Extract from Captain Stormfields Visit to Heaven (Annotated)

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By Mildred Walker. By Guy Davenport. By Ray Bradbury. By Sholem Aleichem. By Karel Capek. By Stephen Crane. By Tobias Wolff. By Hector German Oesterheld. By William Maxwell. By Susan Daitch. By Linda Le. By Harriet Doerr.

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By Elizabeth M. By Olive Moore. By Thomas Mann. By Wallace Stegner. Landmark Update: We are still fighting at the grassroots level and need your support! Home Books Fiction. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. An allegory about the search for the inner self is set on a Georgia golf course in , where a caddie uses his mysterious powers to affect the game and the fate of the players. Lew Archer's search for a missing bride turns into a complicated case involving a ten-year-old murder and cover-up, a rich woman with a strong hold on her son, and a dead blonde.

Anna, an unwanted, abused child and single mother abandoned by her husband, wends her way through the varied landscapes of New York as a delivery truck driver for Feelgood Cakes, revealing the absurdities and insanities of modern urban life. A blend of murder mystery and literary pastiche by the author of the best-selling, picaresque adventure novel Quincunx interweaves a number of related narratives and parodies a number of literary traditions. Fred Scully searches for his pregnant wife, who disappears without an explanation, leaving him with Billy, his seven-year-old daughter.

A man attempts to explain the disappearance of an Italian explorer in the Arctic in by reconstructing an Austrian expedition of a century before and, in the process, dispels many cherished notions about heroism. Penguin Classics. Powerful feminist testament at a time when the law and society defined a married woman as her husband's property.

Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Contexts, Criticism. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? First published in Those who remained even 'built' humans. Emigrants to Mars received androids so sophisticated it was impossible to tell them from true men or women. Fearful of the havoc they could cause, the government banned them from Earth.

Rick Deckard was an officially sanctioned bounty hunter whose job was to find rogue androids and to 'retire' them. However, when cornered, these androids fought back, with lethal results. This novel is told through letters of a woman in Beirut who chooses to suffer through the civil war rather than flee the tumult around her.

The author of Paradise of the Blind, the first novel from Vietnam ever published in America, traces a young man's experiences fighting for North Vietnam, in a novel banned in Vietnam for its subversive content. Few novels have rendered the predicament of old age more beautifully, for in his portrait of an elderly Tokyo businessman, Yasunari Kawabata charts the gradual, reluctant narrowing of a human life, along with the sudden upsurges of passion that illuminate its closing. In witnessing the rise and bloody fall of these revolutionary animals through the lens of human history, the seeds of totalitarianism in the most idealistic organizations are visible; and in the most charismatic leaders, the souls of the cruelest oppressors appear.

As her daughter leaves home, her parents' health is ailing, her husband seems on the verge of leaving, and Ruth must cope with the changes not only in her own life, but also in society itself. Werner Ernst, a second-year medical resident, encounters the stark realities of the modern intensive care unit, the fears and illusions of the loved ones of the terminally ill, and the exhaustion and irony of doctors, nurses, and technicians. Follows the story of Amory Blaine from prep school to Princeton, in an autobiographical coming-of-age novel capturing the rhythms of a generation and of America early in the twentieth century.

Cold Smoked By K. Everyman's Library. Wharton was at the height of her literary powers when she published this novel , telling of the lives of four Americans in France. A suspenseful and continually compelling work. The second of Roberts's epic novels of the American Revolution, Rabble in Arms was hailed by one critic as the greatest historical novel written about America upon its publication in Love, treachery, ambition, and idealism motivate an unforgettable cast of characters in a magnificent novel renowned not only for the beauty and horror of its story but also for its historical accuracy.

Mistakenly sent into the Ardennes Forest in December , nineteen-year-old Will Knott and five fellow survivors man a remote observation post and are the recipients of unusual, puzzling, unwarlike gifts from the German soldiers all around them. Buzz Cut By James W. A pleasure cruise off the coast of Florida becomes a potentially explosive confrontation between the hard-bitten Thorn and a mad terrorist who is threatening to blow up the ship with an explosive capable of destroying the Florida coastline.

Flying U Ranch By B. Ben Joe Hawkes comes from a fairly large, blindly cheerful family that never seems to know when to get upset.

Extract From Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven by Twain, Mark

Raised by women - a proud mother, an icorrigible grandmother, and a flock of busy sisters - Ben Joe has always been an outsider of sorts, and a crhonic worrier. Then a casual telephone call with his mother, in which he discovers that one of his sisters has left her husband and run off with her baby, propels him back home - and into the confusion of childhood memories and unforseen love. This collection of twenty-two stories is about the passing of generations, and the way that passing leaves people marooned.

A mixture of sadness and stoicism, anger and humor, realism and nostalgia. Winner of the National Book Award. In a small Pennsylvania town in the late s, schoolteacher George Caldwell yearns to make some meaning of his life. Alone with his teenage son for three days in a blizzard,Caldwell sees his son grow and change as he himself begins to lose touch with his life. Interwoven with the myth of Chiron, the noblest centaur, and his own relationship to Prometheus, this book is one of the late novelist's most brilliant works.

With a Mythological Index. In the wake of a failing marriage and a stepmother's impending death, Marshall and Sonja Lockard are thrust into a reassessment of their lives by the arrival of one of Marshall's colleagues. Spanish language edition.

Esta antologia recoge relatos de todas sus epocas y sus estilos: algunos bordean lo extraordinario, como Las babas del diablo, o se internan francamente en el, como Axolotl. Otros cuentos nos muestran una faceta Instrucciones para subir una escalera o bien parten de una realidad ligeramnete distorsionada para internarnos en un mundo paralelo gobernado por las mismas reglas a menudo incompresnibles.

Visited by two beings who claim to be God and the Devil, the vampire Lestat is offered an ultimate chance at redemption when he is invited to be a witness at the creation in a purgatorial land beyond death. Assailed for its complete frankness and praised as an artful, seductive, savagely graphic portrait of love, marriage, and adultery, Couples , drew back the curtain forever on sex in suburbia in the late 20th century.

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A New York Times bestseller. The kingdom of the royal Stark family faces its ultimate challenge in the onset of a generation-long winter, the poisonous plots of the rival Lannisters, the emergence of the Neverborn demons, and the arrival of barbarian hordes. After John Harding's wife and only child die in a car accident, he finds solace in coaching a tenacious young Little Leaguer dying of a brain tumor. When widower Wes Grayson spots a woman with a camera following his adopted daughter, Amy, he fears the worst, but Laney Fields, the child's biological mother, having heard that the adoptive mother has died, wants to return to her daughter's life, and the resulting contact tests the faith of both parents.

Once a scandalous puppeteer, Mickey Sabbath at sixty-four, is still defiantly antagonistic and exceedingly libidinous. After the death of his erotically free-spirited mistress, Sabbath embarks on a turbulent journey into his past. Thissplendidly wicked book features an unlikely yet gargantuan hero. A National Book Award winner. Stories were to be about words long; first prize was a check and a crate of oranges.

Two to three thousand stories began to show up annually in Tallahassee, and National Public Radio regularly broadcast the winner. But, more important, the Micro form turned out to be contagious; stories of this 'lack of length' now dot the literary magazines. The time seemed right, then, for this anthology, presenting a decade of contest winners and selected finalists.

In addition, Stern commissioned Micros, persuading a roster of writers to accept the challenge of completing a story in one page. Jesse Lee Kercheval has a new spin on the sinking of the Titanic; Virgil Suarez sets his sights on the notorious Singapore caning; George Garrett conjures up a wondrous screen treatment pitch; and Antonya Nelson invites us into an eerie landscape.

Verve and nerve and astonishing variety are here, with some wild denouements. How short can a Micro be, you wonder.

Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven (Annotated)

Look up Amy Hempel's contribution, and you'll see. A new collection of vivid, lucid stories from an accomplished Irish writer takes its title from the story of a Belfast man who is kidnapped at gunpoint by the IRA when he is out walking his dog. A novel about people enacting their dreams of renewal and escape, some of them going so far as to risk their lives to alter seemingly irreversible destinies.

Mark Twain - Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven [audiobook]

Wherever they find themselves, the characters of 'The Counterlife' are tempted unceasingly by the prospect of an alternative existence that can reverse their fate. Illuminating these lives in transition and guiding readers through the book's evocativelandscapes, familiar and foreign, is the mind of the novelist Nathan Zuckerman, who made his first appearance as a Roth mainstay in 'The Ghost Writer.

Striking in its imagery, its history, and its breathtaking scope, Latin American fiction has finally come into its own throughout the world. Jerry Conant and Sally Mathias are in love and want to get married, though they already are married to others. A diadem of five symmetrical chapters describes the course of their affair as it flickers off and on, and as their spouses react, in a tentative late-summer atmosphere of almost-last chances. When divinity school professor Roger Lambert is confronted by Dale Kohler, a young computer hacker who believes that scientific evidence of God's existence is accumulating, Lambert, a follower of Karl Barth, challenges Kohler's faith.

Benjamin "Chappie: Puttbutt, an African-American professor at the overwhelmingly white Jack London University, suddenly finds himself the academic dean of the school and, drunk with power, sets out to even old scores. Subtitled "a romance," Sabbatical is the story of Susan Rachel Allan Seckler, a sharp young associate professor of early American literature - part Jewish, part Gypsy, and possibly descended from Edgar Allen Poe - and her husband Fenwick Scott Key Turner, a year-old ex-CIA officer currently between careers, a direct descendant of the author of "The Star Spangled Banner" and himself the author of a troublemaking book about his former employer.

Seven years into their marriage, they decide to take a sabbatical, a sailboat journey on which they sum up their years together and try to make important decisions about the years ahead. True to its subtitle, the novel combines the mysterious and marvelous unexplained disappearances; a fabled sea monster in Chesapeake Bay with romantic love and daring adventure. After Spanner, an expert data pirate, rescues Lore van de Oest in an alley where she awakens naked, bleeding, and with her identity gone, she helps care for her wounds, but only Lore can heal her own psyche and confront her startling past.

By the author of Ammonite.

The Best Short Works of Mark Twain

Following a conflict with the dreaded Wyrm, the barnyard animals try to piece together their shattered lives while unaware that their enemy plans new attacks. In this acclaimed biographical novel, Irving Stone brings to life the tender and poignant love story of Rachel and Andrew Jackson. In the summer of , as the Vietnam War rages and NASA lands on the moon, two twenty-two year-olds on a quest for spiritual significance meet an extraordinary teacher in the backwoods of Georgia - an elfish woman named Elsie, who brings them into experiences and perceptions totally alien to anything they had known before.

With an ear cocked to inaudible voices, Elsie keeps her pupils awestruck through object lessons like "alchemical cooking" in her message - how they all might serve the Spiritual Hierarchy with whom she works to further the evolution of consciousness on our planet. This is a true adventure, fraught with tension and love, that sounds a warning and rings a promise for today. First published in July , this journal of unblushed erotic flourished in the underground until December Included in the eighteen issues were six serialized novels that are standards of the erotic literature of the time, as well as spicey limericks, ballads of epic sexual adventures, countless ditties, witticism, jokes, letters from 'readers,' and a potpourri of the scatological and scandalous gossip of the day.

Illustrated in words only! Anna Ramsey and Angus McCaskill engage in a fateful contest of the heart as they forge new lives in the beautiful Two Medicine country of Montana. Pamela Emerson was three months into widowhood, living alone far outside Baltimore, in a house full of ticking, chiming clocks - and the constant reminder of time and loss.

Then she hired Elizabeth Abbott, with her rundown moccasins and 'come what may' dispositioin, to be a handyperson around the yard. They were opposites but would come to fit neatly together like pieces of a puzzle. But just what picture does the puzzle make? After nineteen years in prison, Jean Valjean has difficulty adjusting to the outside world, which scorns and shuns him.

Centering around a Minneapolis beauty parlor that also functions as a women's support group, this novel explores the loves, losses, hopes, and victories experienced by Patty Jane and Harriet, two eccentric sisters. Both blind, Josette and Robert live together in the Institute - a home and school for the blind. One morning, Josette is called into the director's office where she is assailed by an odor she has never before encountered.

It emanates from Taillegueur Tiger who the director has just hired as a masseur for the Institute. Brutal, massive, and savage, Taillegueur sets off a cycle of lust, infidelity, and revenge that culminates in a gruesome crime de passion. Like Nosferatu the Vampire and other strange films Josette and Robert enjoy, Blindsight is a tale of gothic horror. Guibert writes about the blind with virtuosity, entering their minds and bodies and "seeing" the inner and outer worlds of their confined existence.

For the sighted reader this produces a strange, hallucinated sensual confusion, in which colors are sounds and sounds are objects. In a series of letters, Olga, an elderly Italian woman, writes to her teenaged granddaughter in America, trying to encourage her independence and self-fulfillment as she relates the painful lessons of her own life and that of her daughter.

The lives and secrets of four generations of the Peck family of Roland Park intertwine as forty-year-old fortune teller Justine accompanies her deaf, ex-judge grandfather in search of his maverick half-brother Caleb, who vanished in the spring of French Literature series. In Raymond Queneau's autobiographical novel of Parisian student life in the s, Vincent Tuquedenne tries to reconcile his love for reading withthe sterility of studying as he hopes to study his way out of the petit bourgeoisie to which he belongs.

He and his generation are contrasted with an older generation of retired teachers and petty crooks, and both generations come under the bemused gaze of the waiter Alfred, whose infallible method of predicting the future mocks prevailing scientific models. In this rich and varied collection, the author brings together stories from eight of her previous books, written over four decades, and which sustain a quicksilver sense ofour human condition. After the president-elect dies from a head injury, political wheeler and dealers debate and jockey for position as to whether the electoral votes pledged to the president-elect now need to go to his dimwit running mate.

The Tortilla Curtain By T. The lives of two different couples--wealthy Los Angeles liberals Delaney and Kyra Mossbacher, and Candido and America Rincon, a pair of Mexican illegals--suddenly collide, in a story that unfolds from the shifting viewpoints of the various characters. The high priestess of bad behavior and her sidekick, the deranged bordertown dealer and santero Romeo Dolorosa, wreak surreal havoc across Texas, Louisiana, Mexico and Los Angeles, posing as devout believers while conductingextremely unholy rituals and kidnapping college kids just for the fun of it, taking them on 'a dark and comic ride through fantasy America.

A comprehensive collection of supernatural tales drawn from the provinces history, its archives, and its people. This varied, unusual selection of short stories presents Victorian love in all its moods, from triumphant to tragic. Covering a period that embraces both Elizabeth Gaskell and Somerset Maugham, these stories range from the sentimental to the satiric, the cruelly realistic to the perplexed, the mystical, and the rapturous.

The lovers include a shopkeeper and an aristocrat, an actress, a governess, Americans abroad, a seaweed gatherer, and a pair of herons. Self-sacrifice and adultery are prominent in these pages, as Victorian writers explored the nature of relationships at a time when women's growing independence brought into question traditional roles and assumptions. These stories confound expectations by dealing with their themes in wholly new and original ways, in fable and fairy-tale as well as bitter naturalism. This is an exhilarating collection in which the complexity of love is wonderfully matched by the inventiveness of Victorian fiction.

Set in and suffused with nostalgia for the Greenwich Village the author knew and loved and captured as well as any American writer. The 'wicked pavilion' of the books title is the Cafe Julien, a hangout where a disparate, convivial circle of regulars goes to recover from failed love affairs, and pursue new ones, to cadge money, retrieve messages, to see and be seen. The only Powell novel ever to become a New York Times best seller. Alice Forrester, a twenty-three-year-old anorexic, encounters an eclectic group of people when her family, friends, and doctors try to steer her toward recovery in the eating disorders clinic at Seaview Hospital.

Morgan emerges as a true hero. He has seven daughters and a warmhearted wife, but as he journeys into the gray area of middle age, he finds his household growing tedious. Then Morgan meets two lovely young newlyweds under some rather extreme circumstances--and all three discover that no one's heart is safe From the Paperback edition. A Bridge of Longing is a compelling history of how Yiddish storytelling became the politics of rescue for successive generations of displaced Jewish artists, embodying their fervent hopes and greatest fears in the languages of tradition.

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. It first appeared in print in Harper's Magazine in December and January , and was published in book form with some revisions in This was the last story published by Twain during his life. Product Details About the Author. About the Author.

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Date of Birth: November 30, Date of Death: April 21, Place of Birth: Florida, Missouri. Place of Death: Redding, Connecticut. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Captain Dieppe. The creators of this series are The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide. At tredition View Product. The Crucible. Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts 1 We have not used OCR Optical Character Recognition , as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos.

Eve's Diary. This book is in Electronic Paperback Format. If you view this book on any of If you view this book on any of the computer systems below, it will look like a book.

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