Indy is a distant cousin of James Bond. Alternately, Indy is a distant cousin of Alan Quatermain. Indy escaped the worst consequences of being blacklisted by McCarthy because he drank from the Grail and rescued the Shankara Stones. Irina Spalko was the protege of Rasputin from Hellboy. Hellboy himself was a protege of Indy's. Indy catches a glimpse of young Hellboy, who's been tailing him unseen. The child Maharaja is the father of Khan from Star Trek.

    The majority of the fourth movie is Indy's Dying Dream as he is killed by the nuclear blast. The spirits in the Ark of the Covenant are of all the people who had previously opened the Ark. The skull is literally selectively magnetic. Related to the Hetalia theory above, Indy is related to Alfred F. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn't a Genre Shift - every film has aliens.