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Maryse, I agree with you about Mia. By the end, I saw the growth that Maryse pointed out. Overall, a good book makes you feel even yelling at my iPad, which I did, several times , and I really felt this one. Sasha, love all points of views when it comes to a great book. By the way- I am so incredibly jealous of all of you book girls who get to go to book bash!!

Please post lots of stuff about it so I can live through you.

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This book frustrated and enthralled me! Loved it though, it was amazing! I downloaded it the moment you posted your review and just finished omg so good! Idk what I would do without your blog and it was definately what I needed I have read to many dark reads lately. Is it too soon to love Will?? Loved loved loved this book. Stayed up all night. I laughed and cried with Mia and Will. Such a great read. Added to my top 5 list!!! Okay, so I am still iffy on this book. I loved Wilbur completely and I agree that Mia was pretty annoying with all her wishy washy-ness… that said I also felt really bad for her.

I felt that she didnt have a very good support system. Yeah, she had all of the girls from the cafe but I felt that they should have helped her out more instead of just ignoring her when she screwed up.

It seemed they always sided with Wil, and I just felt bad for her. They always gave it to her straight, but I think sometimes youe just need someone on your side instead of telling you how much wrong you did. It just seemed unfair to her to never have anyone understand where she was coming from. Does that make sense? So today I thought, Why the hell not?! I felt so connected to it.

I loved your review on this book. You hit the nail on the head.. I agree with everything you said and felt. You rock girly! The feeling… Exactly. Oh Maryse! You never let me down! I, too, was in a book slump and had to read this after your review. It was like a gut punch to my soul. Beautiful writing, beautiful story, and times where I did the sobbing cry. This has crept up into one of my top 10 favorite books. I longed for something after The Edge of Never that would make me passionate about reading again, and this book did just that. My heart is beaming still from this book.

I am absolutely swooning for Will. It was beautifully done with the all important character of Lauren.

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Best book in so long for me. I wish I had a Will just to hang out with and feed off his good vibes. And it was the perfect introduction to the theme of the story — from the viewpoint of a complete stranger. Then how the story was tied up by Lauren in the epilogue was just pure genius. Was up til am! Read this book in one night…Loved it! Thanks Maryse for another great recommendtion! This is one of those books that is right up there with Slammed and Beautiful Disaster.

Thanks, Maryse! An amazing book that was written perfectly. Maryse, you are always spot on when you give a book 5 stars!

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I know immediately that I will like it. I read nearly everything you recommend and especially when you give such a glowing review.

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You even got a mention at the end of the book! It was just what I needed to read at the time. I love it when you find a book that makes you smile and is sweet and at the same and time tugs at your heart.. I loved this book. It made me laugh, cry and at times want to pull my hair out Mia. Did I miss something? And how closely tied she is to Mia life and looks. Did Will know her? But also, maybe there is some recognition for Will. Maybe he has seen Lauren before, if only just once? Maybe Lauren reminds him of Mia? Will is just a genuinely nice guy, but I wanted the audience to wonder about it.

Maybe he even did see a lot of Mia in Lauren…. Just finished Sweet Thing last night and it is a must read for sure — 5 stars and top of my list for !!! She had a lot to work out in herself — and at times I wanted to shake it out of her!!! Then Will — how could you not love this guy. I loved everything about him!! I will re read this one for sure!!

I feel like I need some chocolate and a stiff drink!! Thanks Maryse for the thorough answer! I thought at one moment she Lauren might have been one of the girls Will picked up at work. Anyway, thank you Maryse! Love your blog!! I liked the story, and loved Will, but the author could have used an editor. I also thought several parts just went on too long. Also, the sex was PG at best.

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Dear Maryse, I am follwing your blog for almost a year now and never commented on anything. However I want to thank you for all the great books I got to know through you — honestly I can say you never dissapointed me with any book you liked. At minimum I already read 40 of your recommendations. Sweet Thing made me so happy — I just wanted to thank you for this and hope it gets back into the Amazon BS — this books deserves it more than a lot of the others.

Keep this up — I am counting on you! A loyal German friend! It sooooo had that feeling.

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  8. I loved How to Kill a Rockstar and have been looking for a book with that feel and this definitely had it. Loved it. And I felt like the pink diamond ring was just not Will and Mia. And some typos, but aside from those moments it was just beautiful.

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    Loved the characters and their bond, the mystical alchemy. Thanks so much Maryse for this recommendation! What to read after this??? Not sure I can move on! I would have to respectfully disagree with a 5 star rating on this book. Omg I just finished this. I have no words. The cover threw me off a little as it really did look like a sweet, bland, bored-so-ill-read-it book. And I gotta say, I have never been so glad to have been bored in my life! What is it with guys named Will!??? Wow it was amazing! So beautiful…I actually ached inside when I was reading it!

    From Mind-Crushing Depression to Blood-Curdling Rage

    It had me in tears at the end! Huge 5 stars from me! Thank you for bringing this book to my attention!

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    6. Love your blog Maryse x. Thank you Maryse for reviewing this book. Consider your summer reading list officially stacked:. Hafsah Faizal's new novel We Hunt the Flame is available now. Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson will be released June 4. Tiffany D. The Summer of Ellen by Agnete Friis is available now. Smith are both available now. Wilder Girls by Rory Power will be released July 9.

      Miracle Creek by Angie Kim is available now. Belly Up by Eva Darrows is available now. Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian is available now. City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert will be released June 4. Lilliam Rivera's new novel Dealing in Dreams is available now. Helen's first book, The Kiss Quotient, was exactly what you want in a page-turning romance. It was fun and adorable and I'd go so far as to say "shockingly sexy" I blushed, a lot.

      The follow-up, The Bride Test, which has a similar cast of characters, now focused on another love story within the family, is just as good. I simply could not put it down — the whole time I was reading, I was smiling from ear-to-ear. Where a girl who belongs to the library can save the world. I adored Elizabeth and Nathaniel, but Silas stole my heart. Inspiring and empowering, this is the ideal book to read with a cocktail in hand as you escape to the fabulous world of Helen Gurley Brown.

      I love stories featuring kids who can chef it up in the kitchen and I'm obsessed with the recipes. Pro-tip: buy the audiobook along with the hard copy, because Liz's voice is rich, crackling, and soothing all at the same time. Meanwhile, in present-day Copenhagen, the boy, now a middle-aged alcoholic man, must find out whatever happened to the long-lost Ellen. I felt like there could have been more sleuthing and deducing going on.

      I really wanted to see the heroes solve the crime. Because of the small plot holes with the mystery element of the book I knocked off one star. You can buy this kindle book alone or in a bundle called: Tall Dark and Deadly. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.