WHY WORK? A guide to how life can be abundant, whether you work or not

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Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain, and you have more than enough of it. The question is, are you using what you have? Everyday Faith is a power-packed teaching series that will help you discover what faith actually is and how you can use it in your life—every day! God created you to live a life free from bondage to fear!

In this series, you'll learn that as you makes choices - large or small - fear cannot hinder you from following the Lord's direction. God sent the children of Israel to possess the land that He had given them as an inheritance. When they saw the land, they found out that there were giants in it that they needed to overcome in order to take what was rightfully theirs. God has provided us with an inheritance too; of blessing, abundance, health and prosperity, to name just a few! He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places and everything needed for living a successful, happy, healthy life.

Yet in life, how do we receive all of these things? This two part teaching will show you how to slay the giants in your land and receive all that God has for you. This series will give you practical and spiritual principles to help you get out of debt and lead a life of abundance with plenty left over to help others.

As a believer and His child, you can hear God. You were created to hear Him. This teaching series will help you find true peace and happiness and rise above every challenge that comes your way! Manifesting Miracles Audio Series Have you ever found yourself in a place of frustration rather than faith? Or wondered why other people are seeing their prayers answered, but you are stuck struggling with the same old things? Manifesting miracles is a powerful ten-part teaching that will help you understand the process that every miracle follows: confession, creation, and manifestation.

God put His words in our mouths! Learn how our confession is a force that releases the creative power of faith in our lives with miraculous results. Do you have enough? Yet, God provided for them in miraculous ways. God is the God of the impossible. Be open. Engage with the world from a loving place rather than a fearful one.

Ask your higher power to remove all obstacles blocking the way to abundance with this simple plea: "Please help me receive everything I need for my divine life purpose. Show me the way one step at a time.

How can we welcome more of it?

Show me how I can make the world a better place, and how I can be more at peace. Envision what you desire in the here and now—not down the road.

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Create the space for receiving abundance in all ways. Write the following phrases in your journal, or say them aloud:. And do you want to know if you should you go Keto? Whole 30? Ready to kickstart your health journey? You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome email in your inbox! Main Navigation. Saved Articles.


Gift Purchases. Contact Support. Log Out. Our online classes and training programs allow you to learn from experts from anywhere in the world. Explore Classes. Group 8 Created with Sketch. By Kate Eckman. Share on: Group 7 Created with Sketch. Group 9 Created with Sketch. Group 10 Created with Sketch. Group 11 Created with Sketch. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Email Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. I wondered what the world was going to throw at me this time? Everytime I focus on Spirit, changes seem to come in full force. I knew that something was waiting for me, but didn't know what.

Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Planet in Peril

The first message I received was from my landlord telling me that in a month I needed to leave the place where I've been living. This place is a lovely cottage that I found when I separated from my now ex-husband.

It is my "happy place" and I felt so blessed to live there. It helped me heal on so many levels. It's a mini oasis in the mountain with a huge organic farm with all the fruits and veggies of the Garden of Eden at my disposal That perfect little place is where I wanted to keep living for at least the next six months.

But my time there is over. The landlord needs the cottage for other uses, and it is clear that it's time to move on and move forward to whatever is next. When I heard the voicemail I knew that this challenge was exactly what I needed. Whatever attachment was left in me had to be let go. The motto for the last year of my life has been "Everything must go" and here was one more thing that I needed to release. I knew that the Universe wanted to present me with what's next, and I accepted the news right away.

But was I really so zen? Five minutes after I got the news, my friend was driving and my sister was asking me all kinds of questions from the back seat of the car.

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It was then that I had my big cry. It lasted a good three minutes and I gave it my all. Hands covering my face, runny nose and red eyes, horror in my mind, fear of uncertainty, fear of the future. What the hell am I gonna do now? Where am I gonna live? Why can't I just have a few peaceful months so I can focus on my work and nothing else?

Why chaos again in my life? I allowed myself to let it all out, as my sister and my friend kept the silence for that time. Then it was done. Back to acceptance, ready to move on. I even cracked some jokes and laughed after the big cry. Everything was fine. After my health issues, losing my marriage and the house that I had lived in, I was determined not to resist change and get all fearful about losing my current place to live.

There is no more space left in me to worry about stuff that happens in life, because I know that everything happens for the best, including this time. I returned from Texas to Hawaii the next day.

Abundance Mindset | Adjanys | Los Angeles

After 12 hours of flights, I was ready to go home when I landed to the cottage that I would have for one more month. My good friend was supposed to pick me up at the airport with my car. When I saw her pulling up to the curb at Honolulu Airport, driving her own little car, I knew something was wrong. A moment of silence followed. Bring it on Universe. Bring it on.


I thought to myself. So, less than 24 hours after my meditation retreat ended, I had lost my home and my car. Hell Yeah! I was OK with it. I was in total acceptance of what was and kept my focus on my spiritual awareness. I knew that these were layers upon layers of more attachments that I needed to release, in order to get more spiritually free. If a home and a car was what it took, at this point in my life, I was not gonna fight it. As of today, I still haven't found a place to live, but I am not worried about it.

I know that I will be drawn wherever I need to go for the next chapter of my life, because the Universe always wants the best for me. I am open, taking active steps to look for housing. I'm keeping all options open, whatever they may be. This might mean leaving on a surf trip in the next few months, instead of renting in Hawaii when the surf is flat.

Why do you need this program?

I'm glad that I can work from my laptop from anywhere in the world, so I am free in that sense. Or it could include moving to a new area on the island of Oahu where I hadn't considered living before, but which now seems like it could be very fun! That area should have a lot of surf in the next months, so it could be pretty awesome to live close to the beach and enjoy the summer over there.

We'll see how it moves within me and what opens up naturally. I have this feeling of being unlimited.