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Whether in relationship or in business, my tendency to play small and dim my light is still showing up, more often than I would like. I'm still surprised when I notice it happening. I'm disappointed and mad at myself when I miss [ As we come to the end of , we can't help but reflect on all the year has brought us. The blessings, the challenges, the hardships and the growth.

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For me, it's been a year of growth and creation, sprinkled with heartbreak and pain. Endings, new beginnings and everything in between. The lessons learned from all I've experienced this year [ There are many forms of resistance. It cannot be seen or touched, but it can be felt.

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It's a force that distracts us and prevents us from doing our work. What causes it? When we are faced with making a decision in favor of long term growth over short term gratification.

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It comes from inside of us. It will come [ The following weeks saw additional concerted attacks across the world on innocent people, with governments apparently lifeless and powerless to act, other than to count the heavy toll on their populations, communicate the results and promise swift retribution. It was China who retaliated first; not known for their restraint, they unleashed the full horror of their biological arsenal upon known and suspected Al-Qaeda strongholds in the Middle East, North and East Africa and South East Asia.

The chosen weapon was an engineered and extremely contagious strain of the bird flu virus. Although it had the desired effect on the terrorist heartlands, it was a huge and costly mistake for greater humanity! All those who came into contact with it succumbed to the infection, which debilitated the strong and killed the weak and the young. Despite the indiscriminate manner in which the virus was deployed, its initial spread was at first localised and appeared to be under control. Then, as with all life throughout evolution, the virus, outside the confines of the laboratory, mutated and proliferated freely beyond the target areas.

This unfortunate turn of events rendered the antiviral protection the Chinese had developed useless, taking China and the rest of the world by surprise. The human race was on the verge of extinction, and by its own hand — how ironic.

Planning - Ascension Day

Third world countries were decimated as the virus spread, simply because they were without the resources to combat the viral pandemics that ensued. Victims who suffered with the infections and survived without the antibiotics were disfigured and considered subhuman by those privileged enough to have access to medical assistance.

Populations polarised in the fallacious safety of cities, leaving the expanses of the countryside to mutants and outcasts, building barriers to keep out the unwanted and any potential contamination — not that physical barriers would stop any pandemic despite the expectations of many unsuspecting individuals. In time, within what remained of the developed nations, scientists managed to overcome the viral threat, but at a heavy price; the world had changed and would never be the same again.

It was, unfortunately, going to be an extremely unpleasant experience for those who survived… Countries fragmented in the resulting power vacuum and anarchy reigned. Food was scarce, conflict became the norm. Al-Qaeda, although no longer, had at the very least triumphed by causing the total disorder of their sworn enemies. The strongest and greediest survived, took control and cared for little else other than power and wealth.

The Wilderness Years, as they became known, were times of real hardships as the human race had to all but start anew. Needless to say, people suffered and there is a tale to be told of how the world evolved between and now, but that must wait. New York, late June, — the key remaining habitable city in what was many years ago the thriving land of the free and home of the brave. That was a long time ago. Now, following the viral wars, the appeal of the place is simply survival; a safe and secure haven with unrivalled medical expertise and security of life second to none.

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  5. That is until the authorities realised their ability to control and subjugate increasing numbers of citizens was on the verge of collapse. They mobilised the State Militia to stop the endless migration of refugees, initially by blocking routes into the city, turning the masses back at check points, then, inevitably, as tempers flared and urge increased with frustration, terminal physical force was used.

    Following increased armed skirmishes with desperate people and trafficking gangs, the State commenced the construction of a massive steel and concrete wall surrounding the city. Within the walls awaited a life of sheer hell, as they would find out if they were lucky enough to avoid death when breaching the defences.

    Allen Chambers' Mindways Chronicles Book 1 Reflection by Allen Chambers at Inkitt

    The scene is set for a future that is totalitarian, extremely challenging and soul-destroying. Yes, human resilience propagates progress and a tiny degree of human normality returns but the masses remain oppressed. The ever-widening divide between the rich and powerful and the ordinary people creates an undertow of resentment and the kindling of opposition.

    The police state cracks down hard; the tale begins…. Roseherder In this book " Their Theif", I enjoyed the plot structure and the multiple points of view as a way of creating tension. The characters all fit the roles perfectly and I love the emotional value in this story as well.


    I rated this story the way I did because I believed it deserved it. The story ma Jaylishaun: I love how it showed the true up and down of love from two different worlds. Gabby Terekia: I love this story, it kept me on my toes for sure. I really enjoyed each character and the part they played in story. Danny Mack: This book is very well writing , probably one of the best were books I've read The plot, the characters the peak and pit of it all.

    The changelings and their queen are defeated when Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's combined magic throws them out of Canterlot at the end of the episode.

    Subjects and Methods

    According to merchandise , Kevin appears within a crowd during at least the beginning of Let the Rainbow Remind You in the season four episode Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2. In the season five episode Slice of Life , Kevin appears in the audience at Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda 's wedding, frightening some foals. The latter episode also depicts how new changelings are born, in that they are hatched from eggs in the form of larvae, similar to insects, and shows that changelings can assume the forms of non-pony creatures, such as Spike, and inanimate objects, such as rocks.

    Through Starlight's guidance and Thorax's example, the changelings learn to share love with one another instead of taking it by force. This results in a drastic metamorphosis in which they become colorful, love-filled creatures with the holes in their bodies healed, resulting in Chrysalis' throne being destroyed, and her hostages freed from their cocoons. With Queen Chrysalis dethroned, Thorax becomes the new leader of the changelings.

    In Celestial Advice , multiple changelings appear in attendance of Starlight, Discord, Trixie, and Thorax's medal-awarding ceremony, and they appear in one of Twilight's magic simulations, with one of them giving his name as Cornicle. In Triple Threat , Thorax tells Spike that there is a renegade group of changelings in the Changeling Kingdom that is still clinging to the hive's previous ways of stealing love. In To Change a Changeling , the Changeling Kingdom has started growing plants again following Chrysalis' dethronement. Thorax has convinced most of the renegade group of changelings to accept the hive's new ways, with the brief exception of Thorax's older brother Pharynx.

    The changelings as a whole have also embraced new kingdom activities such as theatre, dancing, arts and crafts, and therapy meetings called the "feelings forum". In The Hearth's Warming Club , changelings appear celebrating the Hearth's Warming holiday for the first time, but they take Twilight Sparkle's celebration instructions very literally, including "hanging" a tree from a rope, "diving" into a pool of punch, and "building" a fire out of wood and nails. In What Lies Beneath , illusory un-reformed changelings appear when Ocellus is forced to face her fears by the Tree of Harmony. In The Beginning of the End - Part 1 , Chrysalis carves the faces of changelings into logs to speak to them.

    In Uprooted , Ocellus' parents and siblings are briefly seen signing her permission slip. In the story, the changelings invade Ponyville and assimilate into the populace. Their invasion is later revealed to be part of a much larger plan for Queen Chrysalis to consume Twilight's magic. A changeling with a helmet appears briefly in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2; they are featured more prominently in the comic series, where they serve as guards and advisors for Queen Chrysalis.

    Issues 3 and 4 feature changelings with spoken dialogue for the first time while in their true forms. Several changelings appear with Dr.

    Planning - Ascension Day

    It is also revealed that the original changelings were born from a carnivorous plant that grew from a rotten acorn that fell into a magic pond under a cemetery. They were inadvertently released by Star Swirl the Bearded , who nailed a warning sign to the plant to keep others away, only to create a crack from which the changelings emerged. At the end of the issue, the changelings escape from imprisonment together with Chrysalis. They battle against the Mane Six alongside King Sombra due to Chrysalis' alliance with Radiant Hope , but they later abandon the Empire after learning that Sombra intends to release the umbrum.

    In My Little Pony Annual chapter 1, the changelings launch an attack, with two being dispatched to distract Rainbow Dash by disguising themselves as Shadowbolts.