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The picture-perfect backdrop of St. Ever since it began, the event has become a hub of atmosphere, whereby static displays, food stalls and military vehicles take pride of place on the Lower Park, usually between the hours of 12 — 5pm, although a full timetable is generally released two weeks in advance.

Yet, over the years, it has also been the target of much bad luck. Take as a fine example, when the show — always held on the Thursday nearest the Battle of Britain — counteracted to the disastrous acts taking place in the USA at the time — which ultimately forced British airspace into lock-down. Both the BBMF and an autogyro announced that the weather would keep them from making it to Jersey, whilst the Sea Vixen suffered a gearbox fault and was grounded. The excellent weather in Jersey made little difference!

The end result has always been resourceful, diverse and most importantly, highly enjoyable. Celebrity deaths are a strange occurrence. With the exception of Robin Williams that is. When I heard about his death it was sort of like losing a friend you never really kept in touch with, but you always had a great time with when you saw them. Characters which, not only did he bring to life exceptionally well as an actor, but characters that for a lot of people me included , acted as childhood guides.

Her namesake was the titular princess of Legend of Zelda fame, and it was no secret that Williams was a huge fan of the games. One of the many qualities of the Legend of Zelda series is the escapism it permits; allowing one to dive into a mystical world in order to save a princess and, as with any game,.

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Zelda Williams, his daughter, was recently forced to close down her Twitter account due to some pretty nasty comments and messages. I imagine Robin Williams thinking of his acting roles not just as characters he played, but lives he lived. Perhaps it was the same with Zelda? He brought wonder into the world — drawing inspiration from his imagination and then quite literally personifying it. When was the business founded?

The Museum first opened late in by our late father, Don Pallot. To keep collecting How has the business adapted over the years? A new purpose built Museum and Workshop was built and opened in to accommodate an ever expanding collection. What are the benefits to working as a family? We all have the same aim — to keep the Museum running. Are there any downsides to working together? Not really — the family get on well together. The Fresh Fish Company was established in with the primary motive being to supply local fish to hotels and restaurants alongside the Fresh Fish Company Fish Shop which is situated at the bottom of Mount Bingham and of course their viviers down at Victoria Pier.

I am Vicky Boarder nee Jackson left. How has the business adapted over the years? Over the years we have adapted enormously, from the very early days when the business was primarily a scallop supplier to local restaurants And of course our fish van has had more than a slight upgrade, you can now find us in our fully stocked shop down at the bottom of Mount Bingham.

Working as a family has many benefits, we are a natural team with the same goals and are driven in much the same way And it is impossible for us all to go away together In they returned to Jersey and established a small five bedroom guest house in Halkett Place and named it Merton. Consistent professionalism combined with genuine hospitality. All family members have to be professionally qualified for the role they carry out no nepotism here!

Through continuous improvement in keeping with ever changing requirements and the service tradition created more than 90 years ago. A real sense of purpose and belonging, it strengthens family ties and creates team spirit! Embraces a multi-generational dimension — especially important in a fast changing world Are there any downsides to working together? We imagine that these people have changed their names to something innocuous.

Here we have found a selection of family portraits from around the world which we hope will delight and amuse you. The family tree traced by Jean-Michel Cheneau, direct descendant of Georges Porteau and Madeleine Boileve, shows that the family were founded by this couple in the 17th century. The rhyme implies that ladybird mothers care for their children even though the one in the rhyme seems a bit neglectful! However like most insects, apart from the social ones, female ladybirds lay their eggs and leave them to their own devices.

The lady in the name ladybird is the Virgin Mary and one theory is that the rhyme refers to the Catholic church losing its congregations children to the Protestant church under the rule of King Henry VIII. Another theory is that the rhyme is from a later date and is about the Great Fire of London.

Ladybirds are probably one of the most popular insects, together with butterflies. They are actually beetles as shown by their hard outer wing cases which protect the wings inside. There are around 40 British species of ladybirds, half of which are found in Jersey. The number of spots also varies between species from two to The most common species is the seven-spot ladybird which has three spots on each wing case and one which overlaps both. The bright colours are a warning to predators that the ladybird is poisonous.

These hatch into larvae after about 10 days. The larvae are long, often dark grey with pale spots. They look so different from the adults that many people do not recognise them as ladybird larvae. Like the adults they are voracious feeders of aphids and so are good for your garden. After feeding for about a month the larva turns into a pupa. When the adult ladybird hatches out it is yellow — the colour darkens and the spots appear within a few hours.

Adult ladybirds hibernate over winter, often clustering together in large numbers. The large harlequin ladybird has recently arrived in Jersey. It is an Asian species which was introduced into Europe and America to control pests but it has become a pest itself and has caused a decline in several ladybird species as it competes with them and even feeds on them. Now you will be glad to hear that it wasn't Hubert looking for love in the forest, but a young male wolf, a wolf that the biologists named Slavc. In Slavc was one of these wolves.

The collars aren't to help confuse them when trying to navigate complex inner city road networks though, they are so the biologists can learn more about the movements of these mysterious and highly secretive animals. The collars transmit GPS coordinates via a GSM modem every three hours, and if the collar can't get a signal, then it stores the coordinates and they are relayed in a batch once a signal is possible again.

It is quite common to lose the signal for days on end, given the terrain these animals travel in. What happened over the following eight months amazed and transfixed everyone involved, and provided an insight in to the remarkable life, endurance and instincts of these mythical animals. Then on December 19th Slavc suddenly struck out, and moved far outside his natal territory, significantly he had managed to cross two large motorways which generally act as massive barriers to most wildlife as they. We don't know what heights Slavc ultimately climbed, but we do know that some of the passes were over ft in height, and with this being in the midst of winter he would have encountered snow up to six metres in depth.

Slavc continued South through Italy as far. There was still snow on the ground, and spotting the tracks to confirm Slavc's presence would be easier. However the rangers found not just one set of wolf tracks, but two. Juliet had only recently arrived in Lessinia herself having travelled from a French Alpine population, and together her and Slavc have possibly had two litters of pups these have been caught on remote camera in the two years following, and with this formed the first wolf family in this area for over years.

The GPS collar had a battery life of one year, and on ethical grounds was programmed to fall off in August Slavc's journey ended km from where it started, with Slavc travelling over km a week at some points. Most would probably attribute it to chance, but then we would just be guessing at something we don't yet understand. Nature still has a magic, a magic that humans have to the most extent lost on our journey towards civilisation and our never ending pursuit of the mighty dollar.

There is still much we need to learn from nature, and hopefully we learn our lessons before we destroy it, humans have a habit of burning the library without first reading the books. However given the space, and if left alone they will fulfil their duties within the rich tapestry of life which leads to a healthier and richer world for us all. For now at least, there is a new chorus of howls ringing out through the valleys of Lessinia for those lucky enough to hear them.

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  • It was quite an honour for the staff at Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, when last month they were visited by the one-and-only Henry Cavill, aka Superman. Henry was showing his support for conservation by formally becoming an ambassador for the much loved Durrell. In their words the Cavil Conservation team tell us about what this relationship means to them. It turns out that we have a soulmate in Hollywood, and his name is Henry!

    He also told us that family visits to Durrell Wildlife Park then Jersey Zoo made for some truly happy memories… and that he saw exactly the same love, support and family bonds amongst one of our own non-human though very closely related families; silverback gorilla Jambo, and his troupe.

    It resonated with him deeply, he said. Well, this puts us into a situation of mutual admiration… which we think is simply incredible. Durrell is an organisation with a mission I can really get behind. I feel that saving the diversity of life on our planet will be seen as increasingly important in the nottoo-distant future. I genuinely believe that Durrell provide hope for those endangered animals that others may have given up on already. They have created a special edition Gorilla Family Adoption pack, you can find out more about this and keep up to date with all the latest news at cavillconservation.

    Divorce is a term that still carries with it a certain stigma in the modern world. However, unfortunately, it is something that all of us are likely to deal with directly or indirectly during our lifetime. Often the biggest cause of conflict in a divorce is the division of the marital assets. It is not uncommon for a large portion of the sum of the marital assets to be eaten into by bitter feuds and contested cases. However, the process by which parties divide up those assets can vary from couple to couple. Some routes are cheaper than others, but similarly some methods will work better for some parties than others.

    The most common methods are mediation, lawyer negotiation and judicial determination Court. At first sight the title of this article may seem to be an oxymoron. How can any divorce be good? But it is possible. When relationships break down a divorce is often the best way forward to allow each party to move on with their lives.

    Where a divorce is needed it should be conducted in the best possible way to enable couples to find solutions together, to reduce distress and maintain communication. Mediation is a process handled by an independent third party Family Mediation Jersey. The cost of the sessions is directly linked to your income and so may be a good option for couples with low incomes and relatively simple assets.

    A mediator cannot make a legally enforceable order in the same way that a court can. The parties must agree in order for mediation to be successful. However, once an agreement is reached, it is possible to apply to Court to have that agreement enshrined in a Court Order. A lawyer should be able to advise on the alternative dispute resolution options that are available to you. Lawyers can assist with the division of the assets either by way of negotiations or if that is not achievable then represent you at Court in a proportionate manner. We use effective tools such as mediation and negotiation to try and assist couples in reaching agreement on the division of the marital assets.

    We are able to provide advice in respect of the costs of each stage of the litigation. You should also receive regular bills even if you have deferred payment to the end of the litigation or you are paying a set fee each month. This will allow you to budget appropriately and not let costs get out of hand. All too often, when couples are facing divorce talking things through can seem to be a particular challenge.

    It is tempting to leave communication to lawyers or even to the court and lose sight of the relationship they once had. Where there is hurt, bitterness and anger, couples need support and reassurance from their lawyers as well as good legal advice but usually the best solutions are those which couples work out for themselves, together.

    The secret is to find a way for this to happen. For many people mediation is the best way forward. In Jersey we are very lucky to have Family Mediation Jersey, where appointments are available flexibly and at short notice. Mediation can ensure a good divorce by reducing tension and keeping communication open. Mediators give impartial guidance to help you reach practical solutions which feel fair for both of you and your family.

    Search form

    Agreements can be made about what matters to you. Mediation is cheaper than using lawyers to negotiate and enables you both to tell your story. Mediators cannot give legal advice, so lawyers are still needed to ensure that any agreement will work legally, and once an agreement is reached lawyers will still need to be instructed to prepare the paperwork for court. Working with both mediators and lawyers can be very cost effective and reduce animosity. Another way to achieve a good divorce is through Collaborative Law. Like mediation this is a process whereby people reach their own solutions, but unlike mediation the discussions between the parties are supported by specially trained Collaborative Lawyers.

    Throughout the process you are both able to access legal advice from your own lawyers. You set the agenda and the pace of discussions and you talk about the things that are important to you. There is no threat of court proceedings, because in Collaborative Law you agree not to go to court. The decisions you reach are yours, not made by a stranger in a courtroom. So you see, there are ways to have a good divorce. Keep communication open and get the support you need from the right people. This is extremely rare and really used only where the parties have not been married long enough to get divorced ie more than three years or where there is, for example, a religious objection to divorce.

    Mothers and married fathers automatically have parental responsibility and unmarried fathers can obtain it except in limited circumstances by agreement or Court order. Every child has a right to see both parents although there are circumstances where contact is not deemed in the best interests of a child or where contact has to be supervised. The starting point will always be that all assets go in. Conduct arguments are rare as they are invariably unpleasant, time-consuming and expensive. An amicable and sensible approach is the one most likely to achieve a swift and cost-effective outcome.

    Most importantly, no child deserves to be caught between warring parents. Where a divorce or other family issue is not contested the Court service provides a very quick and efficient method which may require little, if any, involvement from lawyers or similar. Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution and is undoubtedly the most well-known. Mediation is used in all forms of litigation however family law has many other forms including Family Dispute Resolution FDR. FDR is something routinely used in England and I have seen the process used here in Jersey, the idea is that an experienced impartial family law Judge tells the parties in confidence how they think its case should be resolved a trial then explores options which may not be open to the Court to order with the parties on a confidential basis and seeks to settle the relevant issues.

    In respect of mediation, there is a specific family mediation service in Jersey, namely the Family Mediation Jersey, which deals with all family issues. Legal advice and representation can be expensive but there are more benefits to finding a quick resolution than just a cost saving; a family dispute can be extremely stressful and draining on the parties as the parties unwittingly approach matters with a high degree of emotion which is understandable and normal.

    Approaching a lawyer should not act as a catalyst for litigation or be seen as antagonistic, if anything a good family lawyer will provide objectivity and encourage the parties to find resolution where possible. The celebrity cycle of million-pound weddings, births and divorces is well documented in the news. Imagine that you wake up one morning and you know that you no longer love your partner. If you do then decide to bring the relationship to an end, will it make any difference if you are married or not?

    Generally speaking you will have far fewer rights if you have been living together than if you are married. The following are the common problems that cohabiting couples can incur when they split up:If you have a child then only the mother will have what is called parental responsibility PR.

    Both parents are financially responsible for the child whether the father has PR or not. Neither partner has a legal duty to support the other financially. The only financial responsibility is towards any child. As far as housing is concerned, the property may only be in the name of one of the partners. If this is the case, the non-owner partner will have no right to remain living in the property.

    This is further complicated if the non-owner partner has put money into the purchase of the property or paid for improvements to it. Even where the property is owned jointly there can be real difficulties in selling the property if one partner refuses to sell or if one partner wants to get their money out. These are just some of the ways in which you can be disadvantaged if you have not entered into marriage with your partner.

    If you are considering cohabiting particularly if you are buying property together or have children, you can formalise certain things with your partner by entering into a legal agreement called a cohabitation contract or living together agreement. It is not clear if these agreements are legally enforceable in Jersey but they can be useful in the event of a breakdown of the relationship taking place.

    It is also highly advised if you purchase a property together or put money into a property owned by your partner that you enter into a shared equity agreement. Hopefully your relationship will always remain a happy one but it is always best to be aware of your rights when taking significant steps together particularly if you are not married. The latter is unique to Guernsey and occurs when parties can agree all provisions for their finances and children. Their agreement is presented to the court for its approval. Anyone wishing to apply for a divorce needs to have grounds.

    There is actually only one ground for divorce, which is irretrievable breakdown of marriage. However, there are 5 ways in which this can be proved. However, even where the divorce is agreed, the division of financial assets may be hotly contested. The reality is that, whether undefended or defended, divorces are not a quick fix. The following all have to be taken into consideration: Financial assets The separation of financial assets can be a long, fraught and complicated process.

    It is important to seek advice about property and, if appropriate, trust, tax and corporate structures. As a result, family lawyers often work alongside colleagues specialising in these departments. Children When couples are separating, arrangements for children must be made. Difficult questions must be answered, including: who will the children live with, what financial arrangements are required, and what contact arrangements should be made for the non-resident parent.

    Emotional factors Separation from a former loved one can be incredibly painful. If possible, it is better for matters to be settled without the need for the court to intervene. The moment of divorce might be quick, but the aftermath can be long and bitter if divorce is rushed into without due consideration. Natalie explains Parslows new offering and how it might help if you are thinking of getting divorced.

    Choosing to get divorced is a huge decision to make and the uneasiness among couples facing a split is understandable, given that everyone has more than likely heard stories of how expensive lawyers and the divorce process can be. Paying for court costs and hourly rates can all be daunting and it is often said that lawyers are the only winners in legal proceedings. To help you through what can be a traumatic and worrying process, Parslows are now offering a fixed fee service for straightforward undefended divorces which covers the work required to issue proceedings through to decree nisi.

    Why is Parslows offering this service? One of the greatest concerns for people considering getting divorced is the costs that they will incur as a result of obtaining professional legal advice. For example, divorce applicants are often concerned as to whether they are completing the application forms correctly, but are hesitant to contact their lawyer and check these important details Our fixed fee packages are designed to give you peace of mind over costs at what can be a stressful time.

    What is included within the fixed fee? We also offer our fixed fee divorce service for people whose spouse has issued a divorce petition against them. How much will it cost me? The fixed cost will differ depending on the circumstances and you will be advised when you engage us. Wedding bells or alarm bells?

    Summer brings the chiming of wedding bells across the Island and yet, in spite of being prepared to spend a fortune on the attendant celebrations, few entering into a life - long commitment consider the financial repercussions of their relationship breaking down. The English Law Commission report on matrimonial finance, which was published in February, recommends that English law be changed to enable parties to a marriage or civil partnership, like individuals entering into a commercial partnership, to have control over their finances if the relationship comes to an end.

    Until the landmark decision of the Supreme Court in Radmacher, the courts were bound to treat a pre-nuptial agreement, as only one of the myriad factors that the court would take into account when determining a financial dispute on the breakdown of the relationship. If, as we expect, the English Law Commission recommendation is given statutory force in England, the status of such an agreement will change. As Jersey has long followed English law when determining disputes on the breakdown of a marriage, it is likely that Jersey legislators will emulate the English position; there is speculation that some wealthy individuals avoid taking up residence in jurisdictions whose courts disregard pre-nuptial agreements, so there is good reason to follow suit.

    We take the view that Jersey courts would enforce the terms of such an agreement, provided it complied with criteria similar to those the English Law Commission has recommended for a valid QNA. Entering into a pre-nuptial agreement requires partners committing for life to prepare for an event that they, naturally, hope to avoid. It may not be romantic but is a sensible precaution that can limit the costs of a financial dispute on divorce and should come hand in hand with the wedding preparations, particularly in second marriages where parties wish to ring fence assets to secure them for their children from previous relationships; akin to ensuring that you are insured to drive a car before taking it out of the garage.

    As the law surrounding the QNA is introduced and develops, the pre - nuptial agreement will become more widely used by those who, while celebrating the future, want to protect what they bring with them from their past. Love Parks Week, which took place between 25th July and 3rd August, is an annual event, which celebrates the importance of green spaces to healthy, happy communities.

    On 30th July Park hosted a one hour, fun, fitness session in conjunction with Jersey Crossfit to help islanders get in shape, remind them of the great parks Jersey boasts and to raise money for charity. Over 80 islanders turned up for the session and attendees were encouraged to work as hard as they could for 60 minutes, performing routines using kettle bells and core exercises such as squats, press ups and lunges. Roberts Garages has been trading since and has always been keen to support the community wherever possible.

    The team will then decide who will benefit based on the information provided and on where these donations will make the biggest difference. Roberts is well known for its excellent Customer Service and in going that extra mile. To be able to build upon this by introducing such an initiative will ensure that Roberts continues to do its bit for the island. We will continue with our current sponsorship commitments but in addition we will be supporting the community further and hopefully making a difference where we can.

    The evening is a must for all fashion lovers, the show will consist of outfits and accessories taken from those which have kindly been donated to the Mind Jersey Nearly New Shop, 53 New Street, accompanied by the launch of a beautiful new line of jewellery from Swarovski. Les Quennevais Swimming Pool is now open! The pool has been closed since July to undergo essential upgrading and maintenance.

    The pool hall has been re-decorated and the whole pool has been drained and re-filled in line with cleanliness guidelines that recommend this happens every seven years. Their changing rooms have also had an update so the whole place is sparkling and ready to be used. For more information about the services that Mind Jersey provide please go to www. Spice is a unique event that brings together a variety of local artists, makers, producers, small businesses and features musicians and therapists all within the unique setting of handmade yurts.

    Spice evolves each year, now in its 4th year it has become a well established event. Every year they add something new and unique to captivate the audience. Their intention is to promote local talent and creative businesses, seek new and contemporary projects while incorporating an ecological ethos with an innovative twist.

    The Sweet Victory of Troop #111 Cómo Descargar Gratis el Libro ePub y PDF

    Throughout the weekend talented makers will be creating and selling their work. Alongside them there will also be established sculptors, live art, entertainment, poetry, therapists, performances, music to suit all ages and a selection of Genuine Jersey food and drinks. For younger children there is going to be story telling in The Chai Mamas Tea Tent whilst the grown-ups can relax with tea and cake.

    For the more active kids there will be Capoeira and break dancing workshops on offer. For the creative kids there will be guided mediation, art workshops and music taster sessions. You can enjoy the acoustic sounds whilst sitting on a hay bale with a glass of La Robeline Cider. Something else to look forward to is the great selection of food stalls to choose from, with flavours to suit all tastes! If you want some time to relax away from the music and entertainment why not enjoy some tasters sessions with one of their experienced therapists; including massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massage and Homeopathy.

    This year the event is being sponsored by Anina. Spice is a registered charity and a non-profit organisation, it is a community event therefore they do not charge an entrance fee. In order for the continued success and growth of Spice they do kindly ask for a small voluntary donation on entrance. We are looking forward to a great event! This July saw a ladies novice rowing team take to the water as part of a significant challenge to enter two local infamous rowing races; the Sark to Jersey which was a distance of 28km and Gorey to Carteret France which was 30km - both races within seven days of each other!

    Sarris Candies Fundraising - The Worlds Best Chocolates

    Through their personal experience they realised that there were particular areas that could benefit from additional financial assistance and therefore, in these early stages, the Foundation looks to work with the hospital to identify projects where it can assist and provide additional support through the foundations fundraising efforts. With their grit and determination along with smiles and team spirit! Islanders are being encouraged to sign up for The Ruth Sangan Charity Challenge, a threeway sports fundraising event set up in memory of Ruth Sangan.

    Ruth, who was a keen cyclist, walker, swimmer and a volunteer at a number of local sports clubs, tragically lost her life to cancer in August at the age of Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey can cover its service costs for two months thanks to fundraising efforts of staff at Ogier, who choose to support the charity for the year of We rely completely on the generosity of Islanders to cover these costs. The money raised by Ogier will make a tremendous difference to us, particularly at a time when we are fundraising for our redesign costs.

    To know our Service costs are covered for the next two months while we focus on our redesign is a great comfort. We worked very closely with the team at Macmillan Jersey during this time and their enthusiasm and dedication has been reflected in the enormous sum of money raised.

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    • The challenge includes three separate cycling routes with varying distances, five kilometres, 25 kilometres and 60 kilometres, one 25 kilometre-walking route and an indoor swimming challenge at Les Quennevais Sports Centre. You can sign up by visiting www. Headway Jersey provides essential support, information and services to people in Jersey who are affected by brain injury.

      As the charity has grown and awareness of the work they do for those who are affected by brain injuries increases, they are contacted regularly for information and advice. They rely heavily on volunteers and fundraising efforts to support their cause. Guests will be greeted with a red carpet arrival, before entering the enchanted forest for an arrival glass of punch, served in tea cups no less!

      A donation will be made to Headway Jersey for every ticket sold for the event, and all proceeds from the auction lots and raffle on the evening will also go directly to Headway Jersey. To purchase tickets for this magical event, email melissa. St John Ambulance has launched a vital fundraising and awareness campaign. The campaign aims to raise the awareness of the broad range of services and event first-aid cover that St John Ambulance Jersey delivers, for the benefit of both the corporate and resident community, and to trigger volunteer signups, donations and course registration.

      Every person in Jersey benefits in some way from the service St John Ambulance provides. For many, this will be when they attend one of the leading Island events that take place each year, these include Jersey Live, The Jersey Battle of Flowers and also the regular horse race meetings up at Les Landes.

      To find out more about St John Ambulance in Jersey, visit www. To mark the partnership employees have been helping to improve the enclosure facilities on site. Four groups of staff have each volunteered their time by contributing to labour intensive tasks and improving various areas of the park. The Red River Hog enclosure underwent a major refurbishment with the team shovelling 19 tons of hoggin to lay new ground cover for the hogs to enjoy.

      The Kirindy Kabin viewing area has also been redecorated for the enjoyment of visitors. The tower has been restored as part of the Forts and Towers project with funding from the Tourism Development Fund TDF and will accommodate up to 12 people and will be available to hire throughout the year for both visitors and Jersey residents. Built in as a defensive tower against possible French invasion, Kempt Tower was once used to house ammunition and troops along with a cannon fixed to a rotating platform on the roof.

      Groove de Lecq in its 3rd year was a feast of local music, crafts and entertainment celebrating the best of Island life. Photos courtesy of James Solomon. It is the new place for all eyewear fashion aficionados. After years of looking after your eyes in different practices Guillaume Duveau and. Nicky Bond are proud to bring the best selection of eyewear to Jersey. The launch event was a massive success and enjoyed by many.

      To book an appointment to see them call or pop in and visit. This annual event took place in the middle of July and was a resounding success as always, despite the earthquake! Clients and staff came together to try their hand at Segway rallies, crazy golf tournaments and laser clay shooting, as well as teeing off.

      With plenty to keep their non-golfing guests entertained and more than enough holes to keep the golfers busy, it was an excellent opportunity for Touchstone to catch up with their loyal clients and get to know new ones. The St John salon saw an influx of visitors wanting to catch a glimpse of the newly updated salon.

      The night was hailed a great success by Salon Manager Steph. The sun came out and there were some fun little waves for this sell out day. With a mix of ages. Skiing is a family-friendly activity but taking the kids for the first time can be a slightly daunting prospect. Holidaying in the mountains is a unique experience that provides a fantastic counterpoint to island life. There is a sense of space and freedom on the slopes that is hard to beat, plus of course fresh air, exercise, hearty food and warming boozy tipples to enjoy at the end of the day.

      Young children usually take to skiing quickly, older children and teenagers who are confident can enjoy a heady freedom on the slopes and there are some very childfriendly resorts to choose from. Like any family holiday, picking a resort with the right facilities and within easy reach of the airport is essential. For anyone travelling with younger children childcare will be a consideration. There are lots of options and there are pros and cons for each.

      For really young children and babies who are not old enough to enjoy the snow, then staying in a chalet and hiring a local nanny or au pair who comes to look after the kids is a really good idea. This is a stress-free option that works well if you are joining up with another family with kids of a similar age.

      If you prefer to have your children in a more social setting then many resorts have nurseries that take visiting children. Do check if they have sufficient staff who speak English and look for recommendations or reviews from other families. A papoose or front baby carrier is great for small babies as you. This can save you an expensive stopover in Gatwick and is much less stressful if you have a lot of luggage which you will do! Be realistic. A lot of resorts will have a good mini ski school - with a snow play area where young children can enjoy outside games. Chains like the Kinder Hotels, predominately found in Austria, are excellent and make the whole holiday stress free.

      Like Mark Warner, the Kinder Hotels have early dining options and lots of distractions for younger family members. Near to Mont Blanc, the skiing is good and there is also ice-skating, sleigh rides and chic shops for yummy mummies to enjoy when not on the slopes. La Plagne has lots to do and promotes itself as being very family friendly.

      There is a day nursery, snowy kindergarten and several ski schools. Proficient skiers will love the expanse of ski runs that the resort links into but there are also a lot of easier slopes for children and beginners. Crystal Ski offers a variety of accommodation all within easy reach of the slopes. La Manali hotel has a kids club, spa, swimming pool, family suites and a nursery. There are two nurseries in the village as well as the usual ski school so there are a few good childcare options for anyone opting to stay in a chalet.

      Anyone flying into Geneva will be spoilt for choice. Les Gets is one of the closest and has plenty of Savoyard charm. Try Ski Famille for their family chalets with on-site childcare. Older kids will love the boardercross and snow parks and the treelined slopes are well suited to beginners and intermediate skiers, while the more adventurous can access the massive Portes du Soleil area. Further up the valley is Morzine, a larger village with lots to do and a wide variety of accommodation. Find out what baby gear can be hired locally.

      For younger ones there is a Snow Wonderland and keen skiers and boarders will be more than satisfied with the km pistes spread across five valleys. Whatever your destination, the mountains, with their panoramic views, fun-filled days and cosy evenings, make for an unforgettable family holiday. Half board is a good option. Keep a good supply of snacks and chocolate to hand at all times. The children will need an energy boost as soon as they finish ski school and the mountain air and exercise will make them perpetually hungry; Remember the suncream and kids will need goggles and sunglasses too; However, sometimes there are deals too good to miss.

      Well, JT Rewards have struck on an area where we can all. Here are some to consider;. Greenhills, located in the heart of St Peter, is a true country getaway yet right in the middle of the island. The hotel has positioned itself as a romantic staycation destination; the perfect place to walk in the country lanes. It has the atmosphere and intimacy of a classic country house hotel, built of Jersey granite, with charming gardens and the highest standards of hospitality and cuisine. The Restaurant is an AA Rosette award winner with an emphasis on local produce and seafood, beautifully presented in their restaurant overlooking the terrace and gardens.

      You can relax in the greenery and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea or lunch away from the relative hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Cozy lounges, with a log fire on cooler days offer a place to relax with a drink. A relaxed weekend, good food, a leisurely swim and maybe a rejuvenating treatment in the spa, all without leaving town?

      Immerse yourself in the infinity pool, hydrotherapy pool, massage pools, hot and cold plunge pools, sauna and steam room and maybe indulge in a treatment or two. Maybe an Abhyanga Oil Massage treatment then a swim, a glass of bubbly or a healthy smoothie, a degustation menu vegetarian as well or a sea bass supper, the choice is yours. The hotel is steeped in history but was lovingly and lavishly refurbished in early to the highest standard and in early they opened a state of the art DW Health Club. Guests can now enjoy a new indoor swimming pool, relaxing spa pool and steam room.

      Simply drive out West, kick back and enjoy yourself, feel tempted to indulge and relax. Fancy a getaway out west? Spend a day walking along the white sands of St Brelade and exploring the cliff paths to Beauport, or simply unwind in the spa and take in the views of the beach from the Jacuzzi. Treat yourself with Romantic Rewards, our popular and annual Overnight Stay feature. Visit: www. This former German colony is one of the least crowded countries in the planet. Imagine a country the size of France, with which Namibia shares a time zone , but with only the population of Paris.

      Temperatures in high summer Jan — Feb can reach 35C frequently accompanied by torrential afternoon downpours, but in winter time it cools down considerably to around 20 — 25C - dropping to freezing in the desert at night.

      Episode Guide

      While tourists flock to neighbouring South Africa, few venture northwards up the Atlantic Coast into Namibia. Time and space are less defined here. Landscapes collide. Experiences pile up…. Once the summer rains begin, however, the landscape changes dramatically. Flash floods can occur. And thousands of flamingos flock to the 5,sq kilometre salt pan at Etosha National Park in the north of the county as it floods over.

      The coastal wetlands, waterways, vast areas of savannah and seasonal floodplains, are a major attraction for several hundred species of birds, enticing bird-watchers worldwide. Photographer, Jan Ison, visited Namibia one August and highly recommends the time of year. She spent a couple of weeks. If your budget is flexible, you can fly between the various sites instead.

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      In the Sossusvlei area, you can go dune walking, you need to be reasonably fit for this. The area is nirvana for photography and the best time to capture the changing colours deflected by the sunlight is around sunrise or sunset. Nearby is the famous Deadvlei the dead marsh dotted with desiccated trees over 1, years old , a place Jan had long wanted to photograph. More cheetahs roam free here than anywhere else in the world and animals such as Oryx, ostrich, springbok and bat-eared fox can all be seen on a regular basis.

      The other animals scattered very quickly! In fact, the entire rugged west coast, a massive coastal desert straddling the Atlantic Ocean dubbed the Skeleton Coast because of the various shipwrecks marooned there , is set to become a National Park; the largest National Park in Africa. The number of National Parks is set to increase as the President is eager to demonstrate his commitment to conservation. Countries around the world are studying the Namibian model. This deep and wide ravine carves its way through the dry plateau for almost a.

      But whatever your activity, what better to end each day than kicking back and staring at the night sky? Namibia features in the top three destinations on the planet for stargazing. The exhibition entitled Jersey Bounce marks the start of Branchage Festival which officially launches on Wednesday 24th September with a special opening by the artist himself, Sir Peter Blake.

      The show continues until Friday 31st October This time, I will be filling the Gallery with some exciting never before seen pieces. When putting the show together our aim was to inspire future generations of budding film-makers and artists. Has been working on a series of portraits which have been based on photographing strangers from afar and then printing, painting and drawing from them. He has also been working from the local landscape to create fragile compositions that feel neither here nor there.

      All her work has been about exploring the stories the fabrics tell. Her work encompasses both sculpture and painting — they are both key parts of her practice as they inform each other. The current project revolves around ideas of landscapes — both in nature and human. They combine to create towering giants supporting impossible cliffs for eternity. Well, we ended up going home and watching it 3 times in a row, getting quite drunk and talking about the highs and lows of the film.

      At the end of it, we thought that. So, Yeah Yeah Yeah: the Story of Modern Pop - What was it like compiling such a detailed account of the Pop era from its very beginning, was it a labour of love? I wrote it chronologically, it was the easiest thing to do and I never really got to a time or a point where I got stuck.

      It took 6 years to write and I discovered plenty through the process. Starting at the beginning, it had to be ; the first charts, the first 7inch singles and the first NME. The part that took the longest was the big artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols; people like that who have been written about millions of times — trying to think of something new to say about them, those chapters took a long time. Any favourite episodes of research and writing? Well Glam for me was a very important period. It was the first time that I really became aware of things like Top of the Pops, and pop music in general — Glam came in like this giant explosion of colour… around the same time as colour TV actually.

      I do miss the late 90s, early 00s bubblegum pop boom. Cinema a century ago was a new, exciting and highly democratic form of entertainment. Picture houses nationwide offered a sociable, lively environment in which to relax and escape from the daily grind. Actually some of you may not! This month, for one night only, the group will perform live at Jersey Opera House. With more than 20 million albums sold world-wide and a string of top 20 chart hits at home and abroad, this is a gig you will want to be at!

      Go for tapas before the show to really get a cultural kick and then be mesmerised by this colourful and dynamic dance company which has been captivating audiences the world over for more than twenty years. The duo, playing violin and piano, instantly found in each other a musical and personal rapport that is rare to come by. The annual art exhibition that celebrates the talents of Channel Islanders is back, and this year will be judged by celebrated English artist Liam Spencer, who will be exhibiting his own work in the Berni Gallery from Monday 15th September.

      The handing-in dates for entries into the Fox Open Art Competition is either 9th or 10th September and all mediums are accepted other than photography. Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet? With all things homemade making a fashionable comeback, Jersey Arts Centre is offering you the chance to learn the fundamental aspects of this classic skill with Hazel McLaren from 18th September. Over six weeks, participants will learn basic stitches and how to crochet a granny square.

      You will also learn how to read patterns and follow diagrams to create your own crochet crafts. Spaces are limited, so book your place now! Once the shortlist is announced, the public will have just one week to vote for their favourite entries and the winner in both categories will be announced on Friday 31st October. You need to:. The Jersey Heritage Judging Panel will select 15 finalist videos and 15 pictures based on the criteria available on the Jersey Heritage website.

      The Programme is a year-long initiative that supports local artists in the development of their own artistic practice and encourages people to collaborate with artists of different genres to produce exciting new work. The Programme will be open to creative artists of all disciplines music, movement, visual, film, writing who, once selected, will form a company that will together go through a unique process of development and learn about the art of collaboration.

      Before this takes place, the Bedell Creative Arts Programme is offering an open access workshop to offer potential artists the opportunity to meet the professional facilitating team and get a flavour of the process the programme will take them through. The Jersey Arts Trust is thrilled to announce that the programme will be. They will be facilitating the project from outreach to completion and between them are fully trained in movement, music, choreography, performance, fine arts, film, installation art and environmental art backgrounds.

      The all day workshop, runs on Sunday 7th September from 10am - pm. The workshop will provide a fantastic opportunity for anybody who has a passion for creating original work in any art discipline and is interested in working with others from a wide range of artistic genres. Upholstered chairs are at the heart of our three generation family business but our range of products include all types of soft furnishings, fashion accessories and other imaginative creations.

      At the beginning, we focused on giving new life to vintage, retro or unloved chairs and sofas but our work has now become so much more than this. The similar personalities that we share as a family help us to understand each other in a way only family can.

      Working together as a family provides a special working environment and helps us in creating high quality, artistic pieces made with love. The Loving Chair Company alex thelovingchaircompany. Jersey couple with a nature-friendly farm in Trinity. We produce naturally raised, grass-fed beef and lamb for our customers. Our meat boxes are filled with delicious, succulent beef or lamb, which is butchered and wrapped, ready to cook straight away or place in the freezer.

      After several years of business planning and penny saving, we were lucky enough to buy the perfect fields for us, and so in March - Douet Farm was born! We spent the first year preparing the fields for livestock: putting up fencing, installing our solar powered electricity, building a small field shelter etc. Our first cows arrived a year after we bought the land, swiftly followed by some sheep, and suddenly our dream was a reality! We are passionate about raising our animals naturally and strongly believe in the importance of working with nature, rather than against it.

      All our cows and sheep are entirely grass-fed which in turn, creates delicious, succulent beef and lamb for our customers. The farm is our passion and also our hobby. We both have full time day jobs, and so have lots of late nights and early mornings at the farm doing what we love. Both our families are really supportive of our venture, helping out whenever they can with routine farm jobs. This was especially useful around lambing time, when we had a couple of lambs who needed bottle feeding - Pippa and Lottie were the perfect height for doing this and saved us breaking our backs!

      Douet Farm Tel hello douetfarm. Darren joined his father on the farm when he left school at 14 years old, at the time there were over herds in Jersey; there are now just The family business is based on a love for the Jersey cow and has grown from being a dairy farm, to having our own milk processing unit, farm shop, and butchery. There is also a tea rooms on site which mainly uses our produce. We also have a large herd of pigs, over 50 beef crosses Jersey Angus and Jersey Belgian Blue , and rare breed chickens including a large flock of Bresse table birds.

      We share the work between us and constantly discuss where the business is going over the evening dinner. We all share the organic principles and ethics, in that we want to produce good quality produce as naturally as possible. We also want to care for all our animals to the best of our ability and we share many roles and help each other out. There are times when tensions run high and perhaps we need some more space — it is much easier to take out frustrations on family members, but generally we work well together.

      The best part of what we do is the direct contact with our customers, especially when they enjoy our produce. First of all it is important to understand how your headaches are originating. Some people have occasional headaches that resolve quickly while others are debilitated. It is often surprising to patients that in some cases their headaches can be alleviated instantly with chiropractic or acupuncture, even if they have suffered for years with them!

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