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This is a very important question because sport performance is largely mental.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Game

Every component of practice, rehab from injury, and competitive performance is strongly impacted by your mental game. Keep in mind, this list is just scratching the surface. Everything you do, from the car ride to practice until you sleep and everything in between is affected by your mental game. With all that going on mentally, you need someone in your corner to help develop your mental game.


Just as a nutritionist advises how to fuel your body, a mental game coach can help you navigate the mental hazards and proactively develop a strong mental game that gives you an advantage over the competition. Butler University football team has brought in a sport psychologist to coach the team in regards to the mental aspects of the game.

Sports are 90 percent mental, the four inches between your ears is the biggest part of your game.

The Mental Game | Gold Medal Mind

I wanted a way to get internally focused with myself so I could become a better athlete. Step 1: Download the one-page mental game test to assess your strengths and weaknesses…. Step 2: Visit Peaksports.

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Step 3: Contact us for the mental coaching programs to explore the options for personal mental coaching. This is an awesome strategy that the book discusses which is simply saying logical statements to yourself to help your mind cope with an undesirable situation. These logic statements are peppered throughout the rest of the book in sections where they can have the biggest effect on different tilt issues.

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  7. Chapter 5 is 80 pages covering 7 different types of tilt and how to recognize and resolve each. Putting a name to my areas of tilt helps me to focus on them.


    The knowledge gained from this chapter has allowed me to breakdown my tilt issues and begin resolving them. Beyond Tilt, this book also covers three very important aspects of the mental game: Fear, Motivation and Confidence.

    The book defines fear within poker as the accumulation of anxiety, and anxiety is an accumulation of doubt or uncertainty. Poker is all about dealing with uncertainty: what card will come next, what does my opponent have, what does he think I think he has, etc.

    The Mental Game Of Tennis – Focusing on the Tennis Mental Game

    Learning to accept this uncertainty is what this chapter really helped me to do. This chapter gets to the bottom of each reason for un-motivation. It gives ways to break these cycles and get our butts back to the tables.

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    6. This chapter was a real game changer for me and now I play more frequently and with longer sessions. Therefore, it is too large to download onto a mobile device and should be downloaded to your computer.

      Engagement. Resilience. Mental Focus.

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