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The past is weird, and so this comic was very popular; like the words vanilla and spicy , milk toast consequently became a food word used to qualify non-food things. While few would voluntarily describe themselves as milquetoast, I found that plenty of people swear by milk toast, which, in addition to milk and toast, usually contains some combination of sugar, butter, and cinnamon.


Its sogginess and pleasant blandness promise a comforting, nostalgic appeal. Many of the milk toast recipes online describe the writer first having the meal as a young child and later recreating it for their own kids.

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I decided to spend a week eating milk toast for breakfast. Like Caspar, I am sometimes weak and afraid.

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I wanted to see if the daily bowl of milk toast might provide the inner nourishment I need, or if it would only serve to make me more bland. Basically how the meal works is you make toast. As the toast is toasting, you heat milk, butter, sugar, flour, salt, and cinnamon into a pot. Then you break the bread up in a bowl, pour the hot milk mix over it, wait a few seconds, and you have milk toast.

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This is an ideal amount of time and effort to spend on breakfast preparation. The other thing I liked about making milk toast is that it gave me a chance to finally use the tiny whisk that came with my Ikea utensil set. Very early, Milquetoast became a generic name. Right now they are busily engaged in attempting to convince the world that the movie stars will observe Christmas in Hollywood just as Mr.

Milquetoast – Wacky Word Wednesday

Caspar Milquetoast do in Elmira, N. The Kringelein was a Mister Milquetoast.


Milquetoast ideas of reform are not what is needed now. How Democrats lost the white working class.

meaning and origin of ‘milquetoast’

If you were expecting a milquetoast story because of the fact that it is a Christmas novel, you are in for a surprise. They will look as if they favour a crackdown on suspected terrorists getting guns - Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein's measure - but will actually be voting for a milquetoast bill with so many hoops to jump through that it wouldn't do much of anything to stop assault weapons from getting into the hands of the wrong people.


Trump's misfires send Republicans scurrying. I confess: I resented the inquiry in no small part because the available titles"bubbe," "zayde," and even the milquetoast "grandpa" and its generic variations didn't at all fit. Mitt Romney, were milquetoast candidates who depressed social conservative turnout. The supporting characters are little more than cameos, with the best being baritone Bruce Kellys bang-on milquetoast bureaucrat, Sharpless, and mezzo Armine Kassabian's desperately loyal maid, Suzuki, though kudos should be given to The Bonze Jeremy Bowes who looked like The Lord of the Rings' brooding elf, Legolas, in an outtake of The Walking Dead.

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It is thought that if a butterfly beats its wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane elsewhere.