The Sea of Insanity (Japanese Edition)

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Shimizu Corp believes they could start building in 15 years.

Inhabitated zone — Shimizu say projects like the Ocean Spiral may be necessary in the future to confront problems such as rising sea levels and the need to create new, clean energy sources. According to a statement from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, a national research institute which is providing data to Shimizu for the project, it is vitally important "to promote maritime innovations in areas ranging from the use of marine resources to the deployment of marine biotechnology. Beneath the surface — Shimizu has a history of imaginative high-concept projects including a space hotel and floating botanical cities, although none of these have actually come to fruition yet.

The company says the Ocean Spiral would take five years to build and the technology required to make it a reality will be ready in 15 years. At home in the ocean — Funding for what is likely to be a cash intensive exercise will also have to be secured.

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Until such times arrive, however, all we're left with is a series of cool artist renderings to whet or should that be wet? Story highlights Ocean Spiral is a proposed underwater city from Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corp.

The futuristic settlement has been designed to produce all its own energy and will have enough room to house 5, people Project expertise is being sought from academics, Japanese government departments and energy experts, the company says. Maybe something like The Ocean Spiral -- an underwater metropolis that generates energy from the seabed and is capable of providing homes and accommodation for 5, people.

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Sure, such blue-sky thinking may only seem plausible in the world of Hollywood CGI, but this is the futuristic concept proposed by Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corp. More Videos Building world's largest eco park According to literature released by the company, expertise is being sought from Tokyo University, Japanese government ministries as well as energy firms to bring the project to life. Nor does it even hint at the complete insanity the film contains.

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  • The catch is that she must hack and slash her way through mutant rebels called Engineers. A breed of tumor infested mutant humans who can turn an injury into a weapon. Think cutting off an arm and a toothy, razor sharped mouth grows in its place. Or perhaps an Engineer might lose his, uh, member, and a rifle pops up where the stump was.

    The ability to regrow parts with deadly weapons makes the psychotic Engineers even more lethal. The only way to destroy them is to sever a key-shaped part from their body. Naturally, this is a difficult and bloody affair.

    As such, society is reliant on the specialized police force issued with machine guns and swords to protect them from the Engineers. Travel With Us. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian. Photos Submit to Our Contest. Photo of the Day.

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