The Psychology of Selling - Successful Selling Tips For a New Economy

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If you get a highly favorable answer to your trial close you can ask a formal closing question. If you receive a cold or mildly warm response you still need to do some desire development.

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Six yeses get the person into an agreeable state of mind. They become comfortable saying yes to you. The prospect's yes responses breakthrough negative defenses.

Social Media and Psychology: 8 Lessons for Marketers

Most importantly the prospect is now psychologically in the right mind set to allow themselves to say yes to a purchase decision. How many simple questions that can elicit a yes response can you structure into your presentation? If you are enthusiastic about your product, you will be more successful. This is crucial in telemarketing. Your voice is your greatest asset in conveying the attributes of your product or service. If you are excited, your prospect will sense that there is something good here. It is your enthusiasm that brings a script to life. Smiling is one of the most natural ways to bring your enthusiasm to the surface.

When we simile, we are friendlier, more energetic and enthusiastic. Even when you don't feel like smiling, do it. Your mind will automatically be triggered into a happier state of being. A script allows you to select the most appropriate wording to move your prospect through the sales process and to use that wording on each and every call. Even more important, having a script in front of you allows you to put your energy into listening to the prospect rather than thinking about what to say next. When you uncover an important need, problem or interest of the prospect's, jot it down. Writing it down assures that you will remember the point, work it into your presentation and leaves your mind clear to listen for more vital information.

People like and trust those folks that are similar to themselves. By carefully monitoring your words, speech patterns and voice tones you can create an environment that quickly establishes positive rapport. People have different definitions for the same words. For instance, one prospect may say they want to buy a mutual fund with a great track record and the representative says they have a fund with an excellent track record.

The psychology of tech acceptance

Unfortunately by the prospect's definition great may be better than excellent, therefore resulting in some uneasiness. The prospect may feel that there are different connotations to the word 'excellent' compared to 'great' which results in the two parties being on slightly different wave lengths. The simplest solution is to carefully listen to the words your prospect uses and adopt them into your conversation on a case by case basis.

You will be viewed as someone who understands the prospect's viewpoints and that 'speaks their language. Speech patterns are equally important.

5 Killer Sales Techniques Backed By Science

Are you a fast talking Yankee or a slow talking robot? The only right answer is to be in synch with your prospects. If they speak slowly and you speak rapidly you may be viewed as a smooth talking hustler. On the other hand the slow talking telemarketer may make the fast talking prospect very uncomfortable. The prospect may become impatient and feel the telemarketer is not being responsive. As you verbally dance with your prospect you must gracefully follow their pace.

Tone of voice often communicates more than the words selected. Do you convey excitement with words such as terrific, fantastic and great?

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Does concern come through in your message as you ask about goals, objectives and challenges facing your prospect? Does your voice resonate with confidence as you make recommendations, state facts and benefits and ask for the order? In telemarketing your voice becomes your body language. Similar to the way we select our words and pace of speech is the use of voice tone. We must speak in a manner that our customer can relate to. Does your voice tone over power or comfort the soft-spoken prospect? Are you portrayed as confident and competent in the eyes of the prospect who uses a commanding tone?