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This reduces opening time considerably and improves opening safety. It differs from the double canopy in closing the vent flaps after inflation which, combined with optimised design, leads to greater efficiency. A further advantage of the vent flaps is that they allow compensating airstreams into the canopy, which can counter possible pendulum motion. Use of a special zero-porosity material further assists opening behaviour and efficiency, meaning that the same sink rates can be achieved while the amount of materials used is reduced.

This in turn has a positive effect on pack size and weight. The best example of this is the Escape M which, with a maximum load of kg, weighs just 1. Use of rubber tabs in the internal container is a further safety measure. The suspension lines are attached to these, so on opening the reserve the lines tighten in a controlled manner. This makes it practically impossible for the lines to get crossed. The colour scheme for the reserve chute and the internal container in signal colours complete the well thought-out design.

A woman is sexually assaulted, stabbed repeatedly and left for dead. She survives and gives police a detailed description of her attacker. When someone who fits that description practically turns himself in, police are sure they have their man, until the DNA evidence proves them wrong. When two women from the same town were murdered in the same way, police feared a serial killer was on the loose.

At first they think the victims had nothing in common, but they soon find tiny clues linking them to the same man. A woman's husband is gunned down in his own garage by intruders, and investigators work tirelessly to find the assassins. But when they discover that a wound that the wife sustained during the attack may have been self-inflicted, they turn to science to help them unravel a twisted tale of lust, greed and deception. Armed with little more than a footprint, police hope the shoe impressions found at a Lansing, Michigan crime scene will put their investigation back on track.

The day begins with a class field trip and ends with a parent's worst nightmare. An eleven-year-old girl is missing. A wealthy Jackson, Mississippi woman disappears from her home in broad daylight. Left behind is a mysterious ransom note listing twelve names with no specific instructions.

President Mellie Grant hosts a state dinner for President Rashad of Bashran in a first step toward peace in the Middle East, and in case Mellie's charm alone doesn't work, Olivia secretly puts Jake to work so that they are armed with a back-up plan. An ultimate fighter vanishes after winning a match, and the team learns that the man had many enemies, including a childhood foe who recently got out of prison. Samantha tracks down her baby's father. When an ex-con who has recently been released from prison goes missing, the team questions whether her past mistakes, including embezzling money from former clients, may have come back to haunt her.

Agent Johnson gets a possible break in her case involving the kidnapping of a young woman. Alan defends a mother fighting for custody of her daughters, who are white supremacist singers. Denny attempts to save a waitress' daughter from anorexia. Brad, Jeffrey and Denise help a widow sue God for her husband's lightning death. Claire sues an all-female gym that banned Clarence for not dressing as a woman.

Denise becomes friends with benefits with both Brad and Jeffrey. Denny sues Homeland Security when he discovers he is on the "no-fly" list. Shirley and Vanessa defend a teacher charged with negligence when a student dies of a peanut allergy. A Korean-American woman vanishes while working at her parents' deli. The team learns that the young woman was trying to break free from her domineering traditional family, and that she kept secrets from them, including her ventures into Internet dating with dangerous men.

The team soon becomes suspicious of James's wife, convinced she knows more about her husband's disappearance than she is saying. Jack and the team search for a man who reportedly let his marriage and career slip away after his teenage daughter succumbed to leukemia. The investigation leads them to look for a mystery girl featured in an abundance of child pornography found in the missing man's home. Two men, who in a twist of fate, end up working at Fine Arts Express, together hatch a plan to steal museum quality pieces by Picasso, Matisse, and Rothko.

Case 2: It sounds like a nightmare, long needles repeatedly jabbed to a patient's back. But for Dr. Jorge Martinez, it's routine business. Expensive, painful and unnecessary shots are all part of a multi-million-dollar billing scheme. Case 1: It's a new crime wave rippling across the west. Thieves are committing identity theft to fund their meth drug addictions. Victims are robbed. But the thief takes more than money, the victim's identity is stolen, too.

Case 2: Wheaton, Illinois is a nice place to raise a family. But a shadow hangs over this affluent Chicago suburb. A serial bank robber is armed and ready for a fight. Texas Crime Spree- Who's Tyler? A serial arsonist is on the loose in Washington, D. Each of the fires was started with the same type of incendiary device. A family vacation turns into a nightmare when the wife is found face-down in the lake. There are no witnesses and little conclusive evidence to help police determine if they're dealing with a suicide, an accident or something more sinister.

A forensic pathologist applies a ground-breaking technique to discover the truth. The woman in the back of the truck was flailing her arms, screaming. They thought she was doing something dangerous for the fun of it. But when they find a jacket near a pool of blood, they realize what they'd seen wasn't a joy ride.

It was an abduction. After he got into the home, an assailant used an axe to kill the husband and critically injure his wife. Nothing was taken, so this wasn't a robbery.

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A DNA profile from skin cells collected hundreds of miles away will reveal the killer's identity and his motive for murder. Investigators hope the manufacturing code stamped on six beer bottles is distinctive enough to prove who is telling the truth and who is a cold-blooded killer. A woman's SUV leaves the icy road and plunges down an embankment into a shallow creek. There are footprints in the snow leading away from the vehicle and bloodstains on both the inside and the outside of the car.

Investigators are convinced this is the scene of a crime, not an accident. When a successful stockbroker doesn't return home from the office, his wife reports him missing. Investigators find his car a few blocks from his office and two days later discover proof that he has been murdered. The prime suspect in a double homicide has a criminal record, and his driver's license is found at the crime scene. However, DNA extracted from a discarded spoon will point investigators in a different direction.

In Arizona, a shipment of money vanishes into the high desert, along with the two men hired to guard it. In Alabama, a pair of convicted felons escape the custody of a local deputy and flee across the country. During the first days of Mellie's presidency, Fitz stays out of the limelight in Vermont where he takes up life as an ordinary citizen for the first time in years.

A young mother is gunned down in front of her children. Police search for answers, but none are found. In Memphis, Tennessee, local residents are horrified when a wealthy young mother is abducted in front of her in-laws' home. The police have no shortage of suspects. Florida's cocaine imports are among the highest in the nation, and regional territories are enforced with intimidation and murder. Profiling the cases of 24 missing children. Profiling the cases of 21 missing children and three adults. Huey Long Pts.

Suicide Homicide- Ogo Pogo- Dr. Case 1: The Baptist Foundation of Arizona is a non-profit fundraiser dedicated to the church.

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Investors believe their money will be secure but millions are lost. The elaborate Ponzi scheme which left a religious community betrayed and baffled is unraveled. Case 2: The story of a murderous Chicago doctor who bilked Medicare. He's a caring doctor with a sterling bedside manner. But beneath the charm lies a con artist- a doctor playing the system and making off with more than a million. Greater Ministries International founder Gerald Payne has a plan for the faithful to gift the church and double their money. American Greed profiles one of the most lucrative pyramid schemes in history.

Case 2: A thief leads a double life. By day, he's a property manager- by night, a cat burglar who executed some of the most daring jewel heists in American history. A string of bank robberies in Winnipeg confound local police. Most bank-robbers are strung out addicts, usually quite thin. This new man doesn't fit that profile, this bandit is fat. When next he strikes, he confuses police further by changing locales and hitting up a bank in Vancouver. One can only fool detectives for so long however. Sooner or later a thief's pattern will give him up.

After setting up a dragnet and nabbing their man, police are shocked to discover who they've caught. The real mystery, it seems, is just beginning. It's every woman's worst nightmare when a sexual predator attacks women in the safety of their own apartments while they are sleeping. A troubled mother is found raped and murdered in Toronto. All possible suspects are eliminated and the case goes cold for three years, until a nine-year old girl is brutally raped and the DNA data bank offers a match.

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A wealthy Asian girl is kidnapped in Vancouver. When the kidnappers make a fateful error by using the young girl's cell phone, police are able to track their movements and capture the assailants. A grandson kills his grandma because he doesn't want to fix her roof. Stars: Chris Hanson Release Year: An investigation into an Ivy League student who may have gotten away with the murder of his father.

A story of deception, theft and "American Greed. Case 1: A dark night. A clever plan. Paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Manet disappear into the night. Case 2: Abraham Kennard says he is a man of faith. But this pastor preys on his flock.


Trusting Christians from small, struggling churches who are hoping to better their communities hand over their savings to this pastor. After accidentally exposing her whereabouts, a Los Angeles District Attorney must protect a key witness from the mob. An investigation of a senior college student's missing boyfriend becomes quite strange when she begins to see him periodically. A woman accused of murdering her husband is found innocent, only to be terrorized by the real killer once she is set free.

Five married men's fantasies become a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in their exclusive loft used to indulge in hidden affairs. One morning, a troubled Royal Canadian Mountie Officer hits the tipping point and snaps killing one of his own. Plus, the son of a Las Vegas judge robs 1.

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A missing department store Santa Claus turns out to be a brilliant mathematician who dropped out of college after having a crisis of conscience. The team tries to determine whether the student had been using his genius for criminal endeavors. The team attempts to locate a private investigator who had gone missing while doing undercover surveillance.

Due to his line of work and reputation for getting the job done, including exposing people's secrets, the list of suspects is long. Denny and Shirley help Bella get a restraining order against an animal-rights group.

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Brad and Jeffrey continue their feud at Paul's mandatory costume party. Alan, Denny and Bethany sue a company that failed to cure a judge's "same sex attraction disorder. A pregnant Denise asks Brad and Jeffrey for paternity tests. Alan must defend Denny against charges of smuggling human waste. Clarence is overwhelmed by his first case involving a Haitian slave accused of murdering her owner. A case unfolds from the point of view of parents whose son disappears one night after leaving the arcade.

Details are revealed as the mom and dad hear them from the team, doing their best to find him. Jack's friend Max vanishes after leaving a message on his wife Anne's voice-mail about the murder of his partner, Jimmy. While investigating, Jack realizes that Max was having an affair, and that he has got in much deeper into an espionage case than he should have. While Jack tries to determine what to do about his increasingly frail and delusional father, Sam investigates an unidentified amnesiac woman in the mental ward of a hospital who may not only be a missing person but also a murderer.

An elaborate sting operation exposes Dr. Vilas Likhite, a doctor stripped of his medical license, who begins a new career as a con man selling forged art treasures. Patients are at risk. A respected pharmacist is on the take. Robert Courtney mixes a prescription of greed, diluting life-saving drugs and the hopes of cancer patients. Slain Sammy Pts. A woman known to have suffered from depression apparently takes her own life.

But a year before her death, she told her sister that if anything were to happen to her, there is a note in the china cabinet containing key information about the crime. An aspiring model turns up dead, and the prime suspect is her boyfriend. When he is eventually cleared, investigators have to dig deeper to find the perpetrator. With the help of a forensic geologist, they identify the most unlikely suspects. When an off-duty policeman is shot dead, his fellow officers are determined to solve the crime. They need clues to find the killer, and they discover them in tiny fibers and an asthma inhaler.

To solve the mystery of a triple homicide, investigators have to delve into the world of high rollers and offshore betting. With the help of forensics they are able to bring down a killer who gambled and lost. The body of a young girl is discovered on isolated farm land in California. She has no identification, but police find mailbox and house keys in the pocket of her jeans.

With no other clues, they check the mailboxes of every apartment building in the area, and their persistence pays off. The driver says he couldn't have hit and killed a pedestrian. He had leased the vehicle involved, but it was sold months prior to the incident to a buyer in another state. A medical examiner rules a death an accident, but the detectives investigating the case think the evidence at the scene indicates otherwise.

It would take three years, an exhumation and a second autopsy to determine who is right. A hit-and-run boating accident causes the death of a popular young man and investigators face the daunting task of searching for one boat among 1, others. A man responding to their inquiries did much more than witness the crash. He was a passenger in that other boat. A man is killed in a mysterious car crash, and the evidence at the scene leads investigators to believe it was not an accident.

When a woman goes missing, her friends and family are determined to find her. Their worst fears are confirmed weeks later when her body is discovered. Blood evidence and computer forensics help investigators to catch the killer and convince the jury of his guilt.

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In Kokomo, Indiana an unthinkable crime terrifies residents when a young woman is snatched from her home on a bright spring morning. A triple murder terrifies residents in the nation's capital where, in a Georgetown coffee shop, three employees are shot to death.

Interstate Death- Where's The Witness? While Liv is busy running the free world, the team at QPA works with an unexpected client to solve an important case. A young Michigan wife and mom believes murder is easier than divorce in a chilling murder-for-hire. And US investigators accuse a suspected terrorist of plotting to detonate a 'dirty bomb.

A vicious killer is on the loose in Yorkshire, England. He preys on the most vulnerable people using household tools to commit murder.