LUOMO DELLA LUNA ed altri racconti insoliti (Italian Edition)

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Among other things, Nievo's Storia filosofica predicted two world wars, a farmers' revolution, the invention and production of artificial homunculi, and the End of the World. A decade later came Dalla Terra alle stelle. Viaggio meraviglioso di due italiani ed un francese ["From the Earth to the Stars.

Wonderful Voyage of two Italians and a Frenchman"] by Ulisse Grifoni , a writer who also published serialized science fiction novels in La Domenica del Corriere, supplement of one of the principal Italian national newspapers — Il Corriere della Sera, published in Milan. His other main work of fiction, the non-sf novel Testa ["Head"] , is an interesting sequel to Edmondo De Amicis' famous patriotic novel Cuore ["Heart"] The enormously popular Emilio Salgari , creator of a series featuring the Malayan pirate Sandokan, also published futuristic tales such as La meraviglie del duemila ["The Marvels of the Year "] , Duemila leghe sotto l'America ["20, Leagues Under America"] , Alla conquista della Luna ["The Conquest of the Moon"] , Il re dell'aria ["The King of the Air"] Futuristic and adventurous elements were also a staple feature of Enrico Novelli's fiction.

Novelli , who published under the pseudonym Yambo, was a journalist and illustrator, and author of a succession of novels for young people which enjoyed great success in his day. His main characters explored underwater worlds Due anni in velocipede ["Two Years by Velocipede"] ; Atlantide ["Atlantis"] see Under the Sea ; traveled to remote, imaginary countries Capitan Fanfara. The Moon is colonized in La colonia lunare ["The Lunar Colony"] ; more prosaically, his heroes are also quite happy, in La rivincita di Lissa ["The Retaking of Lissa"] , to reconquer for Italy the territories on Dalmatia's Adriatic coast which had been lost to the Austrian Empire in The Futurists' love of Machines, technological progress, and new means of Transportation in their narratives, might justify including them in a history of the genre, with novels such as Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's Mafarka le futuriste: Roman Africain ; trans Steve Cox and Carol Diethe as Mafarka the Futurist: An African Novel ; given this literary and artistic movement's later strong attachment to Mussolini's regime, its function in any genre history will almost certainly remain admonitory.

Fantasy, both in the Gothic form and in the sphere of the wonderful and the whimsical, appeals to the modern Italian reader much more than the cognitive rhetoric of Genre SF; this is certainly why Giacinto Spagnoletti a well known scholar of Italian literature, labelled native sf "neo-fantastico". The tradition is a long one. Much later, the "metaphysical" fiction of Massimo Bontempelli , whose Eva ultima ["The Ultimate Eve"] was inspired by De Chirico's painting; and, more recently, echoes of Scapigliatura can be detected in the hallucinatory world of Dino Buzzati's short stories and his novel of military life in a forgotten fortress, Il deserto dei Tartari ; trans Stuart C Hood as The Tartar Steppe Important examples of a national production include Saturno contro la Terra ["Saturn against the Earth"] , created by Cesare Zavattini future scriptwriter of many masterpieces directed by Vittorio De Sica, Michelangelo Antonioni, Elio Petri , and illustrated by Federico Pedrocchi , which was serialized in various Mondadori publications starting in the magazine I tre porcellini ["The Three Little Pigs"] and was translated in the US by Future Comics Many stories with early sf elements Robots, strange Scientists and their fantastic Inventions, Aliens, etc.

Critics identify the creation of "true" sf in Italy only from the period after World War Two. Much of this specialized sf was arguably not culturally Italian, being heavily influenced by the US-UK canon as enthusiastically presented by publishers, notably the Romanzi di Urania series published since by Arnoldo Mondadori under the editorship of Giorgio Monicelli. The reasons why, in spite of the presence of the above-mentioned Italian sf precursors, after the Second World War sf was perceive in Italy essentially as a foreign — Anglo-American — matter, are complex. In terms of industrial development, Italy was a late and slower starter compared to England and America.

World War Two took a toll on the publishing industry, with a hiatus in the s, and only during the "economic miracle" of the s were most people first able to buy a comic book, a weekly magazine or a cinema ticket. Sf translations were also part of a broader cultural influence of the US, clearly connected to the central position of the US in the global economy as well as its political situation after the conflict. In fact, some measure of American dominance in sf publications was common in many other European countries during the same years.

In Italy, however, there were also specific cultural circumstances which worked against the success of sf. Italian literary criticism in the early twentieth century was dominated by the philosophy of Idealismo ["idealism"] as promulgated by Benedetto Croce , which tended to penalize narrative in general, saw popular genres as inferior forms of literature and undervalued the hard sciences and technology as second-class forms of knowledge. At the other end of the scale, Marxist criticism was openly suspicious of a narrative form perceived as a consequence of American cultural colonization, not produced within the working classes, but produced for them in a top-down process, and with the ultimate aim of entertainment: in other words, an opium of the people.

The very fact that the Italian word fantascienza was coined as a translation of the English term "science fiction" is emblematic. Giorgio Monicelli , the inventor of the term, had been a self-taught translator from French and English since the s. An avid reader of the American pulp magazines that came from overseas, he created in the first Italian sf magazine, Urania, for the Mondadori publishing house in Milan, taking as his model Horace L Gold's Galaxy.

Fourteen issues of the original magazine Urania, with the subtitle "Avventure nell'universo e nel tempo" ["Adventures through Space and Time"] were published, between November and December , featuring short stories, serializations, articles and columns. Articles and columns, in particular, showed an idea of science fiction close to other popular genres and imageries mysterious archaeology, curiosities, enigmas, philosophies and doctrines from the far East , while the models for the editorial formula and sources for works of fiction were the American Astounding and especially Galaxy: out of 78 stories published in Urania, 56 were translations from that journal.

One year after its first appearance, the magazine ceased. The closing down of the original Urania can be partly traced back to the distinction and sophistication of the selected fiction: while in the US sf readers came to Galaxy after reading other publications in the previous decades, Italian readers were approaching the genre for the first time. Another reason was probably the major success of I Romanzi di Urania, with Monicelli editing both publications on his own — from the choice of texts to proof reading. In June the series left aside "I Romanzi di" from its title and became simply Urania.

Thanks to the combination of inspired choices on the part of the editor and Mondadori's influence in terms of production and distribution, an international canon of sf and collective imagery arrived in Italy, and in the early s, published weekly or fortnightly, the series sold around , copies per issue. While a few works were translated from French, only eleven of the first issues included complete novels by Italian authors. In , after an argument with Mondadori, Monicelli created the concurrent publication I Romanzi del Cosmo for the publisher Ponzoni in Milan, which adopted the same formula as I Romanzi di Urania: one complete novel in each issue, sold cheaply at news-stands.

Many Italian authors wrote adventurous sf under pseudonyms for the Romanzi di Cosmo series, and some of them were to become household names in the Italian sf market of the s, including authors like Roberta Rambelli and Ugo Malaguti Nevertheless, in the late s, magazines such as Oltre il cielo — founded in Rome, in , by Armando Silvestri , with Cesare Falessi and later Gianfranco de Turris editors for the fiction section — started to feature a few Italian authors using their real names and Italian sf began to take off, first with adventurous short stories of space colonization, written by authors such as Falessi himself, Renato Pestriniero , Vincenzo Croce, Ivo Prandin , Giovanna Cecchini and others; and later with more varied experimentation by authors from the generation debuting in the early s like Sandro Sandrelli In these years, events such as the launch of the first Sputnik October and the first manned space flight April stimulated interest in the new genre and leaded to the birth of many often short-lived publications.

One exception worth mentioning is the birth of Galassia in , published by the small La Tribuna, in Piacenza. With a formula similar to Urania — one complete novel per issue like a book series, but sold only at news-stands — Galassia introduced translations of Anglo-American social sf, especially during Rambelli's time as editor , and then during the editorship of Vittorio Curtoni and Gianni Montanari , it would feature translations of New Wave authors often too refined for the popular Urania of those years from John Brunner to Samuel Delany, from Roger Zelazny to Harlan Ellison; and many talented Italian authors and their various experimentations, such as Pierfrancesco Prosperi , Mauro Antonio Miglieruolo , Vittorio Catani , Livio Horrakh , Curtoni and Montanari themselves.

From the s there rose a group of writers who, while basically accepting the formulaic conventions of sf, began to emphasize the need for psychological insight, a "human" perception of the Alien and a somewhat sceptical moral probing into the triumphs of Technology. Aldani, Cremaschi and Musa, together with Massimo Lo Jacono , Giulio Raiola and others, took part in editing and writing for the magazine Futuro ["Future"] Futuro featured short stories and novelettes mainly written by Italian authors here also using their real names , reviews and a series of interview with well-known Italian mainstream authors interested in fantastic genres or science — such as Libero Bigiaretti , Giovanni Comisso , Ennio Flaiano , Mario Soldati, and Elio Vittorini The aim was to propose a more highbrow version of sf, attempting to propound it as worthy of the attention of Italy's cultural elites.

Due mainly to distribution problems, the magazine ceased publication after only eight issues. Other Italian sf magazines notably Gamma in the mids and Robot in the mids were short-lived and had to rely heavily on US and UK material. Connected to the magazine Futuro was the collective Anthology Esperimenti con l'ingnoto ["Experiments with the Unknown"] anth ; along with other collections published during the s and the s, this represented the debut of sf in bookshops and the development of a national school, or at least an attempt to foster the visibility of Italian authors, e.

I labirinti del terzo pianeta ["The Mazes of the Third Planet"] anth edited by Cremaschi and Musa, Universo e dintorni ["Universe and about"] anth edited by Cremaschi, and Interplanet, the series of collective volumes edited by Sandro Sandrelli during the s. It was — and is — sold only by mail without any distribution in bookshops or newsstands , as were all the later Anthologies published by Malaguti's Libra later on refounded as Perseo and later Elara : Slan, Classici and Saturno. Libra's anthologies exemplify the economic difficulties of Italian sf publications: a small publishing house is able to offer products clearly labelled as sf, and of high editorial quality, but only at the price of giving up traditional distribution.

Lino Aldani was also the author of the first monographic study of sf to be written in Italian: La fantascienza ["Science fiction"] , in which he defined sf as a genre able to "place the reader in a different relationship with reality" thanks to an estranged point of view on things, anticipating, to some exteni, Darko Suvin's idea of cognitive estrangement see Definitions of SF. Among Italian academic critics, the genre was still largely ignored, with very few exceptions. LGT and the Princely Collections — how a private art collection shapes the values, identity and branding of an international family-run private bank The Princely Collections of Liechtenstein are among the most important private art collections in the world and comprise thousands of sculptures, ceremonial arms, porcelain and, first and foremost, paintings — including masterpieces dating from the early Renaissance.

Further to its collecting activities, the House of Liechtenstein has also been a successful entrepreneur for centuries. How LGT thinks and acts is shaped by its owner, the Princely House, which has years of tradition and entrepreneurial experience. In keeping with the owner's imprint on the company, LGT's corporate culture as well as its brand are dominated by the history, values and activities of the family.

As a consequence, LGT makes deliberate use of the artworks from the Princely Collections, among other things in its branding and marketing. For these reasons, the Princely Collections are one of LGT's central partners and LGT facilitates, among other things, worldwide exhibitions of the Collections so that as many people as possible can experience them. As a result of these exhibitions, more than , people have come into contact with the Princely Collections, and thus also with LGT, over the past five years alone.

This close partnership, however, not only focuses on public exhibitions, but goes much further and encompasses numerous levels of cooperation. Il progetto riprende ora slancio. Nella zona retrostante si trovano 15 vasche circolari in muratura, rivestite di cocciopesto, con foro di carico e scarico. Qui le pelli venivano trattate con il tannino.

Al livello superiore del primo ambiente si pensa ci fosse uno stenditoio dove le pelli venivano stese ad asciugare. Obiettivo: attivare relazioni tra arte e territorio coinvolgendo artisti di fama internazionale. Un percorso che Nari Ward ha svolto, anche grazie al sostegno di UNIC e Lineapelle, effettuando sopralluoghi conoscitivi in alcune concerie del distretto Dolmen, Camaleonte, Ausonia, Cuoficio Bisonte , presso gli impianti di depurazione di Aquarno e al Po.

At the end of the nineties Lufthansa faced the task of having to construct a new office building in Frankfurt, so we used this opportunity to create a space which reflected both the character and corporate culture of our company. The concept behind the Lufthansa Aviation Center LAC goes beyond a functional workspace, as its elegant structure entails a communicative, healthy and interesting work place.

This ambitious building goes beyond a simple customary art-in building projects. The LAC has become a domicile of artwork and a tribute to the esteemed employees. The artwork and architecture which was newly created specifically for this location has become an integral element of the building. A specific space was allocated to each artist, which were predominantly the communication zones of the LAC, i. During the creation period there was a close collaboration between architects and artists leaving a perfectly balanced outcome. In the end, neither the architecture was dominating the artwork nor were the works of art dominating the architecture.

The installations themselves are not considered decoration or capital investment but rather a distinctive art-project specially developed for this special building and this company. The LAC is a place for communication, creativity, and collaboration. This becomes evident through the integration of artwork, which on one side inspires thinking and on the other hand broadens the mindset and everyday perspectives of an office environment. From the communicative aspect: since it is very interesting to recognize how the works of art have been able to evoke increases thought aspects that stimulate our views not only about the works itself but also on our business and everyday work.

This is indeed, quite different than an exhibition but statement that artwork should be integrated at working places. All in all, the LAC is more than just an office complex. This building, which is filled with creativity, stories, and emotion is a successful example how integration of artworks stand for a unique branding among conceptual, esthetical and intellectual aspects. Some of the most beautiful historical residences in Piedmont host the Art Site Fest, a journey through contemporary languages, including photography, sculpture, painting, theatre and music.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, with Art Site Fest, the languages of contemporaneity become the key to interpreting cultural heritage and making memory a reason for identity. The project, curated by Domenico Maria Papa, arrived in at the fourth edition. It involves 56 artists from different countries with their works, that are often created specifically for the exhibition venues, or specifically set in the museum itineraries. Some photographs, paintings and sculptures on the theme of the banquet will be set up by the Art Site Fest inside the museum rooms and in the spaces of Casa MARTINI: works of art recalling the themes of nature, food and wine, will be exhibited in harmony with the permanent collection.

The participation to Art Site Fest strengthen the Company's policy, which has always invested in high-profile cultural initiatives. It presents temporary solo and group exhibitions, as well as works from its own collection, on two floors. An internationally renowned museum, it sees itself as a dynamic location for contemporary art, a mission to which its comprehensive art education and event programs contribute as well. For its exhibitions, the museum focuses on large-scale productions in close cooperation with the artists. At the same time, the term implies integration into a social context, as well as involvement in an ongoing exchange of ideas and in art production.

Incorporating the collection into a lively environment that is in contact with, and promotes, contemporary art production and addresses an open-minded audience is another objective of the museum. The avant-gardes are protagonists of radical changes in the Arts.

From painting to sculpture, graphic design, photography, literature, poetry, architecture, visual arts, cinema, etc. The Suprematism - promoted by Malevich since and which has had one of the pinnacles of multidimensional creative research in the UNOVIS experience - is perhaps the artistic expression that interprets experimentation on the interaction of bodies and spaces in the most advanced form of different orders. The passage from a two-dimensional world to a three-dimensional order extensively metaphorically in the four-dimensional sense has defined, through the "Black Square", the "Zero Dimension" of contemporary Art.

A territory cradle of world civilization and area of ancient wine making traditions, cultural heritage of Italy and the World. The MIRVITA Project stems from the awareness of tackling change by projecting it into the 21st century, combining technological innovation, art and respect for biodiversity but starting from the cultural heritage of the territory, a cultural repository, a living expression of a millennial historical stratification of the landscape.

The encounter between creativity, architecture and protection, preservation and enhancement of the identity of native vines is the foundation of a project that is born in a territory that is today "periphery", then the center of civilization. These are places in which we become aware of the "cosmos dimension", of the fragility of human existence, of the life cycle of man and of integration - coexistence with natural processes.

In these places light and shadows, empty and full, sounds and silences help to perceive the beauty and harmony of Nature. The consideration of the cultural and design peculiarities as well as of its relationship with the Suprematism, MIRVITA - also in light of the recent discoveries in the exploration of the Cosmos and of the new race towards Space but also of the developments of artificial intelligence and the digital economy - is at the forefront of Space - Time dimension between Art and Science projected in the XXI century. We dare to dream. We dare to inspire. We dare to explore.

The Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection is the innovative visual arts program of Montefiore Health System, an eleven-hospital primary and specialty care network and medical school. Founded in , the Fine Art Program integrates into daily life by transforming high-traffic, on-site facilities into soothing and restorative environments through the use of curated exhibitions.

Our primary goal — to reduce stress and provide distractions, thereby promoting accelerated healing — manifests in our life-affirming and supportive visual displays. The artwork additionally benefits families, caregivers, students, faculty, staff, and the community by juxtaposing traditional hospital settings with enhanced physical spaces.

This results in a caring, effective, and safe environment for all who enter our doors. In Spring , Montefiore Medical Center approached the renowned artist Tom Christopher to create the first virtual reality experience specifically for pediatric cancer patients in the Bronx, NY. For more than a decade, researchers have studied the value and promise of using virtual reality in healthcare. It has been found that VR improves patient well-being and decreases fear and anxiety during hospital visits by taking their mind off the pain experienced during procedures and rehabilitation.

The Virtual Reality Fine Art Program at Montefiore seeks to diminish anxiety, pain and opioid addiction through stimulus-rich and curated artistic environments. Several specialties in pediatrics including sickle cell, rehabilitation, bone marrow transplant, and even simple injections often come with a varying degree of pain and other side effects. The opportunity for physicians and therapists to provide a simple google cardboard with a library of artistic VR experiences could change how patients react to medicine for life.

This new concept asks artists of all media to create artwork solely in virtual and augmented reality. To do this, the VRFA Program is partnering with various academic institutions and media labs to allow artists to experiment with tools such as Tiltbrush www. The overall success and primary objective of this program is to prove the effectiveness of virtual reality experiences to decrease patient anxiety and opioid use as compared to other activity options for the patient. In time, we hope these experiences will also begin to impact larger issues in healthcare such as the heroin epidemic sweeping the country.

Following our preliminary tests with patients, we have already seen results proving that VR changes the neuro-responses of a patient during treatment towards a more calming affect. With further results, VRFA could become a standard of excellence in all practices and for all ages here at Montefiore. It will also create an on-going library of original artwork that can be purchased as part of a growing Collection for the Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection. I suoi elementi sono quei tratti essenziali dello spirito umano che non possono essenziali dello spirito umano che non possono essere spiegati con una terminologia logica.

Per lui non erano e non sono solo auto. Per lui e per milioni di Alfisti nel mondo. Ho avuto la fortuna di poter visitare il Museo Cozzi di Legnano … mi ha aperto questo luogo meraviglioso. Cresciuto in mezzo alle Alfa di mio zio … mi sono trovato immerso e circondato da tutte quelle Alfa che mi facevano sognare da piccolo a cominciare dalla Super per finire alla serie Giulia GT junior, e Quadrifoglio Verde passando per le varie Giulietta Berlina ed Alfette senza dimenticare le Spider e ed infine il Duetto Osso di seppia ed a coda tronca.

Osiamo definirlo un imprenditore illuminato, che investe per creare una collezione privata di oggetti iconici, a livello mondiale, e che poi trasforma in una collezione pubblica: un museo. Per tutti. Sul perimetro delle navate laterali si trovano poi delle nicchie simili a cappelle che ospitano il Cozzi. Lab: una laboratorio a disposizione di studiosi e ricercatori per consultare i documenti e i materiali connessi alle automobili: dai libretti di circolazione ai disegni originali delle auto, alla grafica del marchio fino ai manifesti pubblicitari.

From here, the Collection expanded quickly within the following 10 years, with these four works considered as a reference framework for the collection of photo-based artworks from living artists of the 21st century. Novo Banco has opted to collect representative pieces, instead of acquiring large series, to be able to include a greater number of artists with distinct bodies of work.

The mission is to put together an exemplificative body of artworks that as a collection gives an idea of the world contemporary art production and to make it accessible both to the employees and public. Currently, the collection consists of over works by artists of 38 nationalities. O Gallery serves as a non-commercial platform for artists of a new generation, providing them with a space to exhibit their work to potential buyers, a platform to connect to the commercial world, free of commission.

O Gallery plays host to at least one exhibition every year. OMV is producing and marketing oil and gas, innovative energy and high-end petrochemical solutions — in a responsible way. Furthermore, OMV is assuming social responsibility through supporting and enabling projects in the field of culture and sports.

On top, each project has to include a vast range of activities for employees. Petersburg have come to Vienna to an exhibition and entered into a dialogue with the paintings from the Picture Gallery of the Kunsthistorisches Museum June 6, — September 2, In autumn the exhibition will be shown in the State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg October 4, — January 13, For the presentation of the exhibition in St. Petersburg, Gazprom has taken over the project lead together with the State Hermitage. The number of visitors during the exhibition period amounted to The Piaggio Foundation carries out the promotion of local culture and economic development through the Piaggio Museum, in the belief that only a culturally rich and prosperous context can help develop enterprises correctly.

To achieve this, it organizes temporary exhibitions dedicated to great artists of the past as well as to coming artists. Furthermore, it coordinates events that aim at confirming the position of cultural excellence of the town of Pontedera. The recently renovated and expanded Museum now hosts an area dedicated to the various interpretations of the Vespa given by artists and designers throughout the years: a particularly interesting collection of works which differ in style and materials, which is the result of almost twenty years of cultural activity of the Piaggio Foundation.

This art collection is representative of an innovative, unique and exclusive project of a corporate art collection phenomena in the context of Portuguese law firms. In this particular, is important to highlight the project named Portuguese Speaking Authors in the collection of PLMJ Foundation, envisaging to create a process of itinerancy and diaspore of the works of art created by artists from all the CPLP countries, by means of the organization of exhibitions and related conferences namely on cultural heritage matters in all such countries. This project began in , in Maputo, Mozambique, also in the context of an important meeting of CPLP foundations, where the Foundation organized an exhibition purposing to present pieces of CPLP artists that are part of a post-colonial generation whose work has developed under aegis of liberation, facing the changes of freedom and democracy.

This project continued in Luanda, Angola March and, more recently, to S. Presently the Foundation has one of the most representative private contemporary art collections in Portugal, with around works of art, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and video, where all Portuguese leading artists and a considerable number of Lusophony artists are represented. To divulge and promote the artists and their work, the PLMJ Foundation focuses its activity in the following key projects: i Exhibitions: The art collection is exhibited regularly, in various reputable locations such as museums, art galleries, or fine art academies.

To date, more than 50 exhibitions mostly dedicated to the Foundation collection have taken place; detailed and fully illustrated catalogues are always published thus providing relevant information about the Portuguese art scene. Furthermore, a representative part of the works of art composing the collection are exhibited throughout the Law Firm, at its offices in Lisbon, Oporto, Faro, Luanda and Maputo, as well as in the affiliated offices.

In many instances, works are requested for collective exhibitions or solo retrospectives in prestigious museums and art galleries in Portugal and abroad. To date, a total of 18 books were published and widely distributed showing all the trends, movements and artists of the PLMJ Foundation collection and of Portuguese contemporary art in general. As part of this project, the Foundation regularly organises photography competitions, with the best entries being selected by an accredited jury.

After this selection, there is an exhibition of all the works of art and a catalogue is published. It also offers courses in art academies that seek to create an interaction between art and law, and with a particular focus on intellectual property issues. The PLMJ Foundation also publishes monographs relating to legal issues relevant to the art world topics of cultural heritage, intellectual property, the art market, tax in the arts, among others.

Particular significance is the annual conference organised by the PLMJ Foundation that is dedicated to corporate art collections and the subsequent collective exhibition of several corporate art collections. It is worth mentioning that to celebrate the 40th anniversary of PLMJ Law Firm, the Foundation commissioned an impressive sculpture from Rui Chafes, a renowned artist represented in the collection which was donated to the City of Lisbon, presently located in the main Avenue Avenida da Liberdade , to be enjoyed by the public in general.

Ha realizzato gioielli e medaglie, ceramiche e mobili; ha disegnato e dipinto; ha lavorato il ferro e il poliestere, il bronzo e il gesso, le pietre e i marmi. PCAI was founded in by Mr. Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Executive Chairman of Polyeco Group and Director of PCAI, as a result of his genuine belief that art is the best tool to stimulate dialogue about critical environmental issues. PCAI provides visual artists with the means and resources to create an artwork inspired by urgent environmental issues in their broader relation to current sociocultural, economic, philosophical concerns and invites them to reflect on the concept of waste and related processes in a free and innovative way; to create art that challenges the limits of previous views and representations; to imagine new forms and use radical tactics while addressing our changing world.

PCAI works have travelled to various festivals and institutions including the Mu. Progetto P. Poste e Artisti Insieme Nel Territorio Poste Italiane ha lanciato una strategia di valorizzazione degli Uffici Postali dislocati su tutto il territorio nazionale. Aimed at fostering cultural links, promoting intellectual dialogue and creative exchange of professionals from different countries, the global initiative of the foundation to advance Russian art of the XX century continues its long-lasting efforts to integrate contemporary Russian art into the world culture.

The initiative was designed for and was launched in Paris firstly as a joint project with the Centre Pompidou. Publishing and research have been conducted by the museum as well. The chief national museum has been a center for public discussions on the value of culture and cultural leadership, a momentum for which was given by the invited exhibition Elizabeth to Victoria: British Portraits from the Collection of the National Portrait Gallery brought to Moscow from London.

From until the museum hosts public dialogues and talks of cultural trendsetters Cultural Leaders Program. Discussions about values of culture and their role in society, media, and challenges that cultural leaders face, take place in the historical building of the Tretyakov Gallery. In the cooperation of the foundation and the museum expands significantly: the New Tretyakov Gallery which permanent exhibition focuses on the XX century has acquired a unique space for the museum visitor.

The Lounge is a multimedia library and a design space where visitors can immerse themselves into the world of contemporary art. In June the foundation made a significant and symbolic donation to the museum of a milestone work by Eric Bulatov 'The picture and onlookers'. All of the above have been fully funded and received organizational support by the foundation. The management of the foundation are convinced that long-term social change is largely dependent on building trust and promoting core human values. Art and culture is a universal language that makes it a powerful tool for a better society and welfare of the global community.

An important milestone in this long-term commitment is its unique collection of contemporary art, which was built on the occasion of the construction of the new headquarters and integrated into the public areas of the completed building. Art and work are intimately linked with each other, they form a liaison that is invigorating, exciting, even ground breaking. Beyond serving as an instrument of image-building, the simple yet future-oriented idea was to complement the stimulating architecture of the new headquarters with equally challenging contemporary art as a joint creative impetus and educational experience for the company's 2.

As a corporate collection the works of art represent more than anything else an educational tool for the employees, which stimulates both reflection and debate. It developed a unique profile through: - Diversity obtained by equally juxtaposing all artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography, video, sculpture, installation works and contemporary ceramics.

The variety of aesthetic experiences lends each floor an individual character. In addition to the works presented in corridors and public areas, an "artothek" with over 1. Artists embody sensitivity and creativity, flexibility and innovation - all in all personal and professional competences, which today have become indispensable in the contemporary work environment and contribute to the economic success of the company.

The Provinzial encourages, to learn from the artists creative approach to things and offers to the employees an extensive portfolio of art based activities with guided art-tours, art discussions, practical workshops and active involvement, supporting at the same time their motivation for creativity by giving them the possibility to exhibit their own artworks.

All employees are regulary informed via the in-house newspaper, intranet and monitors in the entrance hall on the existing collection, new purchases, external exhibitions, the annual art calendar, sponsorship and donations in the field of arts. The art is in this way fueled by a mutual exchange of the inspiration between the artistic installation and the single person. Its pioneering suitcases help people journey further, with ever lighter and stronger products. Ebooks and Manuals

From suitcases to duffels to elegant backpacks for women, the Almond Blossom limited edition offers a travel solution for every fashion-forward contemporary woman. Photography: Jan-Kees Steenman. The objective of the Foundation is to contribute to charitable causes in Norway, thereby continuing the traditions pursued by Norwegian savings banks of donating their profits to the local communities in which they have operated. The Foundation is building a significant art collection that to a great extent is being deposited at Norwegian art museums. In dialogue with the museums the Foundation acquire works of art that they do not themselves have the means to acquire.

The artworks are deposited with a long term perspective in mind. A creative dialogue with unique characteristics between contemporary art and a modern company. The collection concept is based on the following principles: - Creating a positive and stimulating environment for both employees and visitors. The partially large-sized works, which were deliberately installed in places of transition and encounter foyer, staircase, conference area etc.

The collection contains, in addition to purchases from studios, a whole series of commissioned works for specific locations in our buildings. All of them were born in the s, i. SFO Museum SFOM was established by the Airport Commission in for the purposes of humanizing the Airport environment, providing visibility for the cultural life of the San Francisco Bay Area, and providing educational services for the travelling public.

Today, SFOM is a widely imitated model for museums operating in public spaces. The Museum produces around forty exhibits annually on themes of art, history, science and culture, and features more than twenty galleries throughout the Airport terminals. The Societe Generale Collection comprises more than original pieces and lithographs, prints and serigraphs. Following successive acquisitions, the Collection has been split into three main strands.

The Societe Generale Collection combines pieces by renowned artists alongside newcomer creations. This diversity has been further enhanced by opening up the Collection to talent from emerging artistic scenes, which reflects the globalisation of the Group.

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Swiss Mobiliar promotes cultural and artistic work all across Switzerland by collecting artworks, sustaining young artists, organizing publicly accessible exhibitions twice a year and regularly inviting artists to participate in and contribute to specific company projects. Creativity and art has always been an important factor for the company. At the end of the s, Swiss Mobiliar laid the foundation for an important art collection which today consists of more than artworks.

Parts of the collection are permanently exhibiited at Swiss Mobiliar offices in Bern, Nyon and Zurich. The collection is continuously digitalized and thus accessible anywhere, anytime. In pursuit of this goal, the TFF sponsors talented children in a number of British schools. These include Eton, St. In , the TFF worked with the London Russian Ballet School on a ballet outreach programme in local state schools, capped by a performance in London jointly with dancers from the Bolshoi Theatre. For Goldsmiths the TFF has structured and financed a student exchange programme with the ICA in Moscow, which has been successfully running since The exchanged programme will culminate with a joint exhibition at Phillips in July.

Another area that the TFF focuses on is artistic projects, particularly those with an emphasis on Russian post-war art. To this end the Foundation has partnered with the Saatchi Gallery in London over a number of years. In , the TFF contributed several works of Russian art to Centre Georges Pompidou Paris for its new collection of contemporary Russian masterpieces presented at the exhibition Collection! LeanArts was 5-week experimental program designed to help performing arts groups think and behave like technology startups.

The program paired teams with expert mentors and coaches who share the tools and techniques applied by successful startup companies. The program was delivered at zero cost to participating teams thanks to the generous support of The Canada Council for the Arts. It is founded in the belief that an interesting and challenging Art Collection enhances the visual identity of the University and defines the University of Auckland as a place of scholarship and research in the visual arts and culture. A distanza di una decina d'anni dai precedenti Quaderni veneziani apparsi in una diversa cornice editoriale e in una diversa veste grafica ricompare un primo Quaderno che raccoglie la trascrizione dei lavori e dei dibattiti svolti in una Giornata di studio tenutasi nel novembre a Venezia, all'isola di S.

Giorgio, presso la Lezioni sui colori. I colori stanno riemergendo come soggetto particolare e universale delle arti. I colori fisici, psichici, alchemici secondo Goethe stanno invece al principio e alla fine delle arti Caro Maestro. Scritti in onore di Lionello Lanciotti per l'ottantesimo compleanno. Le Francais des Lettres et des Arts.

Partendo da una conoscenza Tsai Ming-liang. La sua influenza, discreta e sottile, ha superato i confini dell'isola fino a lambire le coste della Cina continentale e costituire oggi un importante punto di riferimento anche per molti cineasti occidentali. Tsai filma English for Foreign Trade. Saggi su Ruskin. Stile, retorica, traduzione. Presenze foreste in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Lingua nazionale, dialetto e italiano di stranieri. Contesti interazionali nel Veneto. Quale lingua si parla, oggi, nel Veneto? Luogo-spazio-architettura e semiotica. Scritti vari. Elaborati per occasioni diverse ma comunque riconducibili ad una stessa istanza teorico-critica , gli scritti raccolti in questa opera documentano i tentativi intrapresi tra gli anni '70 e i '90 per ripensare problemi e questioni del gradiente luogo-spazio-architettura urbanistica , sulla scorta di paradigmi e strumenti della Nuovi chengyu.

Anche in cinese le locuzioni idiomatiche, i chengyu , occupano una parte importante nel patrimonio culturale e linguistico nazionale. El espanol en las carreras humansticas. El espaol en las carreras humansticas si propone come strumento per l'insegnamento dello spagnolo a fini speciali ed rivolto soprattutto agli studenti universitari italiani di indirizzi umanistici che, partendo da un livello A2-B1 di conoscenza della lingua, desiderino migliorare le loro competenze linguistiche attraverso Appassionata al gioco letterario fin dai tempi della scuola, la scrittrice ama concentrare la sua attenzione sulla graduale scomparsa dell'identit Il fiume di Cristoforo.

Raccolta di poesie con testo a fronte. Ku Sang ,poeta, giornalista, scrittore, saggista e docente universitario, uno degli intellettuali di maggior spessore della Corea del XX secolo. Nasce a Seoul pochi mesi dopo lo scoppio delle rivolte del Movimento d'indipendenza del 1 Marzo contro il dominio coloniale nipponico, soffocate nel sangue dalle truppe Le stanze di Venere. Poesia d'amore in forma di sonetto nel Novecento italiano. Molti, anzi moltissimi, sono i poeti del Novecento che recuperano, e a tratti deformano, il metro canonico della tradizione italiana. Se Amore la causa scrive Zattarin il sonetto la gabbia, l'arena, il corpo: la poesia saluta lo scontro fra l'imperativa brevitas di una forma chiusa e la natura dirompente di una materia aperta e Un libro uno specchio, un destino.

Il lettore si riflette nelle parole di un uomo che non riuscito a trattenersi dal parlare. Se il traduttore fallisce nello scrivere una poesia non ha Tra forma e figura. Tre seminari sulla rappresentazione. Strumenti mentali. Questo pacchetto di strumenti mentali in forma di libro ha due anime: sia un contributo teorico che un manuale pratico, per tutti.

Rendersene conto e imparare a usare questo potere in prima persona importantissimo per chiunque, e English for Business. Tosa nikki Diario di Tosa. A Ki no Tsurayuki ca. Inviato in seguito La laguna ferita. Uno sguardo alla diossina e agli altri inquinanti organici persistenti POP a Venezia. Con una pubblicazione sintetica i curatori forniscono un'esposizione rigorosa dello stato dell'arte delle ricerche scientifiche in un campo molto delicato e controverso. Per la prima volta vengono presentati, in maniera semplice, i risultati di svariati studi effettuati da diverse Istituzioni pubbliche e private riguardanti il Roots and Beginnings.

This volume focuses on issues of roots and their manifold elaboration. Its essays are concerned with works and topics relevant to the founding phase of post-colonial literatures, the origins of specific literary genres, and their later development. The post-colonial authors examined here include Janet Frame, Mudrooroo, Derek Gefangenennummer Memorie dai lager nazisti del capitano Mario Zipoli.

Il capitano Mario Zipoli viene inviato con le truppe italiane a Cagnes-sur-mer a fianco dei tedeschi e viene l sorpreso dall'armistizio dell'8 settembre Rifiutandosi di collaborare con l'esercito nazista arrestato e trascorre circa venti mesi in vari lager. In questo periodo egli scrive, in una minuscola agenda che conserva a Francais professionnel: La chaussure.

Professional English: Tourism. English for Communication Science. Dal diveniente all'immutabile. Studio sul pensiero di Gustavo Bontadini. Gustavo Bontadini ha inteso mostrare che lo sviluppo del pensiero moderno e contemporaneo sfocia nell'apertura alla metafisica classica. Una tesi di grande audacia. English for Cultural Heritage. Chikusai il ciarlatano. Il racconto del viaggio non lascia spazio alla noia: il filo conduttore della peregrinazione in vista di un riscatto sociale si sgretola mano a mano in una serie English for Architecture. Breve introduzione alla lingua cinese classica.

Aspetti del sistema preposizionale dell'eblaita. Il Sinai della conoscenza. Nominare per esistere: nomi e cognomi.

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Indice del volume: G. Kant e il linguaggio. Questo libro risponde alla sorpresa suscitata dall'apparente rimozione kantiana della questione del linguaggio. Gi Hamann e Herder, primi interpreti della Critica della ragion pura, avevano osservato come, togliendo ogni rilevanza al linguaggio, Kant condanni la ragione umana allo sradicamento da una viva esperienza del mondo Introduzione alla logica formale.

Un'introduzione breve ed essenziale alla moderna logica simbolica. Francesco Berto dottore in Tarkovskiana 1.

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Arti cinema e oggetti nel mondo poetico di Andrej Tarkovskij. Mi fai male Si definisce come violenza di Storia della linguistica cinese. Questa Storia della linguistica cinese si propone di delineare un quadro della storia degli studi sulla lingua cinese dalle origini fino alla fine del diciannovesimo secolo, in Cina e in Europa. Genealogia della formazione. Volume primo. Le radici educative della cultura occidentale. Ricostruire la genealogia della formazione non mai solo partire dai concetti, valori o principi dell'educazione, trascurando il profondo intreccio che, invece, la lega alle mutazioni antropologiche che accompagnano la Storia dell'Occidente.

Genealogia piuttosto un attardarsi sugli indizi, prestare attenzione scrupolosa alla loro Architettura dell'immaginazione. La poesia di Jzef Czechowicz. L'ampia antologia presenta nella sua ricchezza la poesia di uno dei pi originali artisti del Novecento polacco, Jzef Czechowicz Lublino, Lublino, , esponente dell'avanguardia nel Ventennio tra le due guerre, vissuto tra Varsavia e Lublino.

Czechowicz sfugge alle etichette univoche, poeta dell'inquietudine e del dissidio Buongiorno Cina! Corso comunicativo di lingua cinese Volume I. Buongiorno Cina. Corso comunicativo di lingua cinese un set di manuali di lingua cinese destinato agli studenti italiani. Cinquant'anni dell'AILC. Paper Bullets of the Brain.

Experiments with Shakespeare. Paper Bullets of the Brain are experiments in criticism where Shakespeare's works are addressed in conjunction with history, politics, philosophy, art, philology and performance. Themes include a meditation on directing Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre; the obscure figure of Shakespeare's wife in factual and fictional biographies; La tutela dei beni culturali nel diritto internazionale e comparato. Arte oltre le forme - Indoasiatica 1. Per questo i Le Pieces par ecriteaux nel teatro della Foire - An Intermediate English Syntax.

An Intermediate English Syntax una guida pratica alla grammatica e sintassi della lingua Guru - Indoasiatica 2. L'effetto placebo. In tempi recenti i placebo hanno Pictures of Modernity. The Visual and the Literary in England, Questo volume raccoglie gli interventi presentati al Convegno Pictures of Modernity.

The Visual and the Literary in England, , tenuto a Venezia il 10 e 11 maggio I tredici saggi offrono un approccio al tema variegato e innovativo, concentrandosi in particolare sulla storia, la teoria e la prassi estetica del visuale, Il libro viene costantemente aggiornato per presentare, a livello introduttivo, nuove tematiche della ricerca economica Questo trattato, opera dello shaikh Shah Abu'l-Hasan Zaid Faruqi, che Thomas Dahnhardt qui ci propone, rappresenta la prima traduzione diretta dalle originali stesure in persiano e urdu.

Correspondencias de Nueva Granada India e Nordest: il mercato del terzo Millennio - Indoasiatica 7. In quel periodo raccogliemmo l'interessante sfida lanciata Incroci di poesia contemporanea. Quando nel iniziammo a coltivare l'idea di poter dialogare con i poeti, e i loro traduttori, di averli tutti nostri ospiti nel Dipartimento di Studi Europei e Postcoloniali, pensavamo che la maggiore Caratteri cinesi. Il volume Caratteri cinesi si rivolge a coloro che desiderino addentrarsi nello studio della lingua cinese.

Dato che una delle maggiori difficolt che pone l'apprendimento di tale lingua consiste nell'assimilazione delle sue unit di scrittura, si concepito il presente volume quale ausilio per tutti coloro che si accingano ad Giappone: un diritto originale alla prova della globalizzazione. Nonostante le influenze tradizionali cinesi, ottocentesche europee e statunitensi nel secondo dopoguerra, il diritto giapponese mantiene alcuni tratti caratteristici.

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L'attenzione dedicata esclusivamente al diritto contemporaneo, che rimane ancora Franca Trentin Intervista. I fiumi sacri - Indoasiatica 6. Raccolta degli atti del Convegno Nazionale, Fiumi sacri, corsi celesti e correnti sotterranee: le acque animiche nel macrocosmo e nel microcosmo, Venezia ottobre Orale e intercomprensione tra lingue romanze. Molte delle ricerche attuali mirano a raggiungere l'obiettivo del plurilinguismo ribadito dall'Unione europea.

Particolare rilevanza acquista in tale contesto l'intercomprensione tra lingue appartenenti ad uno stesso ceppo linguistico che consentirebbe a due parlanti di comunicare, ciascuno esprimendosi nella propria lingua. Corso comunicativo di lingua cinese Volume III. Corso comunicativo di lingua cinese un manuale in tre volumi di lingua cinese per studenti italiani. Avant-gardes in Japan. This collection of essays examines Japanese avant-garde expressions, the socio-cultural interrelations in the encounter with Europe in the pre- and post-war twentieth century.

The first section focuses on the introduction of Futurism and Japan's pre-war avant-garde phenomena in literature, art, cinema and journalism. Part two is Beowulf al cinema. Quello che le riscritture non dicono. Negli ultimi dieci anni si contano almeno cinque riscritture cinematografiche del poema antico inglese Beowulf, alcune delle quali dirette da registi di fama mondiale e interpretate da volti noti dello star system hollywoodiano. Quali sono le ragioni che si collocano alla base della scelta, apparentemente anacronistica nella Poesia e nuovo ordine.

Romanticismo politico nel tardo Hofmannsthal. Le riflessioni estetiche di Hofmannsthal nel ventennio costituiscono la base This volume collects papers which were presented at the conference Ruskin, Venice and Nineteenth-Century Cultural Travel held in Venice in September Corpi femminili nell'opera poetica di Yves Bonnefoy. La critica da sempre concorde nel riconoscere la 'funzione ontologica' della poesia di Yves Bonnefoy: esperienza dell'essere indissociabile dalla riflessione sull'essere.

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Proiettata verso il mondo esterno, suo indiscusso oggetto di appassionata ricerca esperienziale, l'opera poetica di Bonnefoy utilizza la parola come strumento per La relazione medico-paziente fra tecnica e etica. Analisi microeconomica. Una Bibbia tedesca. La traduzione di Martin Buber e Franz Rosenzweig. La traduzione della Bibbia di Martin Buber e Franz Rosenzweig il culmine della simbiosi ebraico-tedesca e un punto di arrivo del Rinascimento ebraico in Germania. Entre theologie et politique. Lineamenti di Governance e Management delle aziende di spettacolo. Questo libro, a taglio didattico, si rivolge agli studenti dei corsi in economia dell'arte e agli operatori del settore e presenta concetti, esempi e problematiche attinenti alla governance e al management delle aziende di spettacolo, con particolare riferimento ai teatri lirici.

Accogliendo le impostazioni La frase, il racconto. Le sperimentazioni di Flaubert nei Trois Contes. Lingua polacca. Parte II. Seconda parte degli esercizi per stranieri per lo studio della lingua polacca, Lingua polacca. Esercizi destinata a studenti di livello medio. Si tratta della continuazione della prima parte, Lingua polacca.

Manuale per principianti. La parte integrale dei manuali costituisce Impariamo il polacco. Manuale di lingua La migrazione dall'Asia Minore verso la Grecia La progettazione critica. Il saggio ha per oggetto uno dei tipi di procedimenti progettuali correntemente seguiti nella pratica progettuale professionale la progettazione critica.

Pi che di architettura, dunque, in esso si tratta di progettazione architettonica. Il saggio si apre con delle considerazioni sullo stato del disciplinare e i suoi contesti, Dialogare in cinese 1. Corso di lingua colloquiale con CD audio MP3. Il presente manuale si rivolge a tutti coloro che desiderino apprendere la lingua cinese sviluppando in particolare le competenze orali. L'approccio scelto di tipo comunicativo. Nelle diverse lezioni sono stati messi a fuoco i principali atti linguistici e le relative modalit espressive, cos da offrire allo studente gli strumenti I giovani raccontano gli anziani.

Lo scopo primario di questo volume analizzare un archivio veneziano di cortometraggi realizzati da giovani, che ci invitano a riflettere, come dice il titolo, su invecchiamento, dialogo intergenerazionale e trasmissione culturale. Dialogare in cinese 2. Il manuale si compone di due volumi di 24 lezioni ciascuno. Il primo volume consente di raggiungere il livello di competenza linguistica A2 del CEFR Quadro comune europeo di riferimento per la conoscenza delle lingue , equivalente al livello 2 del sistema di certificazione della lingua cinese HSK Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi , il secondo Carte ritrovate.

Percorsi della musica giapponese nel Novecento.

Il volume affronta la storia della musica moderna in Giappone a partire dalla restaurazione Meiji Un'ampia introduzione delinea la situazione della musica giapponese all'epoca dell'incontro con l'Occidente, con uno sguardo approfondito sulle premesse estetiche e teoriche di quel pensiero musicale. La prima parte tratta del Lingua Polacca. Manuale per principianti - Esercizi. Bartnicka, M. Di Salvo, W. Jekiel, M. Si tratta dei grandi nuclei Compendio di grammatica cinese moderna.

Il presente Compendio offre un ausilio per lo studio del volume Grammatica di cinese moderno Venezia, Cafoscarina, , di cui a un tempo strumento preparatorio e prontuario pratico. Della Grammatica , il Compendio segue la medesima progressione nella presentazione della materia, costantemente esemplificata con frasi di La passione impressa. Il titolo di questo volume, "La passione impressa", si salda idealmente con il pi recente contributo del dedicatario, "Una passione' dantesca in Pavese", anticipato in una indimenticata lezione per la Dante Alighieri veneziana Simbologie dantesche in Cesare Pavese.

In altre parole, intende porre l'accento sull'autore che continua Lingua Giapponese. Corso introduttivo 2. Shokyu Nihongo. Esso cerca di fornire in forma progressiva i fondamenti della lingua, avviando i discenti da un livello zero fino a un livello medio di conoscenza linguistica. I n particolare, esso mira a impostare La memoria inquieta. Cinema e resistenza. Concepito per il corso di Storia del cinema italiano, il libro si rivolge anche ad insegnanti e operatori culturali che vogliano proporre il cinema sulla resistenza e usarlo didatticamente come documento della storia.

Corso introduttivo 1. In particolare, esso mira a impostare Alessandro Baricco. Il destino e le sue traiettorie. Shin bunka shokyu nihongo. Dare ragioni. Corso di lingua turca moderna. Terza Edizione. Manuale destinato a studenti universitari anche principianti che iniziano lo studio della lingua turca. La laguna di Venezia: idea e immagine. L'amor cortese nel Medioevo tedesco. Introduzione al Minnesang. Accanto ad un commento introduttivo volto a mettere in luce le questioni pi rilevanti legate Guardare dal fondo.

I segni del ' Il sistema di bilancio per le aziende di piccola dimensione. La dimensione del contenuto e Volume secondo. Esercizi Fonetici e ortografici nella lingua polacca. La fonetica e l'ortografia polacche non sono facili da studiare e bisogna dedicare loro un po' di tempo per impararle bene. Questi esercizi pratici sono concepiti per gli studenti stranieri, che studiano la lingua polacca a livello medio-avanzato, per quanto possano essere anche utilizzati al livello elementare, e persino nella L'occhio rapace.

E nel momento in cui prende le distanze dal Williams pi lirico Simic allude, arguto e Letteratura cinese. Le storie generali della letteratura cinese sono a tutt'oggi piuttosto rare, un genere la cui nascita recente sia in Cina che in Occidente. Cronache dalle fornaci cinesi. In un paese come la Cina dove gli scandali sul lavoro sono all'ordine del giorno, esiste ancora un'opinione pubblica che ha la forza di indignarsi di fronte alle violazioni dei diritti pi elementari della persona.

Nell'estate del i media cinesi hanno portato alla luce un traffico di centinaia di adolescenti e disabili rapiti Grammatica di cinese moderno. Il volume intende fornire un quadro di insieme dell'attuale sistema grammaticale cinese. Solo i giovani hanno di questi momenti. Racconti di cinema. Yatabi lebnaaniyyi. Un 'livello soglia' per l'apprendimento del neo-arabo libanese.

Qualcosa di inatteso. Esercizi di microeconomia. Costituisce un complemento essenziale al testo Microeconomia di Varian. Immagini della mente. Scrittura e percezione visiva nella letteratura inglese del Rinascimento. Muovendo da un sonetto in cui Philip Sidney, promotore di una Lega protestante europea, descrive il dipinto della donna amata conservato nel cuore del suo alter ego poetico, il volume si conclude Per una cittadinanza attiva. Quanto siamo sudditi e quanto cittadini? Questo libro sviluppa un percorso di pensiero Avviamento allo studio del cinese classico.

Per lingua cinese classica si intende l'espressione colta in un gruppo di dialetti parlati in un'area grosso modo corrispondente all'odierna Cina settentrionale e centrale, accomunati in una sorta di lingua franca, attiva in un periodo all'incirca compreso tra il e il a. L'autore descrive in modo semplice e dettagliato le Etica economica. Rumbo a la comprension. Grammatica di giapponese moderno. Questo volume fornisce agli studenti italiani di giapponese una conoscenza globale e articolata della grammatica della lingua giapponese moderna, necessaria sin dai primi mesi dell'apprendimento.

Si prefigge quindi di essere un testo adatto sia agli studenti del primo anno sia a quelli del quarto che necessitano di consolidare la History at Stake in East Asia. History at stake in East Asia deals mainly with relevant issues concerning East Asian history by adopting an inside perspective and comparing different views now prevailing in Japan, China and Korea. It seeks to rethink the interaction between the universal' and the local' by overcoming the traditional view of East Asian history L'eterno confine.

Saggio su Max Scheler. In un corso del 25, Heidegger rievoca la definizione di Scheler dell'essenza intenzionale dell'uomo come gesto della trascendenza. Sullo sfondo di tale suggestione, questo saggio ripercorre il tragitto inquieto e multiforme della paradossale metafisica antropologica di Max Scheler, ricostruendone progressivamente il principale An Intermediate English Syntax Workbook. Questo libro progettato per l'uso congiunto con An Intermediate English Syntax : gli esercizi corrispondono a ciascuna sezione.

Il libro intende fornire vari materiali linguistici, correzione e identificazione degli errori, cloze passages , test a risposta multipla e completamento di frasi. Sono stati inclusi Una buona conversazione dialogo con alvaro Siza. Certo, il problema reale inserire ci che ho descritto in un programma architettonico di larga scala, che includa la maggior parte della popolazione, o Economia e politica dell'agricoltura. Integrazione in William Faulkner's Legacy. Corso comunicativo di lingua cinese Volume II. Il ritratto del procuratore e altre storie.

Con incalzanti dialoghi, grande grazia, humour, eleganza di scrittura, e anche suspence, Paolo Galli ci presenta cinque racconti che riguardano opere d'arte, immaginando con fantasia e acutezza l'ambiente e le vicende che stanno dietro al quadro, al disegno, all'affresco. Questi racconti includono il mondo del Settecento veneziano Cicerone De Fato.

Sharples Sed haec hactenus Un altro fontego. Il caso esemplare del Fontego dei Tedeschi: svendita o progetto innovativo? Questo libro vuol uscire dalle secche in cui incagliata la politica veneziana, per Nuovi argomenti.