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A lack of compassion or sympathy for others can often result in poor judgment, acts of selfishness, and ultimately a damaged relationship with someone you supposedly care about.

There are exceptionally bad day for everyone. So, it is always a good thing to try and understand how others feel and show kindness even in minor way. You can do so through acts of charity, or by simply lending a helping hand to someone in need at work or on the street. Do you now see the need to support street children?

Another good way to ensure that you are truly living a life of integrity is to lay out a roadmap for yourself. Evaluate your life to know who you are, where you are, what opportunities are available to you and what do you want to become in the near future. Re-look at your personal integrity and moral character. By this, it makes sense for you to be able to write out your goals and your values. Think hard about what kind of person you want to be and what you hope to achieve in your lifetime. What statement you want to write with your knowledge and opportunities available to you.

You could decide to commit effort in developing yourself in meaningful ways as a way of preparing for a journey that will land you in a brand new destination. Remember that personal transformation takes a lot of work and dedication. However, I stood the test of time throughout those years and I am happy to state that I was able to overcome all of the temptations.

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I took the decision to fight all odds because, as part of my personal mission statement for life, I have a burning desire to transform lives of especially vulnerable children and young adults into legacy with an unquestionable record in my dealing with people. By so doing, these targeted groups will be molded into a responsible adulthood and to become assert to society rather than liability. Your mission statement might be different from mine but no matter what is takes, it should provide guidance to a successful life on a day-to-day basis.

Even if you feel lost or uncertain, your mission statement should help keep you focus and dedicated to your cause. We need common standards to promote accountability, transparency and oversight. Some, like advances in gene editing and synthetic biology, could enable new types of biological warfare, making these prohibited weapons easier to use. There is another reason to increase the capacity of the Biological Weapons Convention and its instruments. The continued development of hypersonic, ballistic missiles and space-based weapons could create new threats to security and add new complications to nuclear disarmament.

Meanwhile, the malicious use of cyber space is growing and its impacts are becoming more widespread. If there is a major outbreak of armed conflict in our world — and we all hope there is not — I am sure that it would be preceded by a massive cyber-attack. And there is consensus that international law, including the United Nations Charter, applies to cyberspace. However, there is a lack of consensus about precisely how international law applies, and how States may respond to malicious or hostile acts, within the law. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure could have serious consequences for international relations, peace and security.

We could even face the creation of cyberweapons of mass destruction. The combined risks of new weapon technologies could have a game-changing impact on our future security.

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All States have a responsibility to determine whether new weapons they seek would be prohibited under international law. And I am prepared to make available my good offices to prevent conflict resulting from acts committed in cyber space. And I will support Member States to elaborate new measures, including legally binding arrangements, to make sure human beings control the use of force at all times. I will bring together scientists and engineers who commit to developing science and technology for peaceful purposes.

We urgently need their insights. We cannot create a safer world for all through uncoordinated action. Disarmament works best when we work together: governments, experts, civil society and individuals. As our expectations for disarmament evolve, so must these partnerships. Let us look at our principal multilateral forums, the Conference on Disarmament and the Disarmament Commission. Both will soon be 40 years old, and both have produced very little for the last half of their lifetimes.

Upholding Our Future Hope: An Apostolic Response to Preterism

They will require improved coordination, an end to duplication, better use of expertise, and above all, political courage to shift positions. I intend to work with Member States and investigate possible ways to achieve this. One way forward is to open them up to new voices and make them as inclusive and diverse as possible. Women have a leading role to play in all our work for global peace and security.

Several women have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in achieving landmark disarmament treaties and in mobilizing global public opinion. Women must participate as decision-makers in all disarmament processes, and I am totally committed to doing all I can to support this. And young people like the students present in this room are the most important force for change in our world.


I hope you will use your voices to make a difference: from giving your time and energy to causes that matter to you, to advocating and standing up for what you know is right. You have opportunities to act locally, to volunteer and to work through civil society organizations. And social media offers unprecedented tools to connect, to reach across borders and join with others around the world, through campaigns, non-governmental organizations and online communities.

The United Nations would like to work with you, to help you acquire the knowledge and skills to amplify your voices and lead the change we need. I hope you will use your power and your connections to advocate for a peaceful world, free from nuclear weapons, in which weapons are controlled and regulated, and resources are directed towards opportunity and prosperity for all. The United Nations was created with the goal of eliminating war as an instrument of foreign policy.

Skip to main content. Welcome to the United Nations. I thank the University of Geneva for generously hosting us.

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Let me say a few brief words on these recent developments. Disarmament concerns every country, and all weapons, from hand grenades to hydrogen bombs. Deadly weapons put us all at risk and leaders have a responsibility to minimize that risk. Dear students, ladies and gentlemen, My agenda has three priorities: disarmament to save humanity, disarmament to save lives, and disarmament for future generations.

Our world is going backwards. Communication channels enhanced transparency, built confidence and reduced risks. But the agreements of that era are now threatened as never before. Strategic dialogue between the nuclear-weapon states remains today limited. All States, nuclear and non-nuclear, must work together to bridge the gulf that divides them. And it was also a call to break the stalemate in nuclear disarmament negotiations. Dear students, ladies and gentlemen, The States that possess nuclear weapons have primary responsibility.

I will do everything I can to support these efforts. Dialogue and negotiations are the only way forward and must guide our efforts. Dear students, ladies and gentlemen, We will also take steps to end and prevent the use of other weapons of mass destruction, especially chemical weapons. We must also do more to increase our ability to uphold the ban on biological weapons. Dear students, ladies and gentlemen, My second priority is disarmament that saves lives, by reducing and mitigating the impact of conventional weapons.

But despite these achievements, civilians continue to bear the brunt of the armed conflict. Dear students, ladies and gentlemen, The United Nations has sought to tackle the widespread availability of illicit small arms and ammunition from many angles: peace and security, gender equality, sustainable development, transnational crime, counter-terrorism and humanitarian action. But our work has been spread across twenty different agencies. It is fragmented and limited. United Nations peacekeepers work on disarmament programmes around the world. Dear students, ladies and gentlemen, My third priority is disarmament for future generations.

Advances in science and technology are transforming many aspects of our lives for the better. When the weather is bad, this journey is dangerous. The crew stops talking. Passengers huddle together, away from the waves.

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Thankfully today, the sun shines brightly as the beach comes into view, and you […]. When Grace found out she had HIV, she wanted to end her life. It was a hot, humid day in Mtwapa, and the journey to the clinic had been tiring. Grace barely noticed the […].

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