Vin et politique: Bordeaux, la France, la mondialisation (Sciences Po Gouvernances) (French Edition)

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Moved by music: Exploring emotional communication across two centuries of musical history. The ethics and social relations of undesirability: Exploring the experiences of immigration detention and deportation for Canadian immigrants with histories of mental health issues. Enhancing equity and inclusion in teaching and learning through a student-faculty partnership program. The colonial contours of Indigenous women's inclusion in the Americas-the peruvian experience.

Creating a visual language of marks: Approaching African identities through data visualization. The meaning of adversity: Cultural differences in construing and responding to everyday adverse experience. Sister acts: Strategic culture and bounded rationality in security relations between America and France.

Alternative visions: The politics of motherhood and family among Indigenous, immigrant, racialized and low-income activist women's groups in Canada, ss. The geographic flow of bank funding and access to credit: branch networks and local-market competition. How Canada became a suburban nation: The role of the central mortgage and housing corporation in reviving Canadian community planning. Explaining consociational success and failure: A comparative analysis of power-sharing in Bosnia, Cyprus and Northern Ireland.

Communities left behind a timely examination of school closure controversies for justice-informed decision-making on the fate of public schools in Ontario. Maximizing utility of eyewitness testimony by distinguishing story-tellers from stenographers.

Vin et politique

The anxiety of ice: visualizing climate change through moving images and the global Arctic. Economic implications of preferential trade liberalization: The role of uncertainty and scale economies in preferential trade agreements and policy motives behind generalized system of preferences. Sanctuary cities, solidarity practices, and urban citizenship in international perspective.

Interview De Olivier Costa pour son livre "vin et politique"

Empowering young citizens: Children's participation in school garden-based curriculum and research. Electrographic architecture: Colour and the development of the urban surround, The politics of fiscal control: A critical look at crown-first nations funding relations. Does the Dutch disease depend on the distribution of natural resource rents, foreign aid, and remittances. Advertising probity: Boundary work in the creation of the Government Advertising Act, Understanding the psychology of saving-behavior to help citizens reach financial security.

Implications of the current economic environment for central banking: Theory and policy. The development of reading comprehension and strategy use in elementary school native English speakers and English language learners. Small- and medium-sized enterprise growth and information system capability development. Price, profit and market efficiency in laboratory asset markets: Does marking-to-market matter. MI comparative analysis. Mindfulness in the caring professions: Mapping experiences in higher education professional school and novice practitioner contexts.

Major sport events and parasport participation: Investigating post-event opportunities and experiences. An integrated socio-ecological history for residential patterning, agricultural practices, and water management at the medieval Burmese Bama Capital of Bagan, Myanmar 11th to 14th Century CE. Global minerals and local communities: The challenge of corporate social responsibility. We stand strong in our knowledge: Seeking meaningful entry points to Indigenous language revitalization in the academy.

The new sexism: The interactional production and management of sexist talk in contemporary psychotherapy. Levelling the playing field: Examining the effect of language proficiency and interpreter presence on witnesses' testimony. Making the right call: Understanding constraints on the recruitment, retention and development of sport officials. When others become us: The role of citizenship acquisition for immigrant and refugee integration.

Perfectionism, before and after Kant: A history of German political thought, Learning to sound like a native speaker: The acquisition of sociolinguistic competence in English by Canadian Francophones. A tar sands tale: A critical study into the events and mediatized legacy surrounding the banned CBC docudrama 'tar sands' and the holding power of fossil fuels over the social imagination. Fostering land based food initiatives as a local food security strategy in northern Indigenous communities in Canada. Art for war heritage looting, blood antiquities, and the international fight against terrorism financing.

Migration in mathematics classrooms: promoting intercultural dialogue in school mathematics. The dynamics of Indigenous developmental relationships for environmental work: Bridging micro and macro levels of analysis. How can managers support and ensure the positive consequences of employees' disclosure of a mental health challenge.

Developing a public interest-based approach to ownership, users rights and privacy interests in publicly accessible platform data. Pathways into and out of irregularity for temporary foreign workers in Canada: A cross-jurisdictional analysis. Validation of a self-regulated learning survey for assessing quality sport practice in competitive athletes.

Vers une gestion efficace des exigences contradictoires dans les projets de technologies de l'information. Information in capital markets: investor relations and visibility of political connections field of accounting. Can new technologies reduce employment discrimination and increase workplace diversity. A study of the biological affiliations of the prehistoric Sopris and Apishapa phase cultures of the American Southwest.

Pedagogy of literacy teacher education: Meeting the challenges of 21st century literacies. How Mao's last revolution began: Toward a less Mao-centric and more open-ended history. A comprehensive account of price discrimination: New evidence from the airline industry.

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Ecologies of globalisation: China's shadow on the legal professions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The role of information in markets with search frictions: Empirical evidence, theory and policy implications. The development of prosocial behaviours in the early years: How affective experiences and adversity matter. Partners for development or privatizing the public good the role of private higher education in the global knowledge society. Mobilizing youth experience: Scaling up a by-youth-for-youth resource to support pathways out of homelessness.

Inuinnait heritage: A collaborative approach to archaeological research in the Canadian Arctic. The critical role of time on perceived employee and employer obligations: A new direction in the study of psychological contracts. Neighbourhoods, schools, and environmental health hazards: A causal mediation analysis of contextual effects on academic achievement.

Canonization and disciplinary identity in sociology: Evidence from Canada, France, and Germany. Going beyond majority rule: How do children integrate majority and minority opinions that vary in quality. The UN as knowledge producer: world conferences on women, racialized and Indigenous peoples. Promoting attachment and mitigating the risk of infant maltreatment among young expectant mothers involved in the child welfare system. The potential for elders' cultural knowledge to contribute to a new education futurity.

A longitudinal examination of the associations among recent stressful life events, emotional reactivity, and nonsuicidal self-injury among university students. Settlement, integration, and stress: A 5 year longitudinal study of Syrian newcomer mothers and teens in the GTA. International experts and anti-corruption initiatives in a transitional democracy: Ukraine police reform since Co-creating, implementing and evaluating a community-based peer-run physical activity program to enhance exercise and sport participation for adults with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury.

Vin et politique, Bordeaux, la France, la mondialisation (English)

Literacy and self-regulation development in play-based kindergarten classrooms: A comparison of pedagogical approaches. Moving beyond inclusion: Pathways to belonging for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Do mortality reminders influence our water decisions: A new variable for the era of climate change, drought and uncertainty. Remote controlled: Technology in the mining sector and the future of development in peripheral regions.

Unsettling tourism: Settler stories, Indigenous lands, and awakening an ethics of reconciliation. Integrating affect into an evidence-based approach to the design of recorded lectures in postsecondary education. Ideological conflict project: Application and field testing of conflict resolution tools. Shugar, Aaron N. Tracing the long-term footprint of anthropogenic pollution in the landscape: Evaluation of the evidence from a year old industrialized landscape in southern Jordan. Becoming urban citizens: Transformation and adaptation of displaced villagers in China's concentrated resettlement communities.

How non-material aspects of ownership influence children and their social interactions. Mental time travel processes in social anxiety: Toward an understanding of the mechanisms and boundaries of autobiographical memory accessibility and appraisal. The effects of compulsory interest arbitration on disputes, wages and service quality: Evidence from a unique natural experiment in Ontario.

The effect of a psychological skills training program on youth athletes with a disability well-being in sport and life. Indigenous workways: Cultural safety, cultures of trust and psychologically safe workplaces. Multiliteracies for adolescents and adults: Teaching and learning literacy in the 21st century. Gendering Canada's legislatures: A comparative examination of federal, provincial and territorial efforts to combat sexism and sexual harassment in politics.

Self-compassion and social anxiety: Coping with social evaluative stress through kindness. Negotiation in freight transportation markets: impacts on businesses and environmental sustainability. Lashing out or keeping their cool: A self-control perspective on leader mistreatment. Defending companies: Legitimacy and ideas of social responsibility in England's first corporate economy.


Mapping African urban foodscapes: Youth experiences in Malawi's informal settlements. Working for a better match: An experimental investigation of co-op programs' matching mechanism and alternatives. Sex work policy and stigma: An international comparative analysis of sex workers' experiences of regulatory responses to prostitution. Developing and testing a dynamic model of identity and activity adaptation in work-to-retirement transition.

Building a new environmentalism: Changing opportunities, frames and tactics in the Canadian environmental movement. Measuring cognitive sophistication: Towards developing a tool for assessing rational thinking in adolescents. Diversification and classification of Chinese higher education: An exploration of state, market, and institutional forces. Listening to digital culture: Individual sonic extension, collective resonant agency, and nonhuman aural materiality.

From entrepreneurship to rentiership: The changing dynamics of innovation in technoscientific capitalism. International students are ideal immigrants: A critical discourse analysis of study-migration pathways in Canada, Australia and Germany. Skilled immigrant integration: The role of local employers and skilled immigrants in enabling successful integration. Trekking north: conservative American religious and political migrations to Western Canada. System justification and immigration: How motivated defence of the status quo affects stereotypes and attitudes about newcomers.

For the benefit of others: How consumption actvities that benefit others relate to consumer goals.

Citizen science, translation, and social media: Analyzing multilingual participatory constellations on science-related social platforms. Identifying beneficial versus detrimental forms of empathic responding in conflictual intergroup interaction situations. Understanding justice: Jury comprehension of Canadian judicial charges in the criminal law. Implementing community citizen engaged best management practices through adaptive management. Later baby: psycho-social factors underlying the formation of intentions to delay motherhood.

Probing the probabilistic knowledge of prospective mathematics teachers: An investigation into the use of logical fallacies. Systematic parent engagment in teaching and learning: Creating a prototype to enhance academic and social outcomes for children and parents. Parental engagement with school leadership: Preparing principals for work with English as an additional language newcomers. Should central banks issue digital currencies and impose position limits to increase market efficiency.

Internal classification linguistic ecology and typological variation in central Totonac: An endangered Mesoamerican language family. Portfolio-based language assessment in language instruction for newcomers to Canada LINC literacy classes: the need for data to guide policy and practice ractice. Post-secondary as prerequisite: Understanding university access initiatives for adult and non-traditional learners.

A social mentalities framework for understanding person-environment fit and well-being in the workplace. Government agents, literary agents: Inuit books and government intervention, Building social connectivity and cohesion within fractured communities: identity dynamics and the challenge of intergroup leadership. Psychosocial adaptation and integration of Syrian refugee communities using community learning empowerment groups. Institutional investors and firms' corporate social responsibility: A cross-country analysis. That was our sport back then: An exploration of the holistic benefits of participating in Northern games.

Exploring Blackfoot digital literacy through the Piikani cultural and digital literacy camp program. Indigenous knowledge mobilization: A purposeful collaboration between Indigenous communities and higher education. The cultural capital project: Digital stewardship and sustainable monetization for Canadian independent musicians.

Freed-slave workers in the Mountain of Iron: a history of Haratine labour in Mauritanian mining Examining changes to self-regulated learning during competency-based professional training. Outdoor education in Canada: Guiding philosophies, distinguishing characteristics, and central goals.


Good food is just the beginning: Scaling up and scaling out urban community food initiatives in Calgary, Alberta. Popular culture as a resource for critical curiosity in the professional studies classroom. Capitalists in revolution: Capital control, labor repression, and the nature of right wing governments.

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