Lami (Casterman Poche) (French Edition)

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Canada Trotte chemin Croque, petit gourmand! Autre 13 Larousse NAF Cartographe 3 Grand atlas historique Imprimeur 3 Oeuvres choisies Les Goncourt [ La Vieille France : la Normandie Textes, dessins et lithographies de A. En vente ici Diffuseur 2 Coloriage Agence photographique pour le document reproduit 2 [Recueil.

Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Gustave Lebon] Adaptateur 1 Harrap's shorter Collaborateur 1 Dictionnaire des grands peintres Commanditaire du contenu 1 [Recueil. Documents sur Larousse 11 Livres 7 Histoire de la librairie Larousse, Agenda du petit Larousse Larousse insolite Larousse et la photographie ou les Archives de l'universel Visages du temps jadis Documents d'information] Images 2 Le Larousse pour tous Livres -- Industrie et commerce.

Albin Michel Firme. Amicale Sapeurs-pompiers de Rodez. Angel publications. Ateliers Loire. Biblioteca comunale malatestiana. Cesena, Italie. Centre des monuments nationaux.

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Cerise bleue. Chambers Harrap. CLE international. Creations for children international. Dessain et Tolra. Disney Hachette Presse Edition. Editions Asuka. Editions Cellard. Editions du Bastberg. Editions du Seuil. Editions du Toucan. Editions Valoire-Estel.

Edy SA. Eesti rahvusraamatukogu. Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain. France loisirs. Gallimard jeunesse. George Philip and Son. Hachette Livre.

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Havas Interactive. Havas Poche. Hugo et cie. Imprimerie Scanner. La Musardine. Langue au chat. Le Courrier du Livre. Le Dauphin blanc. Le Grand livre du mois. Le Livre club. Leone Grigio. Les grandes personnes. Les Livres du Dragon d'Or. L'Heure du sourire. Ligue pour la lecture de la Bible.

Mademoiselle cartonne. Master films France. Monica companys Firme. National parliement library of Georgia. Nov'edit firme. OVP-Editions du Vidal. Oz verlags. Panini France. Phil poste. Play bac. SDP le livre club. Seunja Rhee Foundation. Soleil productions. Sony music France. Studio Taschen France. Terre vivante. The Marketing Store. The Times. Usborne publishing. Vivendi Universal Interactive publishing. Gabriel Argentin. Can you spot the father Christmas? Can you spot the Easter Eggs? Can you spot the Cuddly Toy? Can you spot the Witch?

Can you spot Goldi Locks? Can you spot the king cake? Can you spot the kitten? Where has Little Red Riding Hood got to? The Big Bad Wolf, has anyone seen him? And where has Goldilocks been hiding? Three fairy tales, three stories and three situations where you must search for a character in a succession of illustrations bursting with detail, just like a search and find game.

Each one is illustrated by a different artist and consists of six stunning double page spreads bursting with colour. Search and find boardbooks! Come aboard and spot them all: a forgotten ticket, an aquarium left on the luggage racks, a funny pictogram drawn on a window, a passenger on all fours, or another one with a fishing rod sticking out of the window — what a ride! Each very colourful, highly illustrated spread takes us to a different time of the day morning, lunchtime or the evening ride home! A book in a fun format — travel over pages as if you were on a train!

A businessman runs on the platform, briefcase in hand, while another looks for their carriage. At last the train can pull away! But the journey is eventful! The passengers are annoyed as children run along the corridors, strange animals are found in the carriages etc. The reader, like the passengers, does not know when the surprises will end! And off goes Big Bad Wolf with his big basket to look for the hidden ones. Lift the flap to uncover the small rabbit hiding! And what can you see there, behind the moving curtain? Lift the flap and discover a piglet and a small hen!

But eat what? Or who? Surely, not all of those little ones? No, eat together instead. And quick, so we can play hide-and-seek once more afterwards! Brrr… It has been snowing all day and Big Bear is on his way home. Luckily, Mama Bear was awaiting everyone at home, where she was getting some nice hot chocolate ready for all! One fine morning, a little bird decides to wake up the animals that are still asleep.

A little cuddly toy is looking for a bed to sleep in. Where will it be able to sleep? Books with sound no longer need to rely on pressing on a sound chip: now you can just turn the pages and listen. In each title, familiar sounds are put into context: from cow to cockerel; Fire engines to trains; vacuum cleaner to door bell; Tiger to elephant…!


Father christmas looks in the Mirror and notices that his beard is gone! In this wordless version where the charcters, places and objects are pictograms, the reader can completely reinvent their own verison of this famous tale. The meaning of each pictogram is clearly laid out on the bookmark. You can add noises, descriptions of the surroundings, what the characters look like, what they think, what they do… There is no limit to the imagination and telling this story in your own way, so that The Three Little Pigs is brought to life. Here is an original way to tell it, in images! And you, the reader, are invited to follow and help him in his journey.

Together you must find your way across the forest, through a dark cave, under the water, through an underground labyrinth, or across dangerous quicksand. Each page reveals a new world enhanced with exciting extra features: contained within the busy spreads there are flaps, wheels, glow in the dark ink, glitter and cut-outs, guaranteed to make reading fun and highly interactive, and above all wonderfully magical!

Nils Holgersson is a little boy with a tendency to dislike everyone. One day he is mean to an elf who had been watching over his family, so the elf decides to take revenge and makes Nils very small. Despite being annoyed by his new size, Nils can do nothing but listen to the reproaches of the animals he had previously been mean to. Nils climbs onto the gander and joins the geese. Along with them he passes through Sweden and meets many people who influence him.

When he returned home he had become a good boy. Elle glisse sa lettre. Lola saute de joie : elle adore les chats! Organised like a traditional Encyclopaedia, this original title is the perfect tool for little earthlings who want to know everything there is to know about planet Mars and its inhabitants: Who are the Martians?

How do they live? What do they eat? Do they go to school? How do they get about? How do they communicate? A walk full of surprises, set in the gardens of an old manor house. The little puppies from the first book have now grown up and this time Mr Tomcat is taking them around the garden. Certainly our grumpy Mr Tomcat, is lucky after all to have such great friends! A refreshing walk in the huge garden of a house like no other… A truly magical garden, where all would dream of spending many hours!

Starting with 21 different sentences suggested by Bruno Gibert, you can make up at least , different stories! Nothing could be easier, all you have to do is turn each of the strips one by one, with different phrases written on each of them. And so this sublime book encourages you to play with words and create an infinite strange, funny and poetic universe.

This is a brilliant way to get children to discover for themselves the magic of language and their imagination. You miss a single watermelon and everything seems bare or a little philosophy lesson around a watermelon… One morning — tragedy: Anton discovers that someone has stolen a watermelon from his neatly arranged field. Anton is nearly losing his mind. The resolution comes from his friends, the wild cats.

Returning to his field with vigour and enjoyment, they let him put the watermelon back in its rightful place and help him rediscover his will to live! The funny story of two ogres at the zoo, in search of a lion to eat. But sometimes you bite off more than you can chew… That day, Little Ogre felt a huge hunger pang.

But rather than eat up another little child, like Big Ogre tells him to, he has another idea: Little Ogre wants to eat … a lion! There, Big Ogre and Little Ogre begin their quest for a lion, but how will they recognise it? Is it this animal with wings and a beak? No, definitely not! Or maybe that one with its trunk? No, clearly not!

And so it goes on until they finally come across what they had been looking for: a lion — at last! With big teeth, hook-like claws, and a belly so large and so hungry … they run away with their tails between their legs! Achab, the little rabbit is not alone in his taste for great adventure: his little sister Adelaide is also fearless, but has just disappeared… Alexandre Chardin.

Fear in the burrow! This morning, Mummy Rabbit is very alarmed to find an empty bed: that of Adelaide. A little note left on her pillow indicates clearly that she has gone to punish a bad high wizard. Fortunately Achab is there, reassuringly: without wasting a moment he rushes out to look for his fearless little sister!

Luckily Achab can ask the animals if they saw her during her little adventure: a sulky bird of prey, a worried ferret, a very emotional wolf: all of them complain of having been bullied by the little rabbit! Would Adelaide be so fearless as to terrorise these huge wild beasts? Also available: Alexandre Chardin. Glasses help you to see better. Non, je? Des endiv — Hein? Quoi e. Issunboshi is only 3 centimetres tall and lives with his parents who love him dearly.

The year he turned fifteen however, he decides to leave his village and go to Kyoto to become a Samourai, so that everyone will respect him. Armed with a needle, he sets off. In Kyoto, he offers his services to the daughter of a Lord and the two of them become inseparable.

Le Chemin de Longue Etude Le Livre de Poche French Edition

One day, Issunboshi gets the opportunity to prove his bravery: he protects the princess from the attack of a terrible ogre. The ogre admits defeat and offers Issunboshi his magic hammer in exchange for sparing his life. Issunboshi accepts. The princess picks up the hammer and makes a wish: for Issunboshi to grow enough to become a handsome young man and a samourai.

Plus un rat! In the village of Hamelin, the people are so poor that they even chase away the cats so as not to have to feed them. But the village is soon filled with rats. A stranger then appears and offers the mayor to get rid of the rats in exchange of a thousand gold coins. The man starts playing his pipe and lures all the rats into the river where they drown.

Erckmann Chatrian

But the cupid mayor refuses to pay. The pied piper then takes revenge and bewitches all the children with his music and takes them to a cave from which they will never come out. Ils firent revenir les chats, mais les rats nombreu x les mirent en fuite. Ils avaient envahi la ville! But one day the crocodile asks the Giraffe to help him clear a piece of wood that is stuck in his throat.

The Girafe obliges and wham, the crocodile closes his jaw. Luckily for the giraffe her friends come to her rescue and pull on her leg and tail. When she is finally freed her head is suddenly much higher! But getting dressed when you are a careless wolf can take longer than you thought…. Furious his mother chucks him out but during the night the beans grow all the way to the sky. Jack sets off on the beanstalk in order to save the golden egg goose but will pretty soon meet the giant….

The little time thief never had a great understanding of time. Seconds, minutes, hours, from dawn to twilight, all seem to relentlessly go by, the same way every day. Until he meets a little girl, one day, and all of a sudden —it all starts to make sense! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… how many days until he meets her again? The week, slowly and painfully goes by, never quickly enough. Will he be able to catch those fleeting minutes to be able to be with her again and spend more time by her side? Time has never been so precious: precious because they share it together.

Il disait : arbres qui se balance nuages, et les grands voitures, et les — Regardez! Il dit : ie. Est-ce que je peux passer devant? Leon, Max and Remy are three friends who travel together.

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As the book progress, you realise that they travel the world in a single file : they cross Paris, London, New York and Athens, and travel through the jungle, across grassy plains and the seaside. Eventually, the three of them can finish their journey side by side with confidence to discover the world through their own eyes. Depuis 10 ans, Grand Loup et Petit Loup font le bonheur des petits et des grands.

By the same illustrator : Goldie locks and the three bears The little chrismas tree The twelve labours of Hercules The great travel of Ulysses Gods and goddesses of the greek mythology Already sold in five languages: Italian, German, Brazilian, Swedish and Spanish. A tale about appearances which can sometimes be deceptive and about honesty.

Papageno the bird-catcher has just come across prince Tamino who has been saved from a giant snake by the Queen of the night. In exchange the Queen has asked him to free her daughter, the beautiful Pamina, who has been captured by Sarastro a supposedly evil sorcerer. To help them, she gives a magic flute to Tamino and magic bells to the bird-catcher. Together the two men brave all dangers and as Tamino wins the heart of Pamina, Papageno finds happiness with the pretty Papagena. In the village where this tale takes place, no one trusts Lake Clameur, a mysterious and threatening lake, over which there hangs a lingering fog, even in fair weather.

Lake Clameur. He dares to get closer. He learns from her translucent lips that she is a prisoner of the fog. A legendary captive whose breath would free her from this invisible grasp. But her breath is trapped in a shell in the middle of the lake, concealed in the rocks. Without a doubt, this will involve diving! A fantastic tale with all the hallmarks of a classic, intensified by the illustrations of David Sala. The world is radically different from that recorded in history books. Napoleon V reins over France where, the scholars have mysteriously disappeared, depriving humanity of key inventions, like the rest of the world for the past 70 years.

Unaware of most notably radio, television, electricity, aviation, and the combustion engine, this universe has sunk into a technology coma, as if stuck asleep in the 19th Century, powered by coal and steam. It is in this bizarre world that a young girl, April, begins to search for her parents, missing scientists, together with Darwin, her talking cat and Julius, a young street urchin.

The book is tactile and appeals to both, visually impaired and people who can see. A true work of art!

The small trouble Little meteorologies Albert recycles The empty hour The princess with the pittle… And three crows… The letter The blue house The cake and great bear A day called sparrow. For a long time, there has been magic in the air. Playing with our perceptions in a humorous and poetic way, Anne Herbaut allows words and images to dance masterfully to create delight once again. A mountain, a strange grocery shop, the wisdom of a cat, a winter that lingers: the simple ingredients of a story full of magic as presented by the highly talented Anne Herbauts.

What is happiness? Where can you find it? Sometimes happiness can appear in very small things or moments: by standing in the rain; by tasting a snow flake when it falls; or in the smell of an old book; in the eyes of a loved one Here is a beautiful, sensitive book, of large dimensions, by the brilliant and award winning illustrator Beatrice Alemagna.

The story of a lion who, bored by his rural life in the savannah, seeks excitement and opportunity in the city of light. On arrival in Paris the lion is disappointed to find that despite his size, people barely pay attention to him, not even when he lets out a ferocious roar on the busy underground Metro.

Erckmann Chatrian - AbeBooks

Taking in the sights and sounds of Paris this beautifully illustrated book successfully conveys the experience of being a stranger in a new city and the process of understanding our own identity. Easy to achieve through illustrated step by step. A surprising activity book that teaches geniuses secrets. Do geniuses think in a different way to other men? If so, how can we manage to adopt and develop their ideas? These thinkers, artists or famous scientists have all created in an original and sometimes funny way.

In the series so far : 40 recipes for little chefs do it yourself with granny and grandaddy 60 activites for kindergarten 35 disguises for everybody 40 snacks for foodies. Look at me ROAR! I am a dragon. In , Delisle published S'enfuir. Hostage was longlisted for Brooklyn Public Library's literary prize.

Delisle resides in France.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

It was published in collected form by Top Shelf Productions in ; the story concerns the trials of a group of young people in New York City. The A. Club named it one of the best comics of the decade. Top Graphic Novels named it as the 84th best comic made; the collected Box Office Poison is over pages long. Robinson has stated that serializing such a long story in black-and-white form was inspired by the comic Cerebus by Dave Sim. Box Office Poison features a wide array of major and minor characters from many walks of life. Sherman Davies, a bookstore clerk, his hatred of his job is never quite enough to get him to quit.

Ed Velasquez: Sherman's friend. Ed has aspirations of being a major cartoonist , which are hampered by the various twists and turns of the industry. Beatrice Dorothy Lestrade, who goes by her middle name. Works at a magazine. Sherman's girlfriend throughout the book. Stephen Gaedel, history professor. Sherman rents a room in Stephen's apartment. Jane Pekar and Stephen's longtime girlfriend, her hatred for Dorothy is a recurring characteristic.

Irving Flavor, a cartoonist and creator of the fantastically popular'Nightstalker' character. With some help from Ed, he is coaxed into fighting Zoom Comics, the owner of the Nightstalker , for some payback on the profitable franchise. She calls him into her office multiple times to reprimand him against various mess-ups. Sora Tweed, owner of the apartment building Sherman lives in, she dies of a heart attack.

Emil and Mora Yossarian , residents of the aforementioned apartment building, their last name appears featuring a man named Yossarian. The book Catch is featured in the story, reinforcing this idea. Emil appears to be on probation ; the Yossarians have a baby. Box Office Poison references a large body of media. Author's blog. He is directing on Amphibia , an animated series airing in on the Disney Channel , he was the lead character designer of Adventure Time and a storyboard artist for Green Eggs and Ham.

He is the writer of TUNE and the writer and director of the spin-off webseries , Mythomania , he won all three major comics industry awards, the Eisner, the Harvey, the Ignatz Award for his debut graphic novel Same Difference and Other Stories.. This collection of short stories was first published with the help of a Xeric Award. Kim has worked on numerous animated shows and shorts, including "Sympathy for Slenderman," a Webby Award nominee in He considers himself fortunate to have received formal training in the visual arts and in the craft of writing, he now lives in California.

All of his stories reflect, to his personal experiences, he offers poignant tales with an ever-present dash of humor. His story lines range from the naturalistic to the fantastic. Most of the hostility and criticism of Kim's work seems to be self-directed reflecting the influence of Robert Crumb. Kim had begun serializing Healing Hands , his follow-up to Same Difference, on his website Lowbright, until he decided to abort the project on July 16, Healing Hands was to be published as a print graphic novel by First Second Books.

Same Difference and Other Stories has been translated in French and is published in France and distributed in that country and Belgium and Canada by the publisher 6 pieds sous terre, it has been translated into Korean, Spanish and Italian. He appeared in a documentary on the comics industry. Kim collaborations, he illustrated a story in the original Fables graphic novel Nights of Snowfall , worked for Nickelodeon magazine. He contributed the short story, "Maiden and the River Spirit" to the first volume of the Flight series.

The last update to the site for the comic was made in March In July , he debuted the 1st episode of "Mythomania," which he directed; this comedy webseries about a group of aspiring cartoonists is drawn from Kim's real life experiences early in his career as a fledgling cartoonist. Kim works in animation as a storyboard artist for "Green Eggs and Ham", a Netflix show produced by Warner Brother premiering in Bengal, et alia. Flight: Volume One. Image Comics , Brownstein, Charles. The Comics Journal No. January Butcher, Chris. A little bit about Mainstream Publishing. Accessed Jan.

Garrity, Shaenon. Top Shelf Productions , Lyden, Jacki. National Public Radio. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Revision History. Related Images. YouTube Videos. Skyline of Shenzhen from the Nanshan District. Kishimojin as a demon mistress with infant.