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Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover. Size: 6x9. So you wanna be a wielder?

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For a handful of special students, things are about to get dangerously weird. The Elementalists Potentially saving the world, or just really good at blowing stuff up Call 1. Without being visible to anybody other than Faith, I felt like I could go anywhere.

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Do anything. Be anyone. I looked over at her, and our wide grins were identical.


Her dark hair blew sideways in the wind, and she had a fiery gleam in her eye. Each time we passed a soldier, I felt more and more confident that we were one hundred percent capable of pulling this off. The part of the building hidden by this alley housed a door, pretty unnoticeable to the naked eye, that I would have to unlock.

The Elementalists, Book 2

It would be the only safe way to get inside. As soon as I saw the door, my adrenaline, excitement and confidence were replaced with nerves.

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But I also felt a strong sense of determination. This was going to work.

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The plan would not fail because of me, and it would not fail because of Faith. We could do this. I believed in Faith. I also had faith in myself. Faith and I were a strong team. I had her back, and for some strange reason, I knew that she would always, always have mine.

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