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New to eBooks. How many copies would you like to buy? Add to Cart Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. Written as a journal with additional 'notes to self', Don't Sleep With Y This book is laugh-out-loud hilarious! Written as a journal with additional 'notes to self', Don't Sleep With Your Drummer 's main character is an almost thirty-year-old punk rock chick named Jenny Troanni.

Witness as we follow her path to stardom, from quitting her job in hopes of becoming a rock star up to her frustrations in finding others who share the same dreams and ideas. Despite being a book about becoming a rock star, it is very relatable. The characters were very well-developed and the writing style of the author made it a fun and modern read. Another good point is that even if you have only a little knowledge about rock music, most of the time you'll find yourself comparing aspects of Jenny's life and memories to your own.

It also provides a great satirical look in the music industry. I would definitely recommend this book not just to anyone who loves music, but also to those who ever wished of being a rock star, of having a rock band or trying to start a band, and for those who are new to rock-and-roll lifestyle. Rock on! Jun 10, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: to-read-own , music-related. I really wanted to love it, but couldn't When I bought the book I thought I was going to read a fiction work about a girl who wanted to be a rockstar.

Instead I ended up with a diary of a 28 years old who thinks, acts, and writes like a 13 years old. Sep 22, Katherine Marple rated it really liked it. This book was way better than I thought it was going to be. It was one of those: "I have low expectations for you, prove me wrong Sincero!

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It was truly like reading someone's journal and discovering things along with them. The narrator is obnoxious, but in a sincere yet innocent way. She is This book was way better than I thought it was going to be. She is trying to piece her life together after being dragged down by "the man" for twenty-eight, nearing twenty-nine years. She finally decides "That's enough! It is very inspiring to watch someone as "old" cuz 29 isn't OLD, per se, but it is a little LATE to get started in the game as she is grab hold of her dream and say "I'm not letting go!

Even if it kills me! Too many times I've seen the amazing and gifted and fearless person get washed up and taken down by so-called "life". We are here ONCE- make of it what you can. It was a very enjoyable read. I am hoping Sincero's next will be too. Mar 26, Coralie rated it it was amazing. This was one of the best books I've read in a long time. Jenny left her job in advertising, that she hated, to start a rock band.

In the process, she makes some good decisions, makes some bad ones, makes some friends, loses some friends, and finds herself. The characters in this book were very well developed and realistic. I liked most of them, especially Jenny. The ones I hated, I really hated. The focus is how difficult it is to keep your mind on business in the midst of all the distraction.

Jen learns through the whole process of becoming a rock star - she learns who her real friends are, how to stand up for herself,and how to hang on to her self esteem.

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You sort of know how this story will end, yet you can't help hoping for something different. May 01, WaterstonesBirmingham rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. This was great. Really engrossing and I found it very hard to put down. The characters are likeable and believable and you so want everything to go right for them! Jenny quits her job that she hates to start the band that she has always wanted to start. It is a wonderful whirlwind of rock and roll. A fast paced and energetic read that I would recommend to everyone. Jan 28, Nozomi rated it did not like it. I quit on page My fault.

I put it down last year and never picked it up again. I lost any motivation to finish it. I know, I know I would probably like it if I finished! But I'm losing my patience with books these days.

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If they aren't phenomenal, I get bored easily. Jul 17, Kristen rated it it was ok. It had it moments but drags a lot around the middle of the book and the kinda picks up again at the end of the book. Good message about not giving up on your dreams but the fact that there's not much to the plot drags the book down. Jun 16, Hope rated it it was ok.

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This book had a pointless story line which made it hard to get through. Would not recommend. Aug 22, Julie rated it did not like it. Would give this zero stars if I could. View 2 comments. Mar 21, Chris Pimlott rated it it was ok Shelves: music. Not really what I was expecting, I somehow thought that was supposed to be a non-fiction account Dec 11, Luann Yetter rated it it was ok. The tone is amusing, and the story moves along. But the formatting was really annoying. I want to feel like I'm reading a novel, not an owner's manual. The ending seemed abrupt. May 05, Shanna rated it did not like it.

Made it to page 28 before deciding to chuck this Jan 07, Jenny rated it it was ok. Feb 04, Susan Gottfried rated it really liked it Shelves: rock-fiction. I'm not sure why; I had picked it up on the recommendation of a fellow PaperbackSwap member and I guess it just called to me. There's a lot to like about this book. Yeah, it's sort of cliched in that this story's been told before: girl decides to drop her life and make one last shot at the big time. But it also avoids falling into the many cliches and death traps that so many rock and roll novels fall into.

Yes, the bass player is a junkie. Yes, the drummer's hot. Yes, the lead guitarist is flaky. It's the way that Ms. Sincero deals with all these that elevates this book into one I'd recommend. Let's start with Lucy. We're told she's flaky, but from where I sit, she's not so bad. Every time she seems to flake on Jenny, she's doing it for the same reason and that reason isn't a man, despite Jenny's jealousy of Lucy's way with the opposite gender. Her heart was with the Afreaka!

It's also a character flaw in Jenny that she wasn't willing to see this and to let her best friend go. Jake the junkie This was one of the plot lines that wasn't well served by Jenny's easy-breezy voice. There's a lot going on here, with an ex-wife, some violence, the drug use. Yet we never see beneath the surface.

I'd have liked to, even a little bit. Same for Scott the hot drummer with the serious jealousy issues. Here's a man who's willing to park his truck around the corner and crawl out the bedroom window so no one finds out he's schtupping the band leader, yet if anyone touches his girl -- the band leader, who of course is going to be the center of attention -- he goes ballistic. It makes no sense. I need a backstory here. I need some character development. Trouble downloading yesplayer. The silent age cheats chapter 4.

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