Gina and Mike (The Yearbook Series 1)

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Comments We are on-line! Follow us on Twitter at www. Quick Links. Dave Halford dhalford auburn. Class of !! She feels that Mrs. Najjar has impressed her with her dedication and professionalism. Jennifer says she feels that Mrs. Najjar makes her students work hard to appreciate their grades. Jennifer plans on attending Colorado State University where she would like to major in wildlife management. Jennifer would love to work in a wild animal park such as the one in San Diego, or in a job ph o tographing wild animals.

John plans to major in music or international relations while in college and predicts that his future occupation will be in either of these fields. John feels that his contemporary U. History class with Mrs. Jane Zinn will be helpful to him if he chooses a career in international relations, and he says Mrs. Zinn helps make the subject interesting. At least that's what Amy claims. She is a very outgoing gal, and enjoys swimming and diving because "Swimming keeps me in good shape and diving because it is exciting and dangerous and incredibly scary!

Her future hubby will have to be "a good little cook know how to do laundry, have to do windows, but actually marriage is not in my future plans. She claims she has to see things for herself and make her own judgments, and she doesn't like to believe things blindly. If there were anything she'd change about herself, it would be the fact that she's seen so little and that she knows so little about the world. Instead of remembering a light shining on herself and her achievements she chooses to favore the moment the Demon basketball team beat Hobbs in the Pit.

She claims it was intense. Memorable moments, success, friends and love are what she wants most in life, "along with a beach bouse in California," she adds. Success will no doubt be a little problem to Roberta who plans to major in film studies at a California college.

As for a career, she'd like to be an art director or location manager. Her high school activities included volleyball, basketball, track, Student Council, Honor Society and Junior Class president. She has always been an honor student and credits her nomination to Royal Blues for her "hard work and doing well.

Her most memorable moment in school was taking state in volleyball in She plans to attend St. John's in Annapolis and to work in Berkeley.

She works, as she puts it as a Dazzer in Dai-Land. Michael, who describes his life at SFHS as a mil-time job, says he admires his teachers for their ability to put up with the educational system. He regrets not applying to colleges sooner, but is considering at-. She plans on becoming a psychiatrist because of her fascination with mental illness and its capability of controlling people.

Janelle says her most memorable moment in high school was when she passed Mrs. Najjar's chemistry class without developing ulcers, but thinks her most memorable teacher would have to be Mr. Feldberg subtly showed his smdents be cared," said Janelle. However, major plans in this area are not seen in Joyce's future. Joyce enjoys pop rock. Pop rock music has meaning to me. I also like the "oldies but goodies. Despite a serious illness, she has made great strides in her life. Ronda expresses her feelings through everything she does.

Ronda has helped manage the volleyball team for three years. She recommends not taking things that mean much for granted. WADE MILLER is known by his friends as "the saxapbone wizard, bis sense of humor and funny personality have given him a bead start when it comes to knowing many people. Being an active person, Wade enjoys soccer, skiing, racquetball, and playing the saxaphone. He chooses these hobbies because they are different and expose him to newer things in life.

Wade says he doesn't have any major plans right after high school. He'd tour colleges in northwestern U. Richard Snider made the biggest impact on Wade.

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She plans to go to UNM next year to take most of her basics and then to attend college in California. Whether her career is in advertising or as a detective, she wants to be successful, own a red Porsche and be happy with what she's doing and who she is. Ann admires Mary Lou Retton mostly because she bad a goal and with lots of determination and talent, she achieved it. Ann is also interested in gymnastics, cbeerleading, skiing and dancing.

Germanas has made die biggest impact on Ann. Through their faith in me, I've been able to develop my writing and musical abili" ties more fully. Valerie plans on attending a college on die east coast "to feed her insatiable mind. He has received many football honors and feels this is the reason he was nominated for Royal Blues.

In die future Danny plans on attending SMU and be wants to continue playing football. He would like to major in sports medicine and possibly become a trainer. He says that even if he could, he wouldn't change a thing about himself. It is this pride in himself that other people feel. Joseph feels that it is his reputation for being a hard worker and an honest person that has earned him the honor of being a Royal Blue.

Joseph would like to attend UNM and major in criminology. He hopes to become an FBI agent. Here at SFHS she has been a member of the German Club and the French Club and she says that one of the most enjoyable things she did in high school was to be the skunk for the French Club's Homecoming float. Shelly also likes creative writing, working at La Posada and riding her horse, Juniper.

She plans to take a year off and work before deciding on the rest of her life. She feels her most memorable moment during high school was when she was chosen to play on die varsity baseball team. Clearly, his favorite things in life are very important to him. He loves to be wim loved ones, having fun, and his aim in life is to be happy wim whatever he does.

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Tom would also like to be a rich architect. He plans to attend college in the east and to major in architecture.

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He has been training to go into wis field for three years at Voc-Tech. In fact, his architectural drawing teacher, Mr. Schmelz, has made me biggest impact on him in high school. Tom feels that Mr.

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Schmelz really cares about students. She has had many experiences in her school life. Her most treasured moments are cabling Mike Brennand's car doors together and going to prom her junior year in a Porsche , Janet's plans for the future are to go to DePauw U. Male, kind, a good sense of humor, fun to be with, intelligent, romantic and tolerant are die requirements for Janet's future husband.

He has been a member of German Club for all four of his years at Santa Fe High School and served as its president his junior year and its vice-president during his senior year. John says he likes music that keeps him in touch with reality, jokingly citing circus monkeys playing Chinese church hymns as an example of what be means.

One of John's interesting experiences was a summer at the Grand Teton Science School where he studied biology. When asked what his most memorable moment in high school was he replied, "When my friends and I changed all die school building signs around the night before the first day of school.

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She would men like to go to St. Another person who has made an impact on Amy's life is her grandmother. She is so giving and understanding! She loves everyone and everything! She'll do anything so mat everyone will get along," says Amy. Greg has been active at school as well as on his own. He has participated in basketball, tennis and Honor Society.

Although he seems to be terribly busy, Greg does find time to keep the high grade point average that helped him to attain a spot on the Royal Blue list. Stereotyping himself as ambitious and wellrounded, Greg tells us, "I don't feel I have made one mistake that stands out in my mind, but I do feel one can profit from mistakes. Shannon plans to major in communications in college and would like to be a journalist or work in public relations. She feels that she has necessary qualifications for such a field because of her enjoyment of working with different people.

One of her biggest aspirations is to travel all over the world. Shannon's ultimate goal is success and happiness. I wish to lead a happy life and if it turns out how I plan, I mink I will. Julie is currently the co-editor of the Demon Tatler and plans on attending NMSU and majoring in journalism and mass communications. She hopes to some day go into radio and TV production. Stratton because she has more patience than any one I know. A very active person, Mike has participated in such high school activities as golf, annual photography, journalism.

Tina's favorite, however, is winning first place in the architectural drawing state competition for VICA. Without a doubt, Tina's favorite class was architectural drafting and the teacher, John Schmelz was the person who had the most impact on her during her high school career. She plans to attend the U. Naval Academy and major in aerospace engineering. Michelle would like to become a career officer in the Navy and after retiring as an admiral would like to join NASA and someday help colonize the moon. She hopes to someday be recognized for an outstanding achievement in aerospace design.

Michelle feels that she can't be described as an a verage student because there is no "average" student. They started teaching me before I even set foot in school. After majoring in business at New Mexico State, Todd would like to go to law school. Below left, Milissa Baca and Ms. Stratton go over a layout.

Below right, Mark Urban studies notes. Right center, Mr. Badynski pinpoints the area. This was a completely unwanted surprise from the past when most seniors only had a half day. Many grinned and bore it while others found out real quick what it was to work. The Administration has worked hard in successfully moving the students up the ladder.

Each principal undertook a specific area in which to work with the students and therefore got to know many students on a one-to-one basis. Often students forget this administration is comprised of humans who care and are preparing young adults for futures unknown. While dealing with a large student body, this staff has organized and put to action a system to discipline and encourage students.

Above right, Mr. Ben Esquibel, senior principal, doing what comes naturally. LaVera Leverett, attendance principal caught with a grin. Below, Doa Casados, principal is tbe man ia charge of the whole administration. Right, Mr. John Sena, assistant principal, oversees one of the many activities. Left to right, Edward A. Ortiz, Superiadeat of Schools; Henry L.

Secretary; ArthurJ. Padilla, Member. Don R. Baca, Member. Secretaries keep the ball rolling at SFHS. They are in charge of everything from helping with attendance to helping out the counselors. Secretaries have one of the biggest jobs of the school. Ann Patty said. Right band corner are our fine secretaries. Top row, Cecilia Padillia. Bottom row. Evelyn Pacheco. Center above Evelyn Pacbeco keeps attendance in order. Above Mrs. Stevens listens to another excuse.

Above right Mr. Casados works side by side with bis secretary, Lynette Garcia. Garcia works on transcripts above. Counselors help students handle future. The counselors at S. They are there to help the students as much as possible. Counselors help students with problems ranging from home and academics to social problems and schedule changes. They are not there to give answers but to help the student find his own answer. The counselors stress that the discussion between student and. Left, Mrs. Stasny gives a shy hello to her fans.

Johnson counsels Mr. Jacobson on bis cold. Below, Mrs. Jones takes a break for a smile. Villarreal helps student smile again. Above, Evelyn Valdez studies students transcripts. Jacobson in a joyful date. He went on to say that many of the students are able to obtain scholarships to attend colleges all over the United States. There are several different kinds of art classes offered at the high school, ranging from jewelry to drawing and sculpturing to painting. The art classes have a Christmas show every year to show everyone the work they do. Students also enter in several art shows.

Top right, Greg showing off his prize-winning drawings. Above, A mystery drawing from a mystery artist. Left, Another example of an artist's work. Below Left. Karshis showing James the structure of the face. A creation in the making. Science prepares students for college The Scieace Department has a lot of classes to offer high school kids. Glasses that are available are earth science, physical science, biology, and last, but definitely not least, chemistry.

Taking a science class prepares people to live and work in society. New additions to the science department this year were Mr. Mike Walker who teaches physical science and Ms. Anne Dawnes who teaches biology and math. She suggests biology, physics and chemistry. Ceoter Top, Ms. Dowaes was new ia the scieace department this year Above, Mr.

Mier figures out the formula for a longer life. Najjar knows exactly what's going on in chemistry. Below, Don't laugh I think we blew up some' thing. Center, "Don't bother me. I have papers that need to be graded", says Ms. Left, "It's fun playing doctor. Computer students look toward the future With computers becoming a dominant factor in the business world, many courses have been established teaching basic computer skills.

Megan Kenny, a junior, says, "I have no idea what my career plans are, but computers will probably be involved somehow. Trigonometry, calculus, and geometry are some of the classes popular among the students. Basic math student Denise Catanacb-Romero sums up her opinion of math by saying, "Math keeps your brain from turning to slush. Below, Mr. Tafoya tries to get his point across. Above, Mr. Martinez captivates his students. Top right, Mrs. Houghtoa, Mr. Christensea take a coffee break.

Perfors programs bis class to learn. Top left, Mr. Feldberg studies a student's homework. Top right, future mathematicians deep in thought. Above, a calculator sometimes helps. Christensen drinking on the job. We set our goals and we reach them Left, Mr. Allea eajoys talking to students. Below, It's so frustrating! The social studies department goal is to make students aware of current social conditions as well as past. This is done through discussions, projects, reports, books and through the exchange of ideas.

It offers a well-balanced program of contemporary local, national and international events. The department is also designed to acquaint the students with cultures and life styles of people throughout the area and to help the students to better understand today's world. Students are also introduced to major forms of government found in the world today. How it goes. Randy, is. Carter reading the day's bulletin Center Left.

Come on, Lori. Left, Okay. David, smile. Center, Mrs. Zinn enjoying a day in class. Rachel Garcia enthralled with class. The SFHS business department offers a wide variety of classes to train students for the future. This is because the motivated staff pushes toward careers in business. Suzanne Keever agreed, adding, "Although I don't plan to be an accountant, I'm sure it will be useful in any career I choose. As Leonard Gonzales said "Almost everything revolves around business.

Lett, Accounting classes work hard. Below left. Enjoyment is part of the class. Below right, Busy as a bee! Middle, Friends make it easier. Above, It all adds up! Above middle. Caught in the act. Above, It figures, and adds up. Business Not just books. Many students go there to study and relax.

This year the library is equipped with a GIS computer which gives students information on prospective colleges telling about tuition, financial aid, majors and scholarships. There is a separate file on the GIS computer which deals with listing various occupations, salaries, job opportunities in a particular field and areas where that occupation will be needed in the ten years. Valeria Gregory says "Service to students comes first. We are here to help students with reference questions, research papers, book selection and other questions they may have.

Left, Ya Mensah, One step closer and I'll bite you! Below, Jason Menke leans into the picture. Creative writing, speech and drama provide students with the privilege to be themselves and the chance to get to know themselves better. English provides students with the opportunity to get to know their language better. They learn more about communication in our world. Not only can it be fun and challenging, but it can also be an educational experience. Being a part of the Tatler provides students the opportunity to interview and report.

Just imagine! If our little, private world is fun, exciting and at times frightening, can you even begin to think of what the future journalists of our world have in store for them? Annual classes learn the meaning of cooperation. We all learn to get along and most important, we learn exactly what the term "deadline" means. Seeing our work on display, makes us proud and we can feel that our time-warping duties paid off.

This class provides students the opportunity to learn more about womanhood. Humanities also allows students the challenge to know themselves. That in itself can be exciting and enticing. Someone once wrote, "Free Knowledge, bring your own container. Monday through Friday. And the students that cared got their containers filled to the very rim! It was also these students that made an unforgettable year! Top, Richard Campiglio dreaming in humanities class. Above, Ms. Mc Crary comments on a student speech.

Center, Mr. Parker grades papers. Above, Martin Candelaria gives a speech. Top Left, Chad Holbrooks writing away. Bottom Left, Miss Hancock wishing Calgon would take her away. Above Center. Turner Barbee exhausted after meeting a deadline. Top, Student busy in English. Tenter, Belly Dancer, in English? Above, Larry Toll pretending to work. Department head, Mr.

Alfredo Esquibel, stresses the importance of a second language. Allan Pearson, German teacher, said he likes the school's she. Diane McEvilly explained why French is so popular. Pedro Ribera Ortega talked about basic Latin. It is a structure language. If you take 1 or 2 years of Latin, you won't have any trouble with your English," he believes. Above right, Melissa Cordova: Miss Photogenic ? Ortega is hard at work.

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Left, Duane Kopp and Max Turner hum it up for the camera as the rest of the class studies. Pearson enjoys his job! Far Left. When Mr. Esquibel talks, people listen! Gallegos grading papers. Above, students gather to hassle Mrs, McEvilly. Music to our ears The music department is one of the more popular departments among the students at SFHS.

There is a wide variety of courses offered in band, choir and guitar classes. This year, the marching band went to Germany for spring break. They also participated in several different pageants. Michelle Gallegos summed up her years in band as "a lot of fun, a lot of work, and I'm going to miss it. They put on several different shows, plus the ever-popular Christmas concert. Also, this year AllState was held in Santa Fe. Rodolfo Baca said that his first year in choir was "a lot of fun and very interesting. The guitar classes also put on several concerts.

Left, real 'sax' symbol. Above, Being a drummer can be a lot of fun. Topright,John Herrera posing for the camera. Above, Michelle Gallegos, showing her stuff. Center above, practicing in the parking lot. Left, Pat Martinet and Desta Pool messing around again.

Above, Artie Martinez playing the guitar. Industrial Arts teaches basic skills to prepare someone for a practical career. One could learn bow to make blueprints of bis favorite dreamhouse, or maybe even learn bow to build a model of one in woodworking class. Talcing an industrial class may give a person a better insight on what be wants to do as a career.

The practical experience he receives can often give him a headstart on his chosen career. If no career has been chosen an industrial arts student always has experience in one of these classes to fall back on. Left, tooling around in welding. Top, Hard at work in woodworking. Top Left, Mark Ortiz drafting things into shape. Top Center, Carl Montoya showing bis skill in woodworking. Above, Julie Gallegos planning her dreambouse. Industrial Arts.

Preparing for the future The Home Economics department is a very active one. There is a wide variety of classes offered in this area. One can take bakery, or sewing on different levels. Other courses offered are floral design and tourism and hospitality. This particular class is popular among seniors. In taking this class one is able to work during school hours and receive credits for working. Individuals are elected to represent the school at district and state meetings. Anyone is eligible, and it's a great opportunity to meet new people.

Top left, taking instructions from the teacher. Center left. Reading instructions on how to bake. All students have to take P. When asked what they liked best about P. Some liked the fact that there was no class work and they needed no books. Others liked the variety of sports and the freedom of being able to run around.

Still others were mainly interested in the boy's legs, the girl's lockerooms, and the senior T. One ninth grader was quoted as saying, "We get to do more than JR. High P. admin