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These are their stories. Starting us off is the clearest example of an NBA doing something to get a rule changed — the rule is even named after him! He even represented the Knicks in the first ever Three-point Shootout. In a Knicks game against those same Bulls taking place on January 15, , with the score tied at and one-tenth of a second remaining on the clock, it was Knicks ball.

How Leading Organisations in Business and Sport Changed the Rules of the Game, 1st Edition

On the inbounds play, Mark Jackson saw Tucker was the only player open, and passed to him. He proceeded to catch the ball, turn around, and hit a three-point shot just before the buzzer, giving the Knicks the win. First-year Bulls coach Phil Jackson complained, loudly, and even though he was turned away, the league still changed the rules.

Today, at least three-tenths of a second need to be on the lock for a shot to count. Inside of three-tenths, only a tip-in or a lob can count as a basket. This rule, funnily enough, was instated long after Miller was retired, but it was named after him all the same because he was perhaps the most egregious and consistent offender. Shaq really was Superman. How can sport build integrity? How do you manage sustainable change? The content and case studies reflect the open minded, ambitious and check and challenge approach of Alistair in his many roles and experiences across organisations in business and sport.

Genesis were instrumental in supporting us to achieve our ambition to secure Test status in Cricket. Their approach is inclusive and uncomplicated and focuses on clear targets and accountability. Their honesty and integrity set them apart and they are a pleasure to work with. Winning in business and sport is a golden thread through his philosophy and his contribution to Scottish Cycling and Scottish sport has definitely been a Game Changer.

This really useful book provides the opportunity to learn from one of the best. This invaluable book is full of pragmatic insights on how to decide and then deliver. Alistair applies his unique skills set to creating such infrastructure by tackling culture shift head on. Putting it another way, he facilitates performance excellence.

Republicans changed the rules. Democrats need to catch up.

A director of a number of companies, he has held a range of board positions in business and sport. Routledge eBooks are available through VitalSource. An eBook version of this title already exists in your shopping cart. Eventually, however, many of the early resistors will come around when they realize that if they want to spend time with their children, they had better get comfortable with ice cream and spoons.

The same is true with the Internet. In many ways, it's the province of the young, with millennials and their younger siblings writing the rules of behavior and parents and grandparents scrambling to catch up so they can communicate with their offspring. In business, it's often the other way around. In most instances, older generations are still in charge in either client or coworker relationships. This means that Internet etiquette -- as with in-person etiquette -- can be very different for personal and business interactions.

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Here are some of the ways standard behaviors have evolved because of the Internet. Thank-you notes: When my sister and I were kids, our mom would sit us down after Christmas or birthdays and oversee the writing of the dreaded thank-you notes. It didn't matter whether the gift was undies or the best doll ever: Thank-you notes went out promptly to everyone who gave us a gift.

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Can e-mail -- or even a text -- take the place of the thank-you note? In many instances, the answer is yes. That said, there are still some considerations. If you're thanking grandparents, a real snail-mailed note may still be the best option.

I Changed The Rules - Peter Cincotti

For other people, an e-mail or text may be appropriate. Think about the recipient -- a good lens to use when considering all behavior. How would that person like to receive a thank-you? Is one even necessary? If the person is a good friend, a text or e-mail is probably fine -- and completely acceptable within the new rules of etiquette. If it's someone who doesn't live in the virtual world, then a "genuine" thank-you note -- handwritten, addressed and stamped -- is the polite way to go. RSVPs: E-vites and other online invitations have made it easier than ever to RSVP, but people often don't do so in a timely manner, which leaves the host at a loss as to how much food to plan for or how large a space is needed.

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Take the easy -- and polite -- way out. As soon as an invitation comes in -- no matter what form it takes even a snail-mailed wedding invitation , for example -- check your online calendar, add the event to it and respond right away and in the manner requested in the invitation text, e-mail, smoke signals or whatever.

Google Just Changed The Rules: Here Are 5 Things You Must Do Now

If your plans change, let the host know immediately. Listen to the voice of the parent or grandparent you may sometimes hear in your ear: A prompt RSVP is still polite, even if the form of invitation has changed. Emerging Internetiquette: While thank-you and RSVP rules have evolved with the Internet, some rules have only emerged since the advent of the virtual world. Here are some things to keep in mind as you maintain your virtual connections. One of the ways the Internet hasn't changed etiquette is though there's dispute about what "polite" looks like, being polite still matters.

In some ways, it matters even more. It's easy when you don't see someone's reaction -- such as facial, tonal or other cues -- to forget that what you text, e-mail or post on Facebook has the power to hurt. It's why the word " cyberbullying " came into being. Be polite in all communications -- face-to-face as well as virtual.