La Rinascita (Poesia) (Italian Edition)

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Letter disagreeing with the manifesto. Ernst Teltow Poem. Poem in reponse to futurist manifesto. Supportive letter on another copy of the broadsheet. Letter protesting the sentence. Roinard Letter protesting the sentence. Letter thanking Marinetti for "Poesie Elettriche" which he will publish a review of in the newspaper Il presente , and congratulating Marinetti on recent successes of futurist performances and exhibitions.

Borgese Letter expressing admiration for Marinetti despite his differences with futurism. Letter expressing admiration for Marinetti though he is not himself a futurist. Admiring postcard. Dorian Letter explaining where he has distributed copies of Marinetti's manifestos.

Prampolini Typescript of a verbal diary about radio transmissions. Handwritten rough draft of a manifesto "Cinematografia. Letter about the Accademia contest. Sommi Picenardi Clipping of article about futurist ideas of radio poetry. Typescript of preface to another work on the importance of dams across rivers. Torrendell Letter from the Argentine publisher, enclosing Spanish translations of two Marinetti works. Bonnard Letter about Mafarka.

Mondadori Letter assuring Marinetti of their plans to publish his work and that no relationship exists between Mondadori and the secretary of the writer's union that would negatively impact these plans; a second letter expressing distress that Marinetti could suspect him of betraying their friendship 3 2 Jul - Dec 3 2 A. Mondadori Two letters complaining that Marinetti failed to consider books from his press for the Viareggio literary prize. Postcard of the New York World's Fair. Oppo Letter regarding the question of futurist participation in the Esposizione Universale di Roma. Sympathy note from the editor of La Rinascita.

Sympathy letter. Typescript of manuscript "Mistico. Typescript of poem "Oscare Respinto di Balcone. Mezzacapo Letter relating that materials displayed in the futurist vitrine at the New York World's Fair are being held in storage in New York because it is too expensive to ship them back to Italy. Letter from publisher regarding a book by Civello. Cappa at the front.

Ciliberti and Dott.

Giorgio Morandi and the "Return to Order": From Pittura Metafisica to Regionalism,

Two copies of a letter from the Ministero dell'Educazione Nazionale regarding funding for Ciliberti. Letter regarding disagreements over an editorial project. Thank you letter from the president of the Casa d'Albania. Menin Letter about paintings he is submitting to the Quadriennale, and a second letter of sympathy. Garbin Postcard with the news that Corrado Forlin died in combat in Russia. Spissu Letter from collector regarding Tato painting. Gray Letter from editor of Gazzetta del Popolo asking Marinetti to submit an article rallying Italian spirit. Later letters concern futurist anthologies or retrospectives.

Letter enclosing above letter from Alfred Barr. Letter thanking Benedetta for the loan of Boccioni paintings. Letter arranging the loan of futurist paintings. Bastianelli Letter with good wishes for Vittoria's wedding. Werner Haftmann Six letters from Documenta, regretting Benedetta's decision not to loan her Boccioni and Balla paintings, but thanking her for locating Boccioni sculptures for them. Palma Bucarelli Letter regarding the exhibition of two Boccioni sculptures at Kassel. Palma Bucarelli Letter informing Benedetta about the traveling contemporary art exhibition curated by the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna.

With receipts of checks made out to Benedetta for purchase of art. Ciacelli Postcard with painting reproduction on the recto. Micaelles Letter about futurist exhibition in Florence, regretting Benedetta could not attend, and expressing interest in a show Benedetta is proposing to organize in Rome. Orazi Letter describing the disappointing results of his search for photographs Scrivo requested. Caviglioni Postcard praising Scrivo's writings on futurism.

Orazi Note to Scrivo enclosing photograph of piece by Prampolini. Romanzo dell'epoca presente," submitted by Pelacani to Marinetti for publication by Poesia Editions. Marinetti rejected it and it remains unpublished.

Series II. Letter responding to the first futurist manifesto. Beer Note and a calling card. C - Letters to Marinetti 7 2 Capellini? Letter to Benedetta inquiring about her brother Alberto Cappa. Croci Letter expressing concern about Marinetti's health and her husband Croci's work at the Corriere della Sera.

D - Letters to Marinetti 7 3 Fortunato Depero Angry letter about his dealing with a Marquesa who refused to pay him sufficiently for his paintings; letter fragment also about money problems; a third letter describing more dealings with the above Marquesa, describing his fanatic hour work day and the many pieces he has done despite lack of money and materials. Guy Thank you note.

video poesia Rinascita

H-N - Letters to Marinetti. Letter thanking him for a copy of Roi Bombance and asking him not to publish his comments from a prior letter.

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She complains that a check has not arrived, and asks Marinetti to send a letter to a government commission which she composes for him; another letter to an unnamed woman who she thanks for befriending her brother Alberto Cappa. Letter, sketch and poem. P - Letters to Marinetti. Card; notes enclosing his book "Disperata. R-Z - Letters to Marinetti 7 7 Luigi Russolo Polemical letter to Palazzeschi, Papini, and Soffici, accusing them of fostering ill-feeling among futurists and of betraying futurist ideals 7 7 G.

Giacomo Rovi Note of support for a machine protection society 7 7 Russoc? Thank you note 7 7 Hippolyte Scheffler Letter praising Marientti's work and enterprises 7 7 Tato Letter to Marinetti written during the s advising that he'll be sending photographs of futurist evenings and wanting to find a time to meet; letter to Benedetta from a later time 7 7 Giuseppe Zucca letter 7 8 n.

Correspondence with illegible signatures. Twenty-two items, including unattached envelopes. Signed undated submissions - A. Signed undated submissions - B 7 10 Giovanni Borelli Essay on free verse. Signed undated submissions - D. Signed undated submissions - F. Signed undated submissions - G. Signed undated submissions - H.

Una poesia anche per te

Thoughts about futurism. Signed undated submissions - L. Signed undated submissions - M. Sturge Moore "Hail Pytho. Poems written on postcards of Naples. Signed undated submissions - N. Essay on poetry. Signed undated submissions - O-P.

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Signed undated submissions - R. Signed undated submissions - S. Signed undated submissions - T-V. Yeats "Dierdre e Naise. Unsigned undated poetry submissions. Another factor that has been widely investigated upon is the interconnection, within the theme of identity, between identity and gender. Gigliola Nocera, Siracusa and America and the Mediterranean ed.

Disaffections: Complete Poems 1930-1950

William Boelhower and Anna Scacchi, Amsterdam , where the city is investigated upon right through its heart and at the crossing of its intercultural, inter-ethnic, and inter-religious tensions. Andrea Mariani, Napoli and are centered on the garden as a synecdoche of the world, a dimension for the blooming of textual interactions, a sign to be interpreted and re-interpreted across time and space as across the different cultural perspectives, and a metaphor for the exploration of the American imagination. Michele Bottalico which examines the interrelationship, within diversity, of formal and conceptual images, and, not last, film and theatre studies the latter not neglectful of the aspect of performance that have thrived sparsely in recent years.

Literature in verse is a fecund terrain for the assessment and re-assessment of textual practices, as is evident from the analyses undertaken by various scholars on major figures such as Poe like Fantastico Poe , ed. Williams, H. Maria Anita Stefanelli, Roma , the latter accounting for the widespread influence of writers coming to maturity in the fifties and sixties.

An page introduction is provided by Bacigalupo in Antologia della poesia Americana ed. Antonella Francini, Roma Lombardo, M. Faraone, M.

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Melloni, and I. Essays have appeared, among others, on Faulkner, Hemingway, Philip K. Music and cinema have been investigated upon by Franco Minganti and other authors, while Hollywood western heroes are evoked in Musi gialli e berretti verdi , by Stefano Rosso Bergamo , a book on the Vietnam war. Theater studies have been enriched by Teatro e censura ed. To a Jamesian scholar at his retirement is dedicated the miscellaneous A Goodly Garlande in onore di Sergio Perosa ed.

Mamoli Zorzi and Cagidemetrio, Venezia Parole e lingua nella letteratura angloamericana , Roma A fuller review of Italian scholarship can be found in the Italian section of Duke U. American Literary Scholarship completed, in the last decade, by Algerina Neri, for and , Andrea Mariani, for to , and Maria Anita Stefanelli, for to This text is under a Creative Commons license : Attribution-Noncommercial 2. European journal of American studies. Contents - Previous document - Next document.