Guardian of the Freedom: Merlins Descendants #5

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Number 5 in the series of Merlin's descendants and I believe the last in the series. Set in the mid 18th century, the Kirkwood family is now large and extended, and there is a Pendragon Society with various ranks of magicians. There is still a Pendragon at it's head Drake and Drake's sister Georgiana - a tomboy if ever there was one - is almost as strong magically as him For various reason she finds herself in America in the lead up to the Boston Tea party and American Independence, isolated from her immediate family, but still having to fight a war against chaos and dark magic.

Finally she was to return home, to help her family in one final fight to the death with the forces of dark and evil. This is a much stronger book than the previous book which I found to be the weakest of the series. It brought much of the previous stories together, tied things back to the original stories nicely without seeming to be a "end of series clip show".

It has plenty of action from the start, and showed a good strong development to the end.

Guardian of the Freedom: Merlin's Descendents #5 (Merlin's Descendants – OnlyBookz

Jul 10, Monique rated it it was amazing. I received this novel from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program. Somehow, despite having read the rest of the series in paperback when they were originally published, I missed this one. Yay for being able to correct the oversight with the re-release in ebook format! As with the first three books, the reader does not need to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this one, but it does help. Luckily, Ms. Radford does her usual work of including a few hints as the characters discover I received this novel from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

Radford does her usual work of including a few hints as the characters discover their own magic or discuss and read about their ancestors' lives. This last so far? The Pendragon, long a solitary position, is now the head of a secret society of magicians. While giving aid to the Pendragon is a noble idea and one that was certainly suggested in the previous book , it seems to have led to jealousy among the members. Especially as it seems that many, if not most, members of the Society are unfamiliar with their family history. Georgina Kirkwood, sister to the current Pendragon, is made in the mold of many of her female ancestors.

Unfortunately, this is a time that does not appreciate women who can think and fight for themselves. So, like many other women of her time, she disguises herself as her own half-brother and becomes a mercenary soldier. Radford has done her usual excellent job of weaving the Kirkwood magic and the family demon with the historical events that led up to the revolt of the Colonies in what would become known as the American Revolution.

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King George III and English nobility particularly a few of his Prime Ministers are treated with respect, while giving the reader a good basic understanding of the American Founding Fathers and explaining much of the causes behind the Revolution. May 09, Lexi rated it really liked it. The last published book in this series! I feel like I've been reading it forever, even though it hasn't even been a year since I read the first one. This entry in the series was another Kindle book that I purchased through Amazon.

The book follows another descendent of the Merlin, Georgina Kirkwood. She prefers to dress and act like a man, wearing pants, using men's weapons, even serving in the military. However, wars eventually end, and Georgie, as she is known, has to return to her brother's h The last published book in this series!

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However, wars eventually end, and Georgie, as she is known, has to return to her brother's home to keep him the current Pendragon alive and help the Pendragon line continue. Something dark haunts the castle and threatens the family and it's up to Georgie to figure out what and stop it. Her suspicion falls on her cousin Barclay Marlowe, and his father. They seem to be trying to usurp the power of the Pendragon Society, each for their own end. Georgie is sent to the New World to spy for the King. On the ship across the ocean, she meets Roderick Whythe, a man she knew slightly when in the military.

Can she protect her secret double life? Will Barclay Marlowe succeed in calling up a demon long trapped behind a magic portal? Will he or his father be able to corrupt the Pendragon Society and take power from the true Pendragon? I liked this book very much.

Georgie was probably my favorite protagonist in the series, aside from Arylwren in the first book. I liked her affinity for throwing aside societal conventions and following her own path. Four out of five Whatevers. I would suggest, if you plan on reading anything in this series, to start from the beginning.

Although each book could stand alone, it would help to have the chronological background to the Pendragons. I found each book somewhat jarring at the beginning, because you never knew where in history it was going to start, or who the protagonist would be, but once you get a little way into the story, it all comes together.

May 30, penny shima glanz rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , librarything-earlyreview , scifi-fantasy. I don't often jump into a series in the middle, however Radford has told this story in a way that provides the needed background in a manner that shouldn't bog down those who have read all the books. This book has everything going for it, a strong woman who defies tradition and expected roles, a spin on Arthurian legend, and is set during a fascinating time period brink of American Revolution.

I greatly enjoyed Radford's Guardian of the Freedom and am looking forward to reading the other books in this series. Sep 18, Marnie rated it it was amazing. This is the third novel of this series I have read, having received all three as part of the Library Thing Early reviewers. I really liked the series, but this book I struggled with a bit. I think it was mainly because it was set a long time after the previous book and there were no familiar characters. Still a good read though.

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Sep 27, Sarah Davalt marked it as to-read Shelves: calibre. And thank goodness Radford went back to her same style as her first two in the series. Thank goodness! I sped through the book. This story had a lot more politics than magic, but the story was still enthralling. May 28, Hayley Shaver rated it really liked it. Again, Irene Radford delivers. The battles here are not precisely between good and evil but rather between laws and lawlessness. Hone your context-ignorer on some C.

Lewis and then dive in to wallow in the fabulously lyrical prose and meticulous characterization that earned McKillip her World Fantasy Award.

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He currently lives and writes in Sacramento, California. From the jacket: "The crime is inhumanly cruel with horrific consequences both unthinkable and inevitable. During a service at a cathedral in Cologne, Germany, a band of armed intruders dressed in monks' robes unleash a nightmare of blood and terror, ruthlessly gunning down worshippers and clergy alike. The killers haven't come for the church's gold and valuable artwork, but for a priceless treasure secreted within: the preserved bones of the Three Magi who once came to pay homage to a newborn savior.

Guardian of the Freedom: (Merlins Descendants #5) by DAW Hardcover (5 April 2005)

As they flee the carnage they have wrought, they carry a prize that could reshape the world. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser.

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Guardian Of The Freedom: Merlin's Descendents #5 (Merlin's Descendants)

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