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Readers around the world invest countless hours escaping into new and unique worlds, losing themselves in the words and pages of books from various genres. While all books affect readers in different ways, history has shown that some books have a way of reaching and impacting large groups of people so that they are forever changed. These books can share knowledge, inspiration, and discoveries in various fields. They teach, influence, and alter the way we think.

Sometimes these books are so important and enlightening that they help the world and its people evolve. The following books have done just that. By educating and informing readers in the areas of politics and government, creating new standards in literature, challenging societal norms, and advancing academic thought in the schools of science and religion, these are top 50 books that changed the world. These titles represent some of the most influential books that examine politics, economics, and philosophy.

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A guide to the major ideas that define the Western tradition, the Syntopicon is the product of 10 years of research and unites the works in this library. It includes an extensive introduction to each of the ideas and traces their development in history. The Syntopicon also lists every place these ideas are referenced in the Great Books library. In Logos, the Syntopicon integrates directly into the texts themselves.

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Jump from an idea or sub-idea in the Syntopicon right to the source with a simple click. With Logos your library is connected. Important terms link to dictionaries and encyclopedias. Take the discussion with you with tablet and mobile apps. With Logos, you can join the great conversation like never before. Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Mortimer Jerome Adler December 28, —June 28, was a philosopher, professor, and editor.

He taught the philosophy of law at the University of Chicago, served as director of the Institute for Philosophical Research, and was the chairman and cofounder of the Center for the Study of The Great Ideas. Adler is well-known for his contributions to the Great Books of the Western World series and his advocacy for liberal arts education.

Logos 8. Courses What is Logos Mobile Ed? Shop New Products Browse All. Shop Courses Browse All Topics. Format: Digital. Configure payment plan in cart. Add to Cart. Overview Imagine: the entirety of the Western canon at your fingertips. Resources Included. Key Features Comprises 60 volumes containing works written by authors Includes the Syntopicon, a two-volume index of the major ideas that unite the Great Books Presents works of literature, philosophy, religion, history, science, and more.

Aristophanes Volume 5: Herodotus. Galen Volume Euclid. Nicomachus Volume Lucretius. Marcus Aurelius. Chaucer Volume Calvin Volume Machiavelli. Hobbes Volume Rabelais Volume Erasmus. Harvey Volume Cervantes Volume Bacon. Racine Volume Newton. Huygens Volume Locke. Hume Volume Swift. Diderot Volume Montesquieu.

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Mill Volume Boswell Volume Lavoisier. Faraday Volume Hegel. Nietzsche Volume Tocqueville Volume Goethe. Balzac Volume Austen.

Politics and Government

Twain Volume Darwin Volume Marx. Engels Volume Tolstoy Volume Dostoevsky. Contents: The Iliad and Odyssey. Volume 4: Aeschylus. Volume 5: Herodotus. Adler and R.

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Adler Translators: J. Beare, E.

The Great Ideas Program Series

Edghill, R. Gaye, R. Hardie, A. Jenkinson, H. Joachim, G. Mure, W. Pickard-Cambridge, G. Ross, W. Ross, J. Smith, J. Stocks, and E.

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Contents: Categories, by Aristotle and E. Edghill On Interpretation, by Aristotle and E. Edghill Prior Analytics, by Aristotle and A.

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Jenkinson Posterior Analytics, by Aristotle and G. Mure Topics, by Aristotle and W. Pickard-Cambridge Physics, by Aristotle, R. Hardie, and R. Gaye On the Heavens, by Aristotle and J. Joachim Meteorology, by Aristotle and E. Webster Metaphysics, by Aristotle and W. Ross On the Soul, by Aristotle and J. Beare On Dreams, by Aristotle and J. Adler Translators: A. Farquharson, Benjamin Jowett, Frederic G. Rhys Roberts, W.