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Opposition schools Enchantment , transmutation. This spends the boon. After this boon has been spent, you take a —4 penalty on Diplomacy and Stealth checks until you prepare spells again. The title of this book is embossed into the scaly cover. Inside, the pages sparkle and gleam in even the faintest light, and the handwriting looks preternaturally clean. Opposition schools Evocation , necromancy. Glittering Eyes Su When casting an illusion spell, you gain expanded sight. This simple book is bound in white leather with a silver clasp.

Careful notes on economic theory in a crisp and precise hand occupy the last few written pages, after which there is a page stained with a dark reddish-brown smear. The rest of the pages are blank. Opposition schools Illusion , necromancy. Defensive Transmutation Su When taking another shape, you can increase your defenses. This medium-sized book has a creased spine and supple gray leather covers. The leather has rubbed away in certain spots, tiny pinhole burns pock the surface, and a brass lock holds the book shut.

Protection Average lock DC 25 , and the 5th-level spells are hidden with secret page. You gain the effects of see invisibility for 1 round. This ragged collection of scorched and stained notes is tied with cheap twine between wooden covers.

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A few formulae appear to have been deliberately obliterated, scratched through so thoroughly that the paper is torn in places. Beastly Concoction Su This journal grants you the ability to make an extremely potent and savage mutagen. Spend this boon when you imbibe your mutagen. Blood, dirt, wine, and more stain this white leather book. Several of the pages contain careful diagrams and illustrations done by a competent but uninspiring artist. Fine vellum sheets fill these two well-worn books.

Beautiful illustrations depict the effects of each spell, many with a distinctly arctic theme. Though the pages and their wintry illustrations are of high quality, the protective leather case that encloses both books smells and feels greasy, as if the hide has been crudely waterproofed with animal fat. Protection Fire trap modified to inflict cold damage Reflex DC Rime Bite Su You infuse your spell with a biting cold that few can withstand.

Spend this boon as a free action when you cast a spell with the cold descriptor. Any damage from that spell ignores all resistance to cold, but does not ignore immunity to cold.

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These two books are part of a set held together with a leather strap. The covers are of a shimmering and unearthly blue leather, and the spines are built of silver and iron. The books are chilly to the touch, and staring at them induces minor vertigo. Protection Sepia snake sigil Reflex DC Opposition schools Divination , necromancy.

Sturdy Summoning Su A creature you summon gains augmented defenses for a short time. Spend this boon effect as a free action when you cast a conjuration summoning wizard spell. Stuffed between the pages of these two well-worn volumes are all manner of riddles, tidbits of lore, and fragments of maps. One of the covers is missing a corner, as if hacked off with a blade, and the text inside is tiny and cramped, as if the author were afraid of running out of room. Opposition schools Conjuration , transmutation. Travel Sage Su There is nothing like a magic book to enhance the memory. Unlike other boons, you do not spend this one.

Until you prepare spells again, you are considered trained in Knowledge geography. This pair of lexicons is covered in excellently preserved human skin, with an intricate lace of fingerbones forming the locks on the cover. A family seal has been embossed on the lower center of the cover, but flecks of gold leaf have begun to peel away, revealing that the embossed pattern in fact follows a faded tattoo on the skin itself. Protection A series of three superior locks each augmented with arcane lock DC 50 and a symbol of weakness Fortitude DC 20 on the second page of each book.

Opposition schools Enchantment , illusion. The pages of this formula book are carefully varnished. Sprinkled among the formulae are details and diagrams of alchemical devices, many of which seem to defy the normal conventions of alchemy and physics. The last page contains incomplete notes on the preparation of experimental mutagens. These three well-made books are covered with runes of warding against outsiders and undead.

The pages inside show water damage along the edges. S missing [UM] , shield S , shocking grasp , touch of gracelessness. Guardian Trick Su With a quick phrase of power, you attempt to foil an attack. The attacking creature must reroll the attack, taking the second roll even if it is lower. Each volume of this three-book set is written in gold ink on jet-black paper. Illusory script hides descriptions of the geography and denizens of the Shadow Plane. Opposition schools Divination , evocation.

Shadow Knowledge Su The knowledge in this book clings to your consciousness like the Shadow Plane itself. Until you prepare spells again, you are considered trained in all Knowledge skills as long as the check pertains to the geography and denizens of the Shadow Plane. This trio of books is bound in leather as black as a starless night, clasped together with gleaming silver. The pages are filled with notes and errata. Protection Each book features a superior lock DC 40 ; secret page hides the 9th- and 7th-level spells, and the first book is warded with explosive runes Reflex DC S missing , tongues S.

The three volumes of this set are bound in black sharkskin, the spells inscribed in purple ink on fine paper.

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Opposition schools Abjuration , enchantment. Revivifying Contingency Su You do not spend this boon with an action. Works in the nether too. Experiments trying various ways to combine this with freeze effects to create a cryogenic preservation spell were never quite satisfying.

Gives you a nice platform in the ocean and lets you turn waterfalls into bizarre ice sculptures. This will produce blue orchids, tamra root, and also desert novas if cast in the desert.

Symphony casts orchestral spell with music of Harry Potter

Lasts a long time. Handy for when you need to make a big field ready. This is basically a wizard's enderpearl. You may want to add range and velocity added modifiers after mark. I am not responsible for cases of motion sickness, suffocation, pizzaification or other unfortunate accidents. It is still very cheap. I find beam spells unreliable though. You teleport through solid blocks and effectively swim through land if you spam it, but you take suffocation damage.

Try making a running jump or using it to get on top of a tree so you can use the grappling hook spell. The gravity component makes you fall slightly faster so you spend less time stuck in midair. In combination with either of the grappling spells above and longfall boots you'll be ready to fight a Titan in no time. By the way, slowfall is bugged and if you've been in the air a while and then touch the ground an instant after the buff runs out it is the same damage as a fall from cloud level with no buffs. Casting it just once does almost nothing but also costs next to nothing.

The faster you spam it, the more efficient it is. You will be launched high up into the air where you can deploy an Extra Utilities hang glider or grapple a cloud. Also gets you unstuck from clouds. This one lets you get around underwater better. Smooth, creative-mode flight at a heftier mana price.

Press space twice to use.

Levitate is similar but slow and not usually worth the trouble. Longfall boots offer higher survival rates and there are better uses for the single contingency you can have active at once. Crescent moon can break any block a stone pick can, and full moon can break any block a diamond pick can. Requires less rapid clicking. This creates a zone that causes you to involuntarily spam projectile dig spells, and the effects of multiple zones are stackable.

Basically, spam this combo until out of mana and then slice a mountain in half with an exploity uncontrollable magical mining gatling gun. The same principle works on damage spells Careful where you cast this as it can easily eat your base. Carves a 3x3x7 hole. Kind of uneven when fired on a diagonal.

This will probably be one of your first spells. The heal component does mild damage to undead. Contingency: Health triggers when you are down to about two hearts. You will then be healed up back to nearly full. The health runes make the healing effect much stronger, and come after the component they're modifying. This is an automated opener. As soon as you are damaged by anything fall, cactus, griefer you will inflict crippling debuffs on everything nearby and summon minions of your choice to help beat them to death.

Don't use minions that carry weapons like skeletons or they get disarmed too. If your health is critically low you heal, teleport to your bed or spawn, start regenerating, and dispel unwanted status effects like poisons. It won't protect you from instant kills and radiation effects cannot be dispelled. Note that Contingency: Death is unreliable except for revenge spells. This causes the targeted player or NPC to drop what they're holding, and also works on skeletons, zombies and zombie pigmen.

Dark mages drop NONE affinity tomes. Disarm is a good early target for self-defense because of its position in the talent tree and overwhelming effectiveness against other players. Mark a spot with one spell, and then send enemies to that spot with recall. Handy for getting things into a dark nexus. Costs tons of mana across dimensions. If it is an NPC they suffocate and their items pop up to the surface and if it is a player they probably escape but take some suffocation damage. The floating ball of light serves as a grave marker so you remember where you buried them.

It passes through seven blocks, trying to dig all of them and ignite their neighbors. It will continue to pass through and try to reach interior blocks even if the outer blocks are indestructible. It makes the target unable to float in water and sinks them about 40 blocks down.

Zombies drown if the water is deep enough, but a player can just barely escape. This is kind of useless on land but could be a hilarious and deadly prank if combined with a recall spell set to the middle of the ocean. Zone spells create a spot where a spell is repeatedly cast. For fun, add Ignition after fire damage. This doesn't really work unless cast on at least half moon and can't be cast directly on a monster.

Oh, and the rune it creates replaces a block if it strikes it from the side.

Any block, even bedrock, can be deleted if it can be attacked from the side. Like many other spells this has griefing potential; I would rather you didn't use my invention to be a dick. If you press "make spell" in creative it summons a skeleton. Summon spells last a long time. It makes an excellent tank, distracting bosses for quite a while even without buffs. Vanilla nether mobs blazes, wither skeletons don't seem to work.

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Also looks cool. Also refunds part of the mana cost from their mana pool. Live test subject commented that he was glad I was on his side. Keeps the target from running off while you inflict armor-piercing damage. This is an inefficient use of mana compared to casting a version without the rune procs three times. Silver-Level Unlocks! Some of the most powerful spell components cannot be purchased with skill points. You discover them by creating a spell with related components and attempting to cast it. You don't actually have to possess enough mana to succeed at casting this combination or meet any prereqs not sure this is intended so you can borrow a set of spell unlocks from somebody else on your server.

I found a few of these combinations by accident, most of them from various sources on the internet, and all the rest of them by looking at SpellUnlockManager. The targeting shape isn't actually important, but don't try to leave a targeting shape out of the recipe. I'm just picking what makes the most sense here. Order of components doesn't actually matter! Firestorm is a very powerful component that bypasses the normal restrictions on how fast damage can be dealt.

Basically, it does a fuckton of damage over a few seconds in a 3x3 area and kills any non-boss mob before they can cross it at the price of also vaporizing most of the drops. Does not light flammable blocks on fire ever. Radius runes to not increase the radius, although duration makes it last much longer. Some variation probably without the rain will be your primary offensive spell once you get it. With no other modifiers and at crescent moon strength it does about 6 damage 3 hearts in a 9x9 square but only if your target has a clear path to the sky.

There is also a bit of a delay between when it hits and when the star falls. Cast this every half second while walking backwards and you will annihilate hordes of zombies that are trying to chase you in a somewhat efficient manner.

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Sometimes destroys drops. This is a spell to discourage harm. Coming soon: Boss strategies and summoning! This is afflicted by the fall damage accumulation bug that I've seen in a couple other mods that try to have this feature. If it runs out while you've been in the air a while and you're a tick away from touching the ground safely, you take damage as if you'd been falling full speed the entire time you were in the air.

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Projectile mark plus light, then self recall. I've had some trouble reproducing it but I've had two testing worlds where teleporting myself inside a ball of light caused a CTD and an unloadable world.

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Random teleport. If cast at full moon it moves you a very short distance for a very high mana cost. Ender Intervention. Works on NPCs, but when attempting to send my little brother to the Nether the server crashed and when it restarted he was on the roof of the nether.

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