The Shaman’s Beacon

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Thread: Shaman Vs Paladin. Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page:. Getting a lot of mixed posts, but from what I've played on beta he best healers go from Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Priest.

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Paladins also have really good mana regeneration and are harder to kill but its a little annoying to me and this might sound dumb to keep beacon up on the target especially when the frames are so small in beta, I'm sure there is a mod to make them bigger but, its pretty annoying to see if its dispelled other wise. Also with the vast amount of mages that are going to be playing its a little harder to get out of sheeps as a paladin i have to put sac on my team mate to get out of it while as a shaman i can grounding and shock and have earth shield on 1 of my team mates so they aren't taking full damange.

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Last thing i hate about the paladin is that holy light is almost completely useless while as a shaman you use healing wave all the time. Originally Posted by Lascer. I don't always drink tears, but when i do, i prefer undead's. Stay feared my friends. Reply With Quote.

The Shaman's Beacon

Originally Posted by Creptius. Originally Posted by Ghrog Actually if you look at wowcensus, right now the least played class at level 80 is Rogue IIRC Shaman was like 6 or some such Originally Posted by Lekscene. Beacon is up for 5 minutes now. If you're worried about dispels because of the size of the icon, wouldn't ES be a concern as well?

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Last edited by Creptius; at PM. Andye is also a tender, squishy lil human. She cusses, smokes weed, changes plans, and shows up fully to her own family as Mama Bear.

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There will be tears, there will be laughter, there will be heartache. But with her commitment to loving you and championing your best, this will be the most fun transformation you have yet to experience. Plan about an hour of deciated time to fill this out to share the truth of why you need this now. Set an altar, set some Moon intentions, and commit to the Universe that you are ready to step into your destiny. What have you got to lose?!? Email Address. The calling to be a Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner lives in your soul.

It is not a path of glory nor fame, but a craving so deep in your bones, it acts as a constant beacon home. Are you ready, lover?!? Apply Now. This portal of initiation was profound and each emerged on the other side more confident and empowered in their ability to serve as Shaman.

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