The Whitefish River Rats

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Category: Blog posts. Ideal day 5. Lens flare. Avalanche Terrain. Family ski day. Out of Bounds Canyon Creek. When you pull up to the put in, you will notice the river is quiet with shade trees and some grassy spots.


My first feeling was, this is going to be a quiet float. Cautions: If you don't like trains you may experience a little frustration as the railroad tracks in this 15 mile stretch are a little busy. Actually a lot busy.

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However we found the train to be minor noise pollution. That might change if you were to camp for the night, which is an option.

Backpacking into the Stein River Valley

About a mile downstream from the put in the river enters Little Gore canyon. This should not be confused with Gore canyon the class IV and V big brother that is just upstream of the put in. Gore canyon should be approached very cautiously and only by very advanced risk takers. Little Gore canyon is short and has only one rapid in it. The rapid name is Needle Eye. Description of Feature: The rapid is formed by the presence of a large house rock in river middle.

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At C. The move was from river right to river center after the house rock. A small drop right after the house rock is about four feet at C. Apparently at higher flows a mid stream reversal forms.

We did not scout this rapid but you can from the right bank and probably from the left as well. Make sure to stop well before the rapid. I have heard reports of going left around the house rock, but for us it seemed the easiest route was right. A small wave train follows the rapid. Cautions: If you don't make the move you will probably just go over the rapid sideways, hit some rocks and possibly flip your boat. Other than hitting rocks you will probably flush out. Everything will be different at higher flows. This one might warrant a little caution. Feature Recognition: The river narrows and small riffles appear as you enter the canyon.

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The rapid appears as soon as you enter the canyon. This bridge is easy to navigate and presents no problem. As you leave the recreation site, the current is slow and the gradient maintains a gentle pitch. A large flat basin extends for a mile and a half until Red Gorge begins to raise the side walls to about 1, to 1, feet high. The river elevation is about 6, feet above sea level and the foothill peak on the right is 8, feet high.

The foothill peak on the left is over 8, feet high. The canyon is about a mile and a half long, with the steep side walls about a mile long. The train tracks hug the right side of the river through Red Gorge. Inside Red Gorge is the biggest rapid of the trip. Yarmony Rapid. Scout the rapid from river left. Tie up before you round the bend. The rapid starts just after the bend. Description of Feature: The rapid is a quarter mile long run as the river funnels into a constricted bed. Army Corps of Engineers reopened its three Minneapolis locks on the Mississippi to recreational boaters Friday, according to the Associated Press.

The Corps closed the locks to recreational boats on May 23 due to high water flows, the AP says. The closures affected the Upper and Lower St. Paul, a stretch that offers some of the best views of Minneapolis in the whole city. As a precaution, the Corps closes these locks to recreational boaters when river flows exceed 30, cubic feet per second, which has slowed in the last week. Still, boaters beware : The Mississippi currents remain high, the Corps warns.