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In addition, this exhibition was unveiled well before the current hiatus began. It does not seem to equate much at all to the manga being "complete". If anyone has any additional queries or pieces of information, just comment here and I can edit the post! The Vizbig is something like volumes of the manga in a single book, as opposed to the usual single volume books you see for most manga and which Vagabond also has. I don't have any physical Vagabond copies sad , so all that I'm going to say next is just what I've seen, not my own personal knowledge.

From what I understand, the Vizbigs are solid quality, with a very cool design on their spines i. They are also excellently priced. On the downside, volumes in a single book is a lot, and it sounds like some people have issue with holding it open and whatnot. Thank you. I have 12 volumes from a differant publisher in my country.

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Sadly the publisher went bankrupt and only managed to publish 12 volumes. Ive read online after that. I will probably buy the Vizbig ed for my own collection. As someone who has the vizbig English editions, there is also 12 out atm.

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They are very nice and hopefully we will get 13 one day soon. I'm not sure if you mentioned it in your list but wasn't there an unofficial ending by inoue that he has drawn at a convention or something like that?

Don't want to spread false info, just curious because I read it somewhere here a while ago. Thanks for the post, it's very informative and we needed it. Hopefully inoue will return to finish the manga :. Mentioned in my final bullet point. That exhibition was in - back when he was not in indefinite hiatus mode and the manga was still definitely being written - and the title of his project is often misinterpreted as "Drawing the Future of the Vagabond Manga" when it was simply "Drawing the Future of Manga" featuring characters from Vagabond.

Great info post! I tend to check this sub once a while in hopes of new updates but the situation is what it is. Vagabond is one of my favorite mangas and in I bought all 34 volumes that had been published by that day hoping that I would have a complete collection at some day. Got three volumes more in the next two years but after that it has been a long wait I myself didn't have all this information prior to posting, I just decided to see if I could get a bead on the manga after seeing all the posts questioning when it'll return.

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All this info is pretty readily available, but thought it'd be handy to have it all in one spot. Vagabond's also one of my top manga. I haven't bought any volumes yet , unfortunately, but there're some quality scans online that I re-read every now and again, and it's good to see people still post fanart and discussions here. Thanks for the post, it's sad that the hiatus is so big, but is better like that. In that way he can give to us a incredible end. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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There had been a dancing bear in London, its teeth nothing but rotted yellow stumps and its brown flanks matted with blood from its owner's goad. The street dogs had snarled at it, slunk about it and shrank back when the bear swung on them. She was pregnant with a child that, God willing, would be born in the springtime. Thomas was not sure how he felt about being a father. It seemed too early for him to become responsible, but Eleanor was happy and he liked to please her and so he told her he was happy as well.

Some of the time, that was even true. Darkness brought a brittle cold. A brief shower passed and after it the wind dropped. Thomas slept closest to the byre door and sometime after the wind died he woke because there was a light in the northern sky. He rolled over, sat up and he forgot that he was cold, forgot his hunger, forgot all the small nagging discomforts of life, for he could see the Grail.

The Holy Grail, the most precious of all Christ's bequests to man, lost these thousand years and more, and he could see it glowing in the sky like shining blood and about it, bright as the glittering crown of a saint, rays of dazzling shimmer filled the heaven. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview From New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell, the sequel to The Archer's Tale —the spellbinding tale of a young man, a fearless archer, who sets out wanting to avenge his family's honor and winds up on a quest for the Holy Grail. About the Author. Read an Excerpt Chapter One It was October, the time of the year's dying when cattle were being slaughtered before winter and when the northern winds brought a promise of ice. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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