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I remember waking up and feeling sore all over. Then I started having breathing difficulties. I remember walking home one day from a short walk and I literally had to sit down to regain my composure. Then in just a month, I lost 7KG 15 lbs from doing nothing! Everyone was asking what happened to me. I've been generally fit my entire life. Can you imagine not being able to do a single chin-up when I could do like 10 anytime my entire life? I also lost all my moves in I learnt in my dance. Then he told me, "No. This disease is long-term.

It'd be with you pretty much your entire life. I was only 28 back then and it got to me like, "Wow! I am not even fucking 30 yet and I have to pop a pill everyday like an old man! I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and also being pissed off with the unpredictability of the universe. Did I mention that I essentially delayed getting my blood checked because I thought I couldn't breathe well due to the haze situation here in Singapore back then?

Did I mention that the first doctor I saw thought it was nothing and just prescribed me muscle relaxant? Did I mention that on the day I got my diagnosis, the entire clinic screwed up my queue number and I effectively waited an extra 45 minutes in the waiting room, trembling and sweating away? Or you can just gather your balls, grab life by the balls, have faith in YOURSELF and start taking charge of every damn thing as you dust yourself off while the bad shit keeps trying to cling on to you. I control my medication now. I take like two pills a month. My last visit had my doctor saying that I could get off the medication if I wanted.

I work out and dance more regularly now in a more focused manner, which is how I managed to get to where I am today. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. Our genetic makeup even if basically of the same race still it is very different aldentan! I am glad to see that you did something about this and you can live a better life now. We talked about an ng tube and then possibly a gj tube if that worked for him throwing up but they have decided not to do the scope or the tubes being as he is not throwing up.

How do we know if possibly his intestines are not breaking the food down properly? We have an issue that when they do xrays of his stomach they say they can see bowel backed up but he has normal bowels everyday. He has diarhea now. Im just frustrated because this failure to thrive, him not gaining weight and we are doing everything we are told to do? How do I get them to do further testing to see if there is an underlying issue? The gastro dr calls him a very skinny boy so at almost 15 months he is 30 inches tall and My daughter is 8 wks 2days old and not adding weight properly infact she weighs 6.

My baby is pre-matured, born at 1 month early than her actual birth date. She is active but difficult to feed. She sucks milk and other food but very difficult to feed. Now she is almost 9 months. She gained 6 kg when she was 6 months old and today at here 9 months time she is still 6kg. We feed her rice with egg, noodles with egg 3 times and 2 times formula milk with and mother milk.

But no progress in her weight. But she is developing her height. Dr Greene. I even went to a specialist. Since birth he has been severely constipated. Screaming in pain all night and day. Vomiting through out the day eating or not. Will refuse food for days. So I find myself force feeding for. A week at minimum in. It took his 6 month check up for his ped to finally make a specialist referral. We have had many stool samples done. Food allergy panel, celiac panel.

All came back negative. We just had our specialist appointment. All she did was put him on miralax. No test at all. He is now pooping with proper consistency. But he is still struggling with pain and he is so gassy. He has a lot of problems digesting solids also. So are these the right steps? How is your baby doing now? My son is on nutramigen and switched at the same age. It took him a month to gain weight. When he did it was quite a bit. He went from 12 to 16 in a month in a half!! I am a desperate Mother. My 4 year old has had some challenges in the health department, nothing severe, but he has pulled the short straw in our family 3 children-6, 4, 2.

Ethan was born when he was supposed to be. On my scheduled c-section. He was a happy newborn, no noticeable problems. Nursed immediately. But in the hospital we had him, the nursing staff would encourage rest for me and take him to the nursey. I thought that was nice. Until we went home and realized how wrong I was.

Within hours of being home, we had never experienced this with our daughter and were so afraid. With every nursing, projectile vomiting. My husband stayed up with him watching him for 3 days straight. This cycle of feeding him and vomiting went on for years. We did elimination diet. Specialized formula, elecare. Still, the vomiting. So we seeked evaluations with allergists and gastroenterology, both locally and at Shands with the University of Florida. Karoly Horvath has been amazing since with moved to the space coast. But we still have GI issues. Over the last 4 years some of his health issues include: Bi-lateral trigger thumbs, GERD, Asthma, Atopic dermatitis, Allergies including 42 food allergies and countless environmental allergies, some of which both food and environmental are anaphylactic, FTT he weighs a mere 2 lbs more than his 2 year old brother, he just lost 2.

His biological but distant cousin has EoE and I have been asking his doctors for a couple of years if they think he might have this. They say his eosinophil levels are high but not quite high enough. His thyroid function is normal. He just has a phobia from all the years of vomiting as per the nutrionist and refuses to eat. We are using weight gaining supplements which his GI has prescribed as well as appetite enhancers. But nothing seems to help. I do trust in his medical team. I know that Dr. Horvath is one of the very best.

Dear Doctor My son was born with a cleft lip and palate. However, his lip is already repaired two months ago. He is gonna be 9mos nextweek but he is still 12 lb. What should I do to help him gain weight? Hi Doc, this may seem like an unusual question, I work as a support worker for a Aboriginal community service in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory out back,.

I am working with a grandmother , who has got custody of her grandchild, the child , who was 5. They are probably the reason we live beyond reproductive age. I would be happy to speak with authorities there if that would be helpful. Being with family is a powerful good for the baby. Please keep that in mind when reading my comments and replies. I have tried my best to force her to eat but she just vomits. Possible she suffered from shigela. Hidden ear infection sore throat trush on tung. Sometimes it can happen after veccinations and the anser would be homeopath or ostiophat.

Check with blood test the CRP levels. Oh my God same thing kept telling us she was going to be a tiny child change milk everything had in hospital come to find out one of nurses felt so bad she told me get professional children Dr.

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When I switch my granddaughter got better. He was born permaurity and he weight at birth was 2 lb and 5 oz. My son is now 7 years old and he is still not gaining no weight at all and he has been taking away from me because of Failure to thrive but the doctor never referral me to any specialist to help him with his weight and never ran any testing on him. He has been eat a little things but still no weight gaining but his height he is getting taller. I just want to know how can I show any doctor or specialist that something is wrong with him and I need help with his nutrition and what do with him.

What should I do get my son back to get him growing well and gaining his weight to be on track with other kids. Last time we went to the doctor he weight 29lbs. I try everything to gain his weight but nothing works. Can you please help me I really desperate and I want him back in my arms. My daughter is 3 months and 9.

Its a struggle rk get here to eat every three hours. She makes eye contact and is starting to grab at toys, laugh, and smile..

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My son is 6 months old and weighs 13 lbs. He was 7lb5oz at birth. He carries the cystic fibrosis gene but his sweat test was negative. He was admitted into the hospital for a week for failure to thrive but released with no answers. From what ive researched i feel it may be a genetic disorder but we dont have any local geneticists for me to take him to. I need to figure out whats going on with my baby please help. Any opinions or suggestions are very appreciated. When we left the hospital he weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces and at his two week check up he was at 5 pounds 15 ounces.

I have the same exact issue and my baby was born on the same day. Has there been any progress on your end? Thank you! I exclusively breast feed and prior to this appointment, I was concerned about whether he was growing or not. I think he was about 13lbs at his 2-month appointment. So in 6 months, he has only grown 3lbs. I tried introducing formula but he had an allergic response.

The doctor prescribed zyrtec and Hydrocortisone for his skin during a breakout, so I decided to try the formula again, this time with breastmilk and see how he respond. If there is a reaction, I would give him the Zyrtec.

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Nevertheless, he is eating pretty well. I feed him baby cereal, table food, and the veggies from the jar or what I steam for him. Hi, I must say that your response is so detailed and so clear. It really helps us understand what has to be done and why. I have been through so many sites but this is best response I have read.

She threw up everything her first 3 mon of her life. But even with her petite should she weigh 11 pounds at almost 6 mon she will be 6 mon September 11th. I know this was several years ago but this is my current situation with my 5 month old. She is only 11 pounds and 23in long, they are concerned due to poor weight gain and overal growth.

No tests have been performed yet but we recently noticied night time vomiting and screaming fits. What ever came of you baby diagnosis? Was she just small? My son was born on The present problem is that he is not gaining weight properly. Since, last 3 weeks he has not gained any weight even though he is taking feeds, celerac, banana properly. Barium swallow test was also done which was also fine. Dear Dr. She is 26 months old and she is 17kg. In weight 36 inches in height. Her head circumference is very normal. Is the weight is normal or abnormal. Please clear my doubt. Thank u very much in advance.

That means 74 girls out of every of that age and height weigh less than your granddaughter and 25 girls out of every of that age and height weigh more than your granddaughter. My daughter is 7 months old noe and weights just now 12 lbs. At burth she was only 6 lbs 11 oz. We had he diagnois with milk protien allergy but she only eats about 20 oz of formula a day. She is on a high calorie mix but she still isnt gaining weight. She is in the 0. She acta normal and is hitting all her milestones at good times.

The changes from following a ketogenic diet have been life-changing (and probably life-saving).

She has 2 teeth so far and is about to crawl. She is very active but the growth is just worrying me. I know it has been a couple years now but how is she doing now? Hi my daughter is 8 weeks old and is only drinking 2 Oz every 2. She was 6lbs 9oz at birth and I believe she is 8lbs now. Is that enough weight gain?? Dr My daughter is now 5 weeks old. She was born 35 weeks with d weight of 2. After a heavy water breaking, my wife had to go a premature emergency c-section cause.

After 2 days of NICU care she was released with proper health. Now she is only 2. She is fed on breast, pees and poos are normal and at 10 to 12 times in a day. Everything seems normal. As she grew underweight and not grown much I wonder if the weight this age is okay. Plz response.

My baby is now 8 weeks and only weighs 3kg…. I want you to share me about a case with F. Questions seeking professional advice are inappropriate for this subreddit and will be removed. Soliciting money, goods, services, or favours is not allowed. Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Over 2 years I lost about pounds. I went from to just over I went from a shut-in who was embarrassed to be seen in public to a pretty outgoing guy with a little bit of confidence.

Since I was fat most of my life, simple things like going to the pool without my shirt on, or wearing form fitting clothing, leaves me uncomfortable and self-conscious. I had a lot of loose skin and even after surgery to remove it, I still feel fat. I know this is a mental issue on my part, since I look fit now i'm 6'4" with a good amount of muscle , but I doubt it'll ever go away. Hell, this one girl I had an insane crush on rejected me when I was 21 with the simple line "if you were skinnier, I'd date you in a heartbeat.

I only had my stomach skin and breast tissue removed. I could buy some hookers, blow, a gun, and a used car for that price. Saw someone I knew who had this done a year or more after the fact. They were overweight again. I couldn't do all I wanted my thighs and back skin due to cost, but I can wear clothing that fits without it being baggy to hide my skin. Also, I had severe gynocomastia and I was able to get that taken care of. I lost around 40 kgs and still feel fat too. I end up buying clothes in bigger sizes when I shop online. I just checked my weight in lbs expecting to be close to , nope ,and I'm classed as obese, you my friend have done an amazing thing.

I was made fun of alot in middle school. Alot of guys i liked didnt like me back because of the way i looked and a lack of confidence. Its many years later and even though i clean up pretty nicely and have had a fair share of admirers, i still feel like the girl with greasy hair who had signs taped on her back.

How I Changed My Lifestyle to Lose 30 Pounds (and become fit as fuck) • Nose Graze

Try to see yourself objectively, i'm sure you're pretty hot now and nobody who sees you knows the before you. Keep the underdog attitude to look out for others but gain some hot guy confidence. I lost lbs in 6 months this year. Legs hurt less. That's nice Ladies check me out sometimes. That's nice My shits are quick and clean. By far the best benefit. Edit: I can tie my shoes without getting winded. That feels pretty good too.

I counted calories using a phone app. It makes it pretty easy. Then I took up running. It was about 70 percent diet though. Lost my first 40 with diet alone. I used an app called Loseit on android. I would recommend it, but I haven't any others so there might be better. The best part of the app was the barcode scanner. It made things super easy. Exercise boosts metabolism, but not by nearly enough without some extreme training. Better foods reduce cravings and give you fewer calories.

Keto diets work by readjusting your metabolism to more easily utilize your existing fat reserves leaving you with a more stable energy level regardless of eating so your happier with less. I really don't know how big I was, I was suicidal. Now mind you, at 6'8" is by no means "in shape" but I've been jogging for the first time in years and have already dropped 10 inches in my waist in 6 months. Good God, I fucking hate my old self I have no idea what's going to happen to me in life but I can guarantee you fellows that I won't be "the fat guy" anymore, just the tall guy.

You are on your way to greatness and glory. Nothing can stop you now. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. Good for you! One of the things I most look forward to trying to lose is being able to buy boots that will fit. Since I was like 12 I've only had one pair of boots and I had to special order them at 2XX calf width. I used to just not zip my boots up - I'd just cover them with the top of my pants. I wore the same boots again today and the calf is WAY loose even when zipped up. It's awesome. It's such a weird feeling because calf is mostly muscle, even in deep denial I thought I was ok because my calves were buff as hell.

Now, I always have, and still do, walk more than many people do, but I'm walking more now that I'm losing and vice versa. I forgot about the ring size! I hated how my fingers have gotten thinner that rings that fit perfectly on my ring finger had to be shortened or put on my index. I have since gained back about 14 pounds and currently flex between and I battle episodes of depression that occur when I eat poorly and put way to much thought into my diet and calorie counting.

I do not use myfitnesspal any longer due to people voicing their concerns over my obsessive use. The biggest for me was that although I have always gotten along well with women, the dynamic shifted significantly once I lost weight. When I was very heavy, there was a mutual acceptance of the friend zone between myself and my female cohorts.

This lead to me getting away with a lot of inappropriate behavior that falls under "gay best friend" territory, such as a lot of touching i. I lost the weight at college, so when I came back to the same summer job the next year with the same females, the dynamic all of a sudden changed. I also went from looking very young and harmless with a big goofy round face and soft body to having a very large and very hard body which greatly increased my intimidation factor.

All of that put together made for a couple of months of awkward encounters until I could figure out how to interact with women again socially. I think your final point about having to relearn how to interact with women is a really interesting one. I've never undergone any kind of dramatic weightloss I did have to gain thirty after being sick a few years ago though.

I did however go from awkward, ugly duckling lesbian "one of the guys" to a hot, femme lesbian fairly recently. The change is quite drastic, I don't get victimised followed, groped Men only approach if they have friends to pep talk or if it's something small like rushing to hold a door open and making a comment. And even then they choke on it, though on that note the frequency in which I have doors held for me and really good service is unreal now.

As a gay man I don't know if we can make a similar switch? Would I just trade in my basketball shorts for hipster clothing?! I don't have many photos of my before, I knew how weird and awkward I was, but I have an after photo from a wedding I went to recently. I still tend to avoid the camera so most photos of me tend to be candid or silly if I see the camera. I think I did this code right, I'm on my phone And yeah, for a similar switch is basically a wardrobe change.

My body never changed, all I did was grow out my hair, learn how to style it and do makeup and then dress like I didn't just roll out of a gutter. That plus a confidence boost from working in a management position. You're gorgeous I do have a weakness for femmes though I'm much more the roll out of bed type, while my girlfriend is a total femme who spends at least half an hour getting ready before she leaves the house.

I definitely notice her getting more attention when we're out together, but I don't really care. Thank you for mentioning orthorexia! A lot of people don't expect that dieting can be addictive and that the behaviors can turn into eating disorders. I've lost about 50 pounds a few years ago. I started with a typical calorie diet, which was low for my height and activity level, but it got awesome results. I used MFP to track everything, every little bit. And it was a rush to see if I would accidentally end up at only calories for the day.

And so it became a sort of game to see how low I could go. I wasn't feeling very hungry so I didn't notice how low I was really going. It got to the point where I could be considered an anorexic, going on calories per day. But no one would call me anorexic! I was still chubby. And I didn't hide food or pretend to eat. I'm fine when I don't try to track calories, but that tracking becomes an obsession for me no matter how careful I am.

This was the most interesting one to me. Very well articulated man. I'm on the road to losing weight and I notice things change and it really makes me question everything. I thought losing weight would make me happy and it does but it makes me worry and question my value as a person. I will get down to my goal weight but then what. What if years down the line I get into a car accident or something and am put on medication that makes me fat again?

Will all the people I thought liked me suddenly turn away? Can you give me some pointers on what you did to scale back the intimidation or to make people more comfortable with you? I am in a similar boat though my body isn't as hard as you, jesus nice pelvis lines. I once was visiting MIT campus and saw some nerds playing pokemon. I said "hey you guys playing pokemon? My gf who was observing told me it seemed like I was tooling them or messing with them, even though I was being completely sincere.

I lost seventy pounds in about a year in a half, mostly through smaller portions and running. I have a lot more energy, sleep much better, and am much happier. Although I think that the last one has mostly to do with the running. I used to fall asleep in the middle of the day but no longer. I think my quality of life has dramatically improved. No loose skin, at least that I have noticed, but I do have some stretch marks. I have a friend who lost lbs and he thought about having surgery. He ended up deciding against it and views it as kind of a badge of pride.

Better things he could spend the money on, too. Good job on the weight loss! That is pretty significant. I run ultra marathons, and I noticed that I eat more than I used to. I've had to cut caloric intake whenever I've had to stop for like a week or so. Wanting to run long distances was a large motivation. I used to run distance but stopped and kept eating like I was running. I've kept the weight off and put on a lot I'd muscle, so that might explain the lack of loose skin?

Lost 65 pounds, mainly from walking on the treadmill and using the eliptical at Planet Fitness but I also slightly changed my diet by cutting out soda and juice and other minor changes such as eating oatmeal for breakfast and having whole wheat bread instead of white bread. I am now willing to walk to farther places instead of taking a car, I walk faster, and am more confident in my appearance. This is just one person's experience. Other people do need to make more extreme changes to experience results this dramatic.

How long did it take to drop the weight? I was down to about kg at the beginning of but its risen to while I was stress eating at work a job that I have subsequently quit. About 8 months, walking an hour sometimes 2 hours on the treadmill everyday at 3. That's the speed of how quick the treadmill moves, I think it means 3. I pretty much ate what I always normally eat, rice and chicken with beans for dinner, and in the morning plantains with eggs and cheese sometimes with salami, just without the juice and the occasional soda I used to have. Never been much of a junk food eater, my weight gain was mostly from sitting all day, I'm slowly gaining weight again after stopping my exercise routine but its so slow a gain it's not much of an issue, will disappear easily with just some extra physical activity.

I also added a little bit of incline to the treadmill now that I think about it, if you can trust the calorie burn tracker it makes a big difference, but I don't recommend using incline until you are used to walking on a flat surface, my incline was usually at 2. I've lost 68 lbs in 18 months. Strangers really see me now. I felt absolutely invisible before but now most people are warm, inviting, kind. Some people that used to look so skinny to me now look just average sized. They was a fantastic realization to have.

Everything was daunting in the beginning. I neglected myself in so many ways that nothing felt achievable. Why pay for a decent haircut if I can't even look in the mirror? Now I check myself out a lot, just to make sure I'm still smaller. My twin sister was 70 lbs lighter than me for years. I was ashamed to eat donuts around her when she knew I was desperate to lose weight. It's weird being on the other side of that. I'm so proud of myself but it feels like a narcissistic endeavor too. Yeah, I relate a lot to what you're saying here. But I kinda struggle with the last part you mentioned, about shaping the body.

I'm just seeing the flaws and shortcomings when I look at my body. My love-handles are still too big, my butt is not firm enough, my chest has not gotten big enough from the weight lifting. My muffin-top is big enough that I feel really self-conscious about having my shirt tucked in to my pants. My face is still too fat, and so on. It feels like and evil spiral that I'm not able to get off of. I'm really happy that I changed my lifestyle around, my current weight is 80kg after loosing 40kg. And now I'm hitting the gym pretty hard.

But I still feel fat and I have a really rough time appreciating the work I have put in to it. As i just see what I have to 'fix' and shape. Yes, absolutely same here! I'm happier for sure but I still see the flaws more than anything. I'm happy with my progress but not satisfied yet. My goal in the beginning was to just not stand out but now I want to feel sexy. I fought too hard to stop before I believe I'm worthy of the compliments.

Right now I just see them as obligatory observations. Yeah, when you've gotten this far you kinda want to be able to show of the complete and finished masterpiece you've been working so hard towards. Reaching your optimal physical self. I look ok now, considering how far I've gotten. But like you, I too want to feel sexy, especially naked, which I don't at the moment. Stopping before that, to me, would be a huge personal failure. I went from about down to , so not that dramatic. I did drop it fairly quickly.

Took about four months for the first 25 pounds to come off. The rest I lost over several months. Oddly enough, I out on the weight the same way, only in reverse. As for the changes:. I had a persistent "pang" in my left knee when I was bigger. I think it was an impending ligament injury. My body wasn't used to having the extra weight.

I was always careful to not put all my pounds on that one leg. After dropping some poundage, the pain went away completely. The next part is kind of shallow. My self esteem went up. Some guys can look fine carrying around extra weight. I was not one of those. My body looked weird once I went above I constantly felt awkward in my own skin.

Like I didn't look right. I modified my wardrobe to minimize lumps and rolls, but the loose clothing only made me look fatter. Losing the weight put me back in clothes that made me feel comfortable and I regained some confidence thanks to that. The most embarrassing part of being so big was what it did to my penis. It took the wind out of my sails so to speak. It took away the frequency and duration of my erections. I was 25 and suddenly I was not waking with morning wood all the time.

There would be entire days when I didn't get a full erection at all. When I did get one, it rarely stayed completely rock hard for more than a couple minutes. Luckily, the quality of my erections improved with every level pound that came off. I should note that many of the positive changes that occurred weren't necessarily due to weight loss alone.

During that period, II made many other healthy lifestyle changes ranging from improved diet to being more active to quilting smoking. I just recently went from to and quit smoking as well. I can't imagine life any other way now. I'm a girl, so everyone started complimenting my fat ass.


I also felt really shallow but damn did it feel good that someone noticed. I've lost 90lbs in a bit over a year , down to at the moment Other than the constant have you lost weight questions I've found that I can now go shopping for clothes that i think look good instead of clothes that I hope will actually fit me. I didn't realize how many minor joint pains i had all over my body when I was bigger but I know now that a lot of what i thought was just normal pains were actually pain caused by the excess weight.

I'm a guy so there have been certain umm increases in some areas as the weight loss has occurred, no complaints there! Roller coasters. I had to do the walk of shame on a few roller coasters when they couldn't get the safety bars down, having people in line stare at you as you walk off is NOT a good time!. This summer I went to a theme park and rode ALL the roller coasters, it was fucking awesome!!

Loose skin, there's a fair bit though it's not completely horrible, i expect there to be more as i get closer to my goal weight, some of it will stretch back up but I know i'll always have a wrinkly stomach are and flappy arms, price I must pay for 23 years of bad eating habits. I've been able to lose the weight because I was ready after having tried since I was a teen. I know i'll be able to reach my goal and won't fall back to where i started because i'm ready to lose the weight, i can't explain what ready means, you just know when you are.

Even when I reach my goal i'll have to keep an eye out on what I eat for the rest of my life, I have a crap metabolism and i'm getting older so weight loss will just get harder. On the frame of a petite, small-boned female, that's quite a bit. I have plenty of the expected fatigue, joint-pain stuff, but what's really surprised me is how differently people treat me.

I used to get hit on plenty out in public, but now I'm nearly invisible. Even my friends treat me differently, though it's subtle - I have a really sarcastic, smart-ass personality, but I've had to reign that in a lot as I'm frequently misunderstood now. Turns out that as a semi-hot skinny chick you can get away with being a snarky shit-show, but as a pudgy, frumpy middle-aged woman, you can't.

Who knew. You know it's funny, I was on a date with a skinny girl with a sarcastic personality but I realized if she said the same things as a fat girl I'd be pretty turned off. It's kinda weird how your brain works when you're attracted to the person being mean to you. I took massive amounts during chemo. It made me want to eat the paint off the walls. I gained 40 lbs in a little over 4 months. All I could stomach were carbs.

And as my oncologist said, "Calories first, don't worry about where they come from. We see better statistics in people who gain weight with your firm of cancer. I got moon face, a buffalo hump, and another fatty deposit under my chin. The moon face went away within a few months after I stopped taking it.

The other two remain 8 years later. Taking it off has been a miserable experience. No longer does eat less, exercise more work. Now it's eat less, and make sure you never let sugar, grains and beans touch your lips and exercise until you puke. Oh and make sure you don't get your heart rate too high or you won't see results. And make sure you also lift weights. And never eat out. And find the time to do all of this while working full time but don't ever bitch about it because you're fat and no one likes a fat person, especially a fat woman.

And make sure you never eat in front of anyone and if you absolutely have to make sure it is a tiny portion and is nothing but kale otherwise people are judging the fat woman eating. All of that and the most I've managed to lose and keep off is 15 pounds. But I keep plugging away because if I don't I feel like crap. I'm honestly not as bitter as I sound in this. I'm grateful that I'm alive, I have a fantastic husband, amazing friends, two great dogs, a great job that I'm very good at and mostly enjoy. But my weight rules my life.

It scares me due to health implications even though I have perfect blood pressure and normal cholesterol numbers and normal blood sugar and A1C numbers. I'm in therapy for all of this but at the end of the day I'm still a fat, middle-aged woman. I took prednisone for four days. I missed a week from work obviously due to being sick.

I had to go in my basement to find some fat clothes to wear. I went from a slim curvy cutie to middle age pudge in less than a week. Still not over it and this was 3 years ago. It's just because people are used to overweight and obese women who are unhappy with themselves taking it out on those around them. As a restaurant worker, the middle aged obese woman is one of the most stereotyped as demanding and rude. You shouldn't have to reign it in, though. Actually - and bear with me here because what I'm about to say ALWAYS brings down the storm - there's this thing called basal metabolic rate, and unless you're a hibernating bear or are having hibernation-like state induced for a major surgery then it's roughly the same no matter what.

Your medication may cause water retention, which can cause you to gain about ten pounds, but your basal metabolic rate - the amount of calories you burn in a day even if you're lying in bed staring at the ceiling - won't fluctuate much. Some people like to imagine that they're rare anomalies in the animal kingdom and that their BMR must be twice as much when they're skinny or half as much when they're fat as someone else for whatever reason And they're wrong.

If you're seeing a large, long-term weight increase trend then it's a behavioral change with a very small buffer zone of water weight. Maybe it's because you started taking them and saw your weight go up from water despite exercising even though waterweight will be retained the very next time you take a drink. But here's what's about to happen: any second now we'll have a dozen people along to tell me how wrong I am, that conservation of mass and the laws of thermodynamics are inapplicable, you don't know her life, these pills are magic, you're sprouting fat cells from nothing, your body is putting every molecule of your food into fat storage and miraculously running on energy from another dimension I've trudged through the uphill battle a thousand times.

People get offended, or want to believe that it isn't under their control because that would be a criticism of them , and decide their interpretation is better. But they'll be wrong. You have it in your power to reject the belief that these pills determine how fat you are and start fighting defeatism. You have the ability! Although they'll still cause water retention. Edit: I can't act like I'm being persecuted if I have positive karma goddammit.

Even if medication doesn't cause that much weight gain, some medications cause a redistribution of where fat is stored. Prednisone comes to mind immediately. It's even listed as a side effect on their website. This can cause the appearance of a massive amount of weight gain. Often times, people with later stage cancers will have to take these steroids, and will appear to gain a LOT of weight, leading to what is called "moon face". This is true even if their caloric intake remains the same. So despite not really gaining too much weight, the fat redistribution causes massive body changes leading to that appearance.

My face got so fat on prednisone, it was painful. I went off it immediately, and it took a week to go back to normal. Fuck that crap, I don't need to breathe that bad. You have never read up on how prednisone works have you? It isn't water weight from prednisone, it screws up glycolysis in the cells so you are constantly craving sugar hence the eating. It's a nasty and powerful drug. Some medications increase appetite. Some are given to people at least partially because they increase appetite, think of chemo patients on steroids.

Really think steroids in general, they're used for a lot of ailments. I think you're simplifying things excessively - you're not taking account of things like drug-induced insulin resistance and receptor-mediated weight gain. Not all weight gain is water; do you actually have a medical background? Hate to break it to you but you're on reddit. This isn't an unpopular opinion, actually the complete opposite. Diet and exercise!

My overall quality of life is so much better. Running, lifting, clean eating. I went from a size 20 to a size 0. Other people: Perhaps it's just perception, but it seems that people treat me more kindly now that I'm a "normal" weight. People are friendlier, more flirtatious. They also don't seem to expect me to be articulate or funny which was almost a given before, being a fat girl with "hot girl" friends. My own brain: I still get super flustered when someone says something about me being skinny. I still see work to be done, and it'll probably take a while for my brain to catch up to my body--even though I had to buy a coat at babyGap, I still see myself with lb eyes.

We are the same height with the same starting weight! I'm down to Good for you!! Hopefully I'll be able to post something similar one day. I know what you mean about feeling the same weight. I went from about to about , wearing smaller clothes but I feel like I look the same. When I was in college, I lost about 30 pounds lbs and I suddenly felt like I could potentially be viewed as sexy. Then guy friends started to come out of the woodwork and were flirty with me. I didn't and still don't know how to flirt, so it was awkward but a big confidence booster.

I'm the opposite. Senior year of high school I was 6'4" and now I am 6'6" The extra pounds did give me a confidence boost tho, because now nobody makes remarks about how stickly and gangly I am. It wasn't bad weight either, I work outside during the summer and I was hitting the gym for a little bit. I've been on and off like this for years. Don't be embarrassed.

Talk how you are. If you're not looking to just get laid, interested guys will share your Interests. I lost lbs -literally half my weight.

Mindset Shifts for Fat Loss

I didn't know how tired I was, or how much I ached all the time until it wasn't that way anymore. I feel great now. One of the biggest differences though is how strangers treat you. I was so used to people looking through me or pretending I wasn't even there that it kind of freaked me out when random people in public would talk to me, or even smile as they passed. I'm still not good with random strangers talking to me, and it's been over 2 years.

Overweight all my life. Lost 98 lbs over the course of 3 years had my son during that time. Day to day, energy was great, everyone always telling me how good I looked. I felt more confident and was eager to do public things because I felt proud of my weight loss. I also always felt like i still had a long way to go before I would be happy lowest weight was , I am 5'7". Now, I've gained back nearly all of it in about 1 year.

I feel the negative effects of being overweight much more now than I did before the weight loss. My hips hurt, getting down to the floor and back up is difficult, clothes fit terribly.