The Eton Rifles

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The Making Of "The Eton Rifles" by The Jam - Uncut

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Paul Weller: “Eton Rifles? What Did David Cameron Not Get?”

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The Jam - Eaton Rifles - 1979

More information I don't see why the left should be the only ones allowed to listen to protest songs. This, understandably, drew anger from Paul Weller. It wasn't intended as a fucking jolly drinking song for the cadet corps. It was taking the mick out of people running around the cadet force. And he was poking a stick at us. But it was a great song with brilliant lyrics. I've always thought that if you can only like music if you agree with the political views of the person who wrote it, well, it'd be rather limiting. Sam Fender. Glastonbury Festival. The Killers. Liam Gallagher.

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The Eton Rifles

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