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When most of the other Titans officers are punching their soldiers left, right and center, it's not hard to see how Scirocco rises in power within the organization. Much like Dozle above, Big Bad Treize Khushrenada of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is a Father to His Men who is all-but-worshipped by his subordinates indeed, a scheme by the Romefeller Foundation to strip him of his power backfires when his supporters launch a civil war in his name.

By the end of the series, it's revealed that he can recall the precise number, to the digit , of the men who have died fighting for him. Also Dino, to the point that he's at his strongest if his subordinates are around and he's also completely useless if they're not around.

Fuuta's rankings also show that he's the 1 boss that cares about the well-being of both his subordinates and civilians. Haruo Niijima Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple who, has shown from time to time to care for his subordinates, even if it meant resigning himself to certain peril. She cares about her trainees. She works hard to make sure they don't overextend themselves while learning everything she can teach them.

She never screams at them. She is, however, capable of blasting you into unconsciousness as a learning experience. Kohta's boss in My Balls takes him out for drinks several times and one time even takes him to a brothel the boss pays for all of it each time. Naruto : Tsunade toward Naruto; among other things, letting him call her "Tsunade-no-baachan" Grandma Tsunade instead of the formal "Hokage-sama" and letting him officially go on missions to find Sasuke who is officially a rogue ninja with a death penalty on his head whenever Naruto asks for it.

All the Hokages seem to have been this, even the one who was a necromancer, since he willingly sacrificed himself to save his subordinates ; this goes hand in hand with their "Will of Fire" ideology. A good portion though not all of the Kages from the other great ninja villages seem to have embodied this trope as well.


One Piece : The most successful crews are the ones with benevolent captains at least to their crews. Monkey D. Luffy is the most obvious example of this, given that his True Companions are his very reason for living at this point, but at least one villain, Arlong , gets into this. The more recent crews exemplify this, and even the series' probable Big Bad Blackbeard likes this one. Surprisingly, Doflamingo is this to members of his inner crew when he had easily dismissed and gotten rid of Disco and Bellamy once they outlived their usefulness to him. But after Vergo and Monet's defeats at the hands of the Straw Hats and Law , he solemnly thanked the former for their work and was seen to be saddened when Monet was about to blow up Punk Hazard.

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And later on, upon finding Baby 5 and Buffalo's heads thanks to Law's ability , he didn't do a You Have Failed Me and even said they did the best they could. However, he only treats his closest crew members like this and as long as they don't betray him. Sailor Moon : Although the show's other bosses are spectacularly Bad , Professor Tomoe stands out as the one decent employer.

True, he may not care about his Dragon or Quirky Miniboss Squad , but the worst any of them get is a scolding. Though what they give each other is another matter entirely. Saint Seiya : Saori Kido does whatever she can to support her saints in both battle and otherwise such as subtly suggesting that Seiya spend some alone time with Miho in the Sanctuary arc. She also considers the loss of any of them to be more painful than an arrow through her heart, and this is Not Hyperbole, because at the time there really was an arrow going through her heart.

Shirobako : Musashino Animation's President Marukawa spends most of his screentime on making food for his employees. The rest he's spending on is encouraging his employees in various ways or to give his former colleagues some food. AC Tsuchinoko's CEO Isokawa founded his studio to give animators a place to work and to help them improve their skills, so they can eventually get the recognition they deserve.

Omega from Tekkaman Blade counts. Sure he might be trying to take over the Earth, but he actually seems to care about his troops to the point of listening to Evil explain the rivalry between him and his brother, as well as imprisoning Evil to keep him from undergoing a Deadly Upgrade.

Benevolent Boss

Note that Darkon, the English Dub version, is the exact opposite. Though he makes it clear that he considers the two idiots, and can be abrasive towards them, he's also shown to have genuine affection for them and a desire to protect them. In turn, the two adore him. Kotori from Tonari no Kashiwagi-san is shown to be very flexible when it comes to giving Yuuto time off for his studies and is supportive of his crush on her little sister. Although he does make a rather worrying decision regarding the main characters' privacy in the omake , the producer of Chou-Hayaoki from The Weatherman Is My Lover comes off as this sort of boss.

Comic Books. Batman : Bruce Wayne as the head of Wayne Enterprises. In keeping with his Rich Idiot with No Day Job persona he's generally considered a bit ditzy and clumsy but generally well-meaning and likable by his employees. He takes good care of the people who work for him, from executives like Lucius Fox all the way down to the mail boy whom he knows by name and offered a scholarship when he couldn't afford college.

Probably has something do with the fact that he was raised by an employee of his family. He's considerably gruffer as Batman, though he still means well. Surprisingly, the Penguin. As long as you do your job and show him respect, he'll treat you pretty well. In Gotham Underground , Penguin thought he was about to be killed, so he gave his mooks a generous severance pacakage, thanked them for their help, and then dismissed them so they wouldn't be slaughtered alongside him before willing the Iceberg Lounge to the Riddler and awaited the killers he ended up being saved.

During Batman: No Man's Land , in which supplies are limited and food and water are at a premium, Penguin isn't shy about taking in employees and making sure they have plenty to live off of while he uses them to stockpile goods that are worthless in Gotham now but will become priceless when Congress reverses its decision to abandon the city goods such as art pieces or jewelry. Depending on the Writer , like always, Doctor Doom.


When written as a Noble Demon , he is very protective of his people, and rewards those who show loyalty. For example, Doom's heir is Kristoff Vernard. Who's that? The son of one of Doom's maids who died protecting him. O'Clock, the owner of the dairy in Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman , seems amazingly willing to overlook the way Reid regularly destroys milktrucks, flakes off, and generally wreaks havoc. Though Reid can be a persuasive bastard when he puts his mind to it. Disney Ducks Comic Universe : Scrooge McDuck ranges from Jerk with a Heart of Gold in comics by Carl Barks and Don Rosa to Jerkass in some of the Italian stories and is subject to countless jokes about how little he pays his employees — Donald Duck and the boys frequently lament how they only get 30 cents an hour when they assist him on his treasure hunts around the globe, and his newly hired secretary says in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck that she spent a week's pay buying a pot of coffee for the office.

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  7. Despite all this, job spots for his business empire always seem to be in pretty high demand, since he's always fully staffed and has no trouble finding employees. The thing about Scrooge is that he doesn't believe in luxuries for himself or anyone else period. So while he won't spend a cent on break rooms or heating for his employees, he presumably will pay them very well to their jobs, with the jokes about him underpaying them mainly treated as throwaway gags.

    One incident that stands out is from his days running the Whitehorse Bank in the Klondike, when Scrooge loaned money to prospectors to use for equipment and land claims in return for half their earnings. One loaner was a smarmy business wannabee who intended to hire workers to do all the prospecting for him, rather than do ANY work himself. Some Italian stories show why his two most trusted employees, his personal secretary ms.

    Quackfaster and his butler Quackmore, tolerate the insane working hours nothing more than Scrooge expects from himself , but still insane and his worst moments with barely a witty remark: Ms. Quackfaster is explicitely well paid ever since she quit over an insane demand and found a job elsewhere , only to discover she was still working for him indirectly and, when they both found out, Scrooge admitted the office was in chaos and got her back to the Money Bin with a raise and toning down his stinginess ; as for Quackmore, one of his duties is to test Scrooge's new luxury goods , and, being allowed to keep them afterwards, once his job is done for the day he lives like a billionaire, complete with his own robotic butler.

    Spider-Man : J. Jonah Jameson, is a downplayed version. He's a great yet gruff boss who protects his employees from various super-villain attacks namely that guy who takes the great photos of Spider-Man , but hates Spidey's guts. Unfortunately, the two people are one and the same.

    The complete job search guide - how to land a job at a great company |

    Depending on the Writer , most continuities make Jameson a Mean Boss , firing Peter Parker and other employees any time he loses his temper and only reinstating him when he must. The fact that he stands up to supervillains only makes him a brave Mean Boss. He also anonymously pays for his employees' defense attorneys if any of them are ever charged with a crime. In some issues, Norman Osborn a. He's less concerned with personal gain than he is with human progress. Deconstructed in that his benevolent exploits keep profits down, and that he intentionally limited his salary to that of a pencil pusher to counteract that in fact, he's referred to In-Universe as a "poor man's Tony Stark " for that reason.

    Pete's big on second chances, as well. And to him, it makes more sense to hire low level offenders like Cole to work for him, rather than putting them back on the streets, jobless, where they may have to relapse to their criminal acts just to make ends meet. Unfortunately, an unintentional look by an Inhuman who Peter was helping the one with precognative abilities ends up causing Cole to regress back into Clash though that's also due to Cole's psychological state as well. Superman : Perry White, the Daily Planet's editor. Despite his tough-mindedness and grouchy personality, he has always been a kind and fair boss.

    Depending on the Writer , sometimes Lex Luthor can be this, though namely to employees who work hard. He has little tolerance toward slackers. In Transformers: More than Meets the Eye , this is revealed to be why Deathsaurus broke off from the Decepticon military; he was A Father to His Men and thus became disgusted with how Decepticon High Command callously threw away the lives of soldiers to get the job done. X-Men : Genocidal maniac though he may be, Apocalypse is surprisingly consistent in his good treatment of those who serve him well.

    Adaptations such as his film version sometimes do away with this, but in the comics it's as close to a constant as character traits in comics get. Arcade is, in his own words, "crazy as a loon," but for the employees who can tolerate working for him, he's apparently quite generous. How generous? His severance packages include private islands.

    Exodus of Magneto's Acolytes is A Father to His Men and has inspired a remarkable degree of loyalty in them considering his occasional tendency to degenerate the other way Depending on the Writer , of course. Being a Superpower Lottery winner, he has even gone so far as to resurrect fallen Acolytes after they died in battle, which might account for some of that Undying Loyalty.

    Sunspot buys out Advanced Idea Mechanics while working with the Avengers , and is shown to be a highly generous boss who pays his employees handsomely, remembers them all by name, and rewards them with extravagant gifts when they have a particularly good idea. His acquisition of A. Comic Strips. In Retail Marla tries to be this, much to the ire of Stuart and the rest of Grumbel's corporate, who'd rather she'd be a Bad Boss like them. Cooper and Lunker's old Gas-We-Got boss was also this to a certain extent, though much of that could be chalked to his lower standards. Along Came a Spider has several of these, particularly Caradoc Trevana who takes over the tough job of managing Kai's insecurities from Dave Jewell.

    Admittedly he does this by teasing him, drinking with him and setting him up with women, but the results are inarguable. Not only does she pay them regularly and apparently quite a lot , she doesn't punish them NEARLY as harshly as she could for their mistakes. Hell, even when she ultimately fires them, she does so with generous severance packages. Ami in Dungeon Keeper Ami , who is kind and gentle to all her minions. Of course being a Dungeon Keeper and basically a designated agent of darkness, she has tremendous trouble getting people to actually believe that.

    The true Big Bad , Bagan gets the loyalty of numerous evil kaiju not only by a show of force, but by offering and giving them exactly what they wanted most. Most pledged their loyalty without hesitation. However, it's all an act. Bagan is an Omnicidal Maniac and the only reason why he recruited the kaiju is because he requires help to replenish his strength enough to leave his realm. As soon as he is strong enough, he plans to wipe out all life in the universe, including them. Captain Blueberry Frost is a heroic example, watching out for the well being of the guards and taking a personal interest in them being stable.

    Her own boss Princess Celestia excels at this, functioning as a well loved diarch who personally gets involved when the safety of her subjects is put into danger. She assists the allied kaiju in settling in and gives Godzilla Junior advise on numerous occasions to help him get used to his role as 'king'. After she's put on probation by the Cloudsdale office and then almost immediately fired — over an accident that was actually Twilight's fault — Post wastes no time in offering her a job, expressing his disgust at her previous boss's actions the aforementioned firing, along with the pleasure he took in filling Post in on her "miserable failings" and makes it clear that he has a considerably greater tolerance for mistakes.

    She in fact overthrew the Naga's previous queen and took over herself because said queen was an abusive tyrant; she treats her minions well and makes sure everyone is paid for their services, and some of the Naga even admit that she's the best queen they've ever had. In the Pokemon fanfic Natural Liberated , Clemont is depicted this way. He treats all members of the Net, no matter how new they are, with equal respect and listens to everyone's ideas. This happens despite the fact that all of the members are older than him.

    In The Rise of Darth Vulcan , while the term "benevolent" is pretty loose in regards to the titular Villain Protagonist , the reason that his Diamond Dog and changeling minions serve him so loyally is because he takes better care of them than any previous master they've had, something that Shining Armor reluctantly admires. Later on, he's also able to start recruiting ponies who have suffered from the flaws in Celestia's government system, by genuinely offering them a chance to improve their lots. In chapter 53, he comes right out and says that he sees them as his equals, not his underlings.

    Despite being one of the surviving two Evil Overlords of the Dark World, and often threatening his minions for incompetence, Demon from Zero 2 A Revision never once considers abusing or executing his Black Generals for failure , just having high expectations from them He is noticeably upset when Skullsatamon is killed in battle. When Umbradevimon is about to use his Doomsday Viper to escape from Gravemon's dome, Demon instinctively orders his minions to protect themselves from the attack.

    And when he finds out that his Bakemon are starting to tire themselves, Demon orders them to rest in his castle until the time has come. Contrast this with Dragomon who calls his Scubamon minions as Deadmon and upon retrieving his intended target, orders them all to die. It's noted that he covered for the other surviving Turks that left after the events of Before Crisis , as well as prepared arrangements for Crimson Cissnei to leave with Cloud after they found Zack's corpse, when the only way out of the Turks is usually in a body bag.

    He's even patient with Elena despite her constant failings. Last Child of Krypton : Misato replaced Gendo after the latter was relieved of duty, and she was a nicer, more caring commanding officer than him. In Evangelion : Misato is a stern commanding officer, but she's also fair and cares about her subordinates greatly.

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    Gendo leads NERV and he actually looks reasonable compared with his canon counterpart. A Crown of Stars : Daniel y Rayana , rulers of Avalon, care for all their subjects and do their utmost to look after them and protect them. She is pretty reasonable and understanding. Giovanni in Common Sense , though both James and Meowth note that his forgiveness and generosity have limits. He won't forgive failed operations due to incompetence but will overlook failures caused by completely unforeseen circumstances such as dozens of trainers fighting them at once.

    Harry Potter in The Havoc Side of the Force is regarded as the best boss ever by several of his employees. When his Hux bodyguard is nearly killed trying to save Shmi and Kalu'minari from slavers, Harry saves his life and gives him new duties: visiting the best brothels on every planet, moon, and space station they land on for the next twenty years before reporting to Harry which is the best one. Though Harry technically pays his crew exactly what he should, because their bonuses are supposed to be a very small percentage of the profits of any job they complete, he pays them millions of credits due to just how large the jobs he pulls off are.

    Combined with the fact Harry will quite literally fight an entire army to save any of them, he's earned the Undying Loyalty of all his crew. He's an insane galactic conqueror like his descendants , but he honors the deaths of his men Lord Chilled : Outrageous! In honor of their deaths, my men shall now and forevermore be given the names of fruits!

    Films — Animation. In Aladdin Golden Films , Aladdin is stated to be "the kindest man any servant would ask for" after he becomes rich and marries the princess. Gru in Despicable Me. He may experiment on his minions occasionally, but he treats them well and cares for them, even kissing all of them goodnight. And he knows all their names! In return, the minions all love and adore him. Buster Moon from Sing. Films — Live-Action. He even treats his birthday celebration like a party for everyone. Of course he also shows no qualms at all when he shoots one of his henchmen during target practice.

    Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man is also a rare villainous example. Joe in Empire Records. He's basically a father figure to all his young employees, and a legal foster father to one of them. In Richie Rich , Richie's dad is a firm believer in not firing employees, claiming that job security makes better and happier workers. The one exception he eventually makes is the Big Bad.

    Ursula from The Little Mermaid is a villainous example. She treats her two eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, like her own children , and goes into a gigantic Roaring Rampage of Revenge when they're killed in the final battle by her own friendly fire, when Ariel threw her aim off of Eric.

    Despite his brief depressed moment when the station seems to be going nowhere, he snaps right back to his cheerful self the moment Stanley Spadowski becomes a hit with his show. His willingness to put anyone on the air doing anything brings a contagious energy that quickly spreads to the entire station and makes them the highest rated channel in town.

    His immediate reaction on hearing of the potential danger of the UFOs is to tell everyone to stop work and get to safety in the basement now. This is a media company that is covering the event: shutting off transmission long before others even guess of any danger would cost them millions. After G. W McLintock, the titular hero, hires Devlin, he recognizes how the young man had to swallow his pride to beg for a job, and assures him, "I don't give jobs, I hire men," and if Devlin will put in a fair day's work, "For that I'll pay you a fair day's wages.

    You don't give me anything, I don't give you anything, we both hold our heads up. MacMillan from Big will listen to honest criticism and complaints about his toys and when a good idea is brought forth, he will go with it. He also does chop sticks for fun. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad : Big Bad Prince Koura never indulges in a Kick the Dog moment with his henchman Achmed, and as the final confrontation with Sinbad approaches, actually sends him away to safety rather than put his life at risk. The Wolf of Wall Street : For all that Jordan Belfort is a corrupt decadent asshole , he genuinely cares for his employees like they're his own family To a point.

    It's subverted at the end of the film where Jordan, in the faced with the possibility of real prison time for his laundry list of white-collar crimes, sells every member of his staff down the river in exchange for a stay at a minimum-security tennis prison. He's still a high class jerkass who believes working class candidates like Eggsy and his father have no place among the Kingsmen, but he cares deeply for those who fit his standards. Even after he is revealed to be in league with Valentine, he's still willing to give Eggsy a second chance to become a Kingsman to replace the deceased Galahad and protect him from Valentine's Hate Plague , despite his distaste for Eggsy's social status.

    Granted, he semi-forced him to agree by trying to poison him, but still, he did give him another chance, something he didn't do with Charlie, the candidate he preferred. Despite fashion being a cutthroat business, Rose encourages Sue Ellen and her talents. Even after discovering that Sue Ellen lied on her resume, she still remains impressed with her hard work, even offering her a permanent position. He's understanding and patient with them all and he even kept them under his employ when they were all run out of legitimate business.

    When the job at the boat goes bad, Toomes makes it a point to come to Schultz's aid when Spider-Man defeats him and even airlifts him out. His benevolence does have its limits though, as he fires Brice after his insubordination and unnecessary risks puts the rest of the team in danger. Toomes does end up killing Brice after the latter makes threats against his family , but even that turns out to be an accident. Franz Sanchez, the ruthless Big Bad of The Cartel in Licence to Kill , starts off this way as long as subordinates are very loyal to him.

    Josh Kovaks, from Tower Heist , truly cares about the workers in Tower. Ultimately it is this level of empathy that drives him to planning the aforementioned heist Princess Leia from Star Wars. Less so in the new movies than the original trilogy but even when Poe deliberately disobeys her all she does is demotes him in the real military this would most likely get you court martialed. In A Brother's Price , the royal family are good employers, who actually heed the advice of Captain Tern who is responsible for their safety , and have absolute trust in the moral integrity of their house servants, implying that they treat everyone so well that they have earned absolute loyalty.

    His image is of an alien genius, strange but far too skilled to be brushed aside. But he isn't unnecessarily cruel to the people on his side, he rewards quick thinking, his Commander Contrarian pretty much adores him, and Thrawn is respected and trusted. Thrawn uses a small measure of fear, certainly: the Grand Admiral realizes that fear of failure is a powerful motivating force in a military the size of the Empire. But Thrawn's ability to invoke a sense of pride in his troops is his most powerful asset.

    Palpatine inspired arrogance and callousness in his officers; Thrawn makes his men proud to be Imperial soldiers. Thrawn's officers would willingly die for the Grand Admiral. Repeatedly, some of his crewers are incapacitated by Joruus C'baoth. Thrawn always has more bridge staff take them to sickbay.

    Sure, it's the pragmatic thing to do; they're not dead, just useless for a while. But you never have Daala or Krennel or any other Imperial who doesn't switch sides saying this.

    Fuck Your Boss, Quit Your Job

    If they give any orders about a fallen crewer, it's "Clean this up". This goes into Moment of Awesome territory when he promotes a subordinate who failed to capture Luke Skywalker, but both admitted his failure and showed innovative thinking. Thrawn's XO Pellaeon notes immediately afterward that the crew of the Chimera had respected Thrawn before, but now they'd die for him. And what's more, come the sequel series Hand of Thrawn , that decision paid off and the subordinate was able to successfully counter the maneuver that had beaten him before.

    Emperor Palpatine is the epitome of a Bad Boss , except where Darth Vader is concerned—inasmuch as he can care about anyone, the Sith Lord cares for his apprentice and the power he represents.

    Understanding Micromanagers and Control Freaks

    Not because he cares about Vader's mental well being as such , but because he finds it counterproductive and annoying. This memory becomes the first step in Scrooge's path to become a better man. He has the power to render us happy or unhappy; to make our service light or burdensome; a pleasure or a toil. Say that his power lies in words and looks; in things so slight and insignificant that it is impossible to add and count 'em up: what then? The happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune. The men of his camps never had known him to be in a hurry or to lose his temper.

    Discipline was inflexible, but the Boss was always kind. Live-Action TV. Even the designated-asshole superior officer turns out to have a heart of gold by the series' end. Conrad Ecklie in CSI grew into the role over time. When he first got promoted to Assistant Director in season 5, he had a very rocky relationship with Grissom and his crew especially Grissom , which eventually led to Ecklie splitting the team up. It begins to change in the season 5 finale, when Nick gets kidnapped and buried underground, as he becomes vital to the investigation and eventual rescue.

    Since then his relationship with the crew has become more cordial and he's given them far more leeway than he used to. It's obvious how close he is to them all. He is no-nonsense on the job but makes up for it. She's not comfortable hiring an intern to work for them for free, nor with firing said intern when she starts taking advantage of Max, despite Caroline's repeated entreaties to do so.

    Only when she finds that Ruth the intern referred to her as "the dumb one" in a text does she finally do it. His secretary Jonathan, on the other hand Agents of S. John Garrett , who is surprisingly friendly towards those who work for him even though he was much less friendly before he was exposed as a member of HYDRA and likes to see them enjoy their work. The time when he defends Herriot's decision to put down an expensive, and mortally ill, horse for his first case bears that out. While Angel was usually a pretty bad boss in the fifth season, openly despising and occasionally executing employees, he does have a moment of this towards his ditzy vampiric assistant Harmony.

    After unexpectedly being a pretty good assistant most of the season, she betrays him to his enemies. When he confronts her about this, reveals he saw it coming, and fires her, she asks him for a recommendation. He not only says yes, but when she brings up that he might well not survive he reveals that it's in her desk. Meaning that at some point he realized that Harmony was going to betray them and leave him to die, and he responded by taking time out of planning his assault against the forces of evil to sit down and write her a letter of recommendation.

    That's class. Arrow 's Ray Palmer, so much. He's generous, friendly, and works as hard as, if not harder than, anyone. He appreciates his employees and goes along with all of Felicity's quirks, such as her taking two different - highly suspicious sounding - calls while she's in a meeting with him. He also lets her take a sick day to spend time with her mom, even though he knows full well that she's fine. Cam Saroyan on Bones , pretty much. She's professional at work, but is still pretty engaged with the lab team at the same time. Join Goodreads. Want to Read saving….

    Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Natasha Blynne 's review Dec 26, Please take my self-declared 5-star rating with a pinch of salt 5 stars for effort, but obviously I'm biased since I did write the book ;- I would really love to hear what readers really think though, and whether the recommendations in the book were valuable for you.

    Look forward to receiving some genuine feedback and reviews. Thanks very much!! Reading Progress. Dec 14, PM. I loved the book.