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Enjoy getting there as much as being there. Your spiritual strength helps resolve every problem. You become powerful through tenderness and patience.

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There is no need for an instruction booklet with this deck - it comes with four information cards. These useful cards explain how to word questions and three examples of spreads are given. This is a fundamental deck and a very practical way to start learning the tarot.

I would recommend Tell-Me Tarot to beginners, readers looking to improve keyword skills and as a transition deck from reading oracle cards to reading the tarot. This deck can also be included in tarot workshops as a extra learning tool. Review by abatha deborah. Games Systems, Inc. Copyright by U. Further reproduction prohibited. ISBN: If you would like to purchase this deck, click here. This deck by Antonio Lupatelli was published in , and has found favor with many.

I never really understood it until I really studied the deck.

It is not because I am completely without whimsy, but I like whimsicality matched with attractive aesthetics. Lupatelli seems to delight in creating rather loutish fairies, and that's where we used to part company. However, as I studied this deck, I realized what turned me off was the Major Arcana. The individuals on these cards seem, by and large, brutish and coarse, yet the Minors are delicately and cleverly drawn. According to the LWB little white book , it seems that the great gnome wizard, Sichen, created the tarot and you thought it was some guy in Italy Fairies, unlike the industrious gnomes, are lazy but covetous, and wanted their own deck, so denizens of the Enchanted Realm that's where the fairies live--you were expecting Rome?

Oh yes The Elf's nose is long enough to be the traditional precipice above the chasm from which the Fool generally is about to leap. He has the overbite of Paula Jones, and is about as attractive.

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The High Priestess looks like a stand-in for Dorothy Hamilton. The Lovers are supposed to look particularly elfin and cunning, but one look leads me to think they'd be more annoying than anything else. According to the LWB, The Chariot is supposed to represent success attained, showing a rider flying in his victory coach. Unfortunately, the unnamed creatures who are allegedly conducting the chariot look like bugs who were given an overdose of Ecstasy, so the driver appears to be carried along for the ride, and not in control at all.

The Oreade is a tubby woman on a unicycle sans handles--if you ever saw that food show, Two Fat Ladies, you know what she looks like as she blithely rides along.

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She has no majesty to her at all. Since one of the fat ladies on the show has gone to that great creampuff in the sky, we can see both sides of Fortuna's wheel with this card.

Fortuna, however, might be ticked off being compared to the happy cooker. The Hanged One is a freckled elf who looks way too young to portray the complexities of this card. Card XIX shows two elves doing a happy dance underneath the rays of big yellow sun. I could probably enjoy the easy joy of this card if the male elf didn't remind me so much of Alfred E. What, me worry? To be fair, some of the Majors are actually quite attractive. Despite his large proboscis, the Magician elf has a kind of charm.

His star-studded blue magical hat seems like the perfect chimney on a charming house. A fine, fat owl stands sentry behind him, adding to the appeal of this card.

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The Empress is impressively regal especially in this company! The butterfly wings attached to her back and the wise bird resting on her bangled hand imply the possibility of creative flight, which gives an unusually airy quality to the Empress archetype. Still, the goblets, instruments, and baubles gathered at her feet show her Venusian love for beautiful possessions. Must be why the eagle that hovers over him looks somewhat miffed perhaps the eagle wants to EAT the winsome animals.

Still, in the fairy kingdom, it makes sense that she is more of an authority figure precisely because she doesn't want to ride herd on a bunch of unruly elves--she is not constantly struggling, which gives her an air of satisfaction about which the long-suffering Emperor can only dream. The Hierophant seems genial and has a big fluffy cat at his side--this makes him far more approachable than acolytes even of an elfin variety possibly could.

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The blindfolded Dryad Justice sits gracefully atop a mushroom as befits a balanced Dryad. Like the Empress, she, too, has lovely butterfly wings. They don't flutter as she holds a sword in one hand, the scales in her other--this lady's hands are steady. Against a backdrop of brown leaves, she is one of my favorite cards in the deck--the setting is wonderfully earthy for this usually-indoors card, and it evokes a sense of grounded wisdom. Another exquisite card is The Sylph Temperance --her wings are diaphanous and rainbow-colored.

The water from her vessels combine into a chakra rainbow that would be incomplete if either pitcher was missing, which is a great symbol for the divine alchemy of Temperance.

The Sassy Tarot Little White Book

The large mushrooms that the Sylph floats above look like meringues much more airy and divine than even magic mushrooms, in my opinion. The Minors are a bit atypical. The suits are Hearts, which correspond to Cups "This suit represents the emotional and sentimental sphere of the fairy society I never knew fairies had existential difficulties--this sentence had me conjuring visions of No Exit played by fairies.