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As with the guitar, the four strings of the uku-lele or the five strings of the taro-patch fiddle are plucked with the finger or thumb. Na pua o ka laina. The intent of this expression, which seems to have an erotic meaning, may perhaps be inferred from its literal rendering in the translation.

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It requires a tropical imagination to follow a Hawaiian poem. The name of a wind felt at Nawiliwili, Kauai.

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Unwritten literature of Hawaii: the sacred songs of the hula. They composed and maintained an extensive oral tradition, a body of literature covering every facet of Hawaiian life. Chants, called mele , recorded thousands of years of ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian history. Chants also recorded the daily life of the Hawaiian people, their love of the land, humor or tragedy, and the heroic character of their leaders.

Hawaiian Steel Guitar " A SONG OF OLD HAWAII "

A mele chant is a poetic form of song that tells a story. They can be classified into two general categories, mele oli and mele hula. Mele oli also recounts historical events and tells stories and legends.

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Mele hula , as heard in "Anoai Hula Uliuli " and "Hole Waimea" is accompanied by dance movements alone, or by dance movements with musical instruments such as the drum, pahu , and gourd rattle, 'uli'uli. Western string instruments and Christian hymns, or himeni , introduced to Hawaii in the nineteenth century, transformed earlier forms of Hawaiian music and provided ingredients for new musical forms.

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In , Congregationalist missionary Hiram Bingham introduced "singing schools" at the site of Kawaiaha'o Church on O'ahu island. He taught native Hawaiians Western music and hymnody.

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These "singing schools" emphasized congregational singing with everyone actively participating, not just passively listening to a designated choir. The Reverend Bingham and others composed Hawaiian hymns from previous melodies, sometimes borrowing an entire tune, using Protestant hymn styles. Himeni still preserve the beauty of the Hawaiian language. Spanish and Mexican cowboys who worked on the numerous cattle ranches throughout Hawaii introduced the guitar to the islands. They say that the art of the slack-key guitar is to Hawai'i as the flamenco guitar is to Spain and the Delta blues guitar is to Mississippi.

Slack-key guitar music is a uniquely Hawaiian synthesis of traditional Hawaiian vocal styles with elements of Western music. In slack-key guitar, the six strings are loosened or "slackened" to produce an open chord when strummed. This remarkable and creative style is traditionally learned by imitation, without tablature or scores.

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Hawaiian music emphasizes the voice. Many Hawaiian songs feature falsetto, called leo ki'eki'e , a term coined in Hawaiian in Falsetto singing, most often used by men, extends the singer's range to notes above their ordinary vocal range. The voice makes a characteristic break during the transition from the ordinary vocal register to the falsetto range.

In Western falsetto singing, the singer tries to make the transition between registers as smooth as possible. If you want to hear more samples or buy the CD, click on the picture of the cover. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation.

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  8. Join the email list! We added Hawaiian Steel Guitar and a little Calypso beat to the mix. You've never before heard it like this. Prez Prado, king of Latin music in the 50's, gave us this and a dozen others.

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    He was my first Latin influence. A tango comissioned as a wedding "first dance" song and gift to the bride. It is a beautiful Latin classic.

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