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But just because of its nobility and the capacity for fierce devotion that love provokes, love may be terrible if and when it is unchecked by any higher loyalty or devotion. When Harriet Vane tries to detect the perpetrator of some increasingly sinister pranks in Dorothy L. So it is in this story of a mother, daughter and granddaughter, whom we may call Mary, Jennifer and Megan respectively.

She is concerned, as well she might be, about the state of the family in our society, about children who grow up without actually being reared, about the failure of churches to inculcate and transmit a Christian shape for living. She does not condone—and, indeed, can scarcely comprehend—the easy access to abortion in our society. She has taken with full seriousness in her own life the marriage vow with its commitment to lifelong fidelity. But now her daughter Jennifer, after 20 years of marriage, has divorced her husband.

Because she does not love him—and, indeed, says she has not loved him for many years. That her marriage is dead and cannot be revived is a conclusion Jennifer has reached entirely on her own. She sought no counsel or direction from her pastor, nor, when her husband wanted to preserve the marriage, was she willing to go with him to any kind of counselor at all. Clearly, this is a tragedy and a crisis for Mary. Also for her husband, to be sure, but mother-love is enough to worry about for now. At some point, of course, there was little that Mary could do to forestall the inevitable.

Jennifer was set on divorce and could not be dissuaded. How does one love unconditionally and devotedly as a mother is supposed to love? Jennifer knows what kind of support she wants. Her ex-husband is, by her lights, a villain and a jerk.

The Demon Lover

All who love and support her must share that view. He was never really loving. He was mean and hateful. Now, postdivorce, he seeks only to cause trouble. He is unreasonable about money and, though he makes his court-stipulated child-support payments regularly, does not really give Megan the money she needs. Poor Mary. She has come around now.

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They never try to throw ragers on Tuesday nights. As much as I hate to admit it, not every interpersonal problem can be solved by turning a guy into a loaf of bread. Sometimes you need something a little harsher. Sometimes you need Vepar. Like all the demons in the Goetia, Vepar is a dude. He can also kill people with putrefying wounds and sores, or even have worms breed inside of them!

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Speak Your Mind. It would be irresponsible of me not to point out that the elaborate manner of workng described in the Goetia — the Circle, Triangle, the prescribed preparations and conjurations, etc — is a set of safeguards for ensuring that ceremonial magick is conducted safely and responsibly. However, the biggest safeguard is one not mentioned in the grimoire itself, and that is the Intent of the Magician. Goetic spirits are powerful. And dangerous.

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They are dangerous because they are powerful. If a magician went into a ceremony with a Bad Intention — or worse, a Badly-formed Intention — the results could be disastrous, and causing much evil as well. As you read the notes below, you ought to realise that magick is not simply about getting laid. There are four words for Love in Greek — Agape charitable love , Philia love between friends and equals , Storge love between parents and children , and Eros romantic or sexual love : the spirits of the Goetia assist in procuring all four kinds, not just the last one.

According to my own work with these spirits, they do not just indulge the capricious whims of the individual, but also help procuring love between peoples and nations as well. Finally I should point out that I present these notes for information only. I personally have never resorted to any of these spirits for amatory purposes. I personally believe that the Law of Attraction pure and simple is far and away the most effective, especially if you are trying to cosmically order a romantic partner at the same time that the romantic partner is cosmically ordering you.

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I should advise caution when dealing with Beleth in regards to love. However: I also noted that Beleth has a dark side, being responsible for obsessive love , or the kind which is not real but an illusion or glamour. Another post on my website mentioning Zepar seems to get an unhealthy amount of clicks on it, although it is not about Zepar per se but Goetia in general.

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I must assume that there are a goodly amount of perverts visiting this site who want to get laid but do not want the hassle of fathering children. Glasya-Labolas is a formidable demon: I noted that when I evoked him I experienced several spontaneous Out-of-Body-Experiences afterwards. One for the highschool sweethearts out there. Gaap appeared to my mental vision as a mediaeval doctor, which is not dissimilar to the garb that doctors of learning still wear at graduation ceremonies at modern universities. Raum is a powerful spirit.

I noted when evoking him that he is in fact not just some spirit to help people get laid, but has great potential to cause social change — help make the world a better place, and so forth. So powerful in fact that Vual could potentially bring about world peace!