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Lots actually give them on demand, if a player needs it. Which is different from using it as a pay matter. But all in all, I do agree ways of having guilds up should be personal. Thank GM Zalune!! Posted 27 September - AM Yeah.. Posted 27 September - AM If people don't get salary, then they are just using their own items for your benefits. Yours as in being the GM of the guild gets castle drops and earn money while the rest of the guild kill all their supplies.


Supplies are given out at some certain guilds but not as much as they should be giving. Those get killed in the first hour or so already as it is. So, therefore it is much simpler if the guild just give out the salary afterwards so everyone will be using their own items to get to one goal and get whatever prize if they succeed. For those who says that their old servers didn't give salary and people just play for fun, it's probably because you guys don't get the castle drops that makes Valkyrie Items like the ones in Dark-Ro. Posted 27 September - PM great point there dragz Posted 27 September - PM yeah karell's my gm and when i 1st joined her guild i never asked how much is the salary or even care if i do get one i asked her for ygg's and bots cause i dont have lots of them im lazy and i use the credits she gave me to buy ygg's when im all out when our guildmates asked for a pvp party.

Posted 27 September - PM yeah karell maybe you are right about something.. IMO the point of giving out salary is to show ill repeat what has been posted a "little thank you" for joining and participating with them in the WOE.. IMO being an ordinary equip player Arc Mithril is one guild ive felt home..

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Hokuten thanks Kira.. Posted 27 September - PM raiden what if the zenny stop comming in?? Posted 27 September - PM typical Thank you guys.. Posted 27 September - PM offtopic marduc np.. To the OP: Give it a try, you may find you like it, and before you know it you'll be zerging for hours at a time, at which point the badges roll in. If you play enough WvW to rank up your provisions master 1 point you can purchase a portable provisions merchant from the outfitter 1 gold.

With rank 3 10 points you can buy food and utilities from it for badges 5 each , which is very convenient. The food isn't as potent as good quality crafted stuff, but it means your characters are never without food buffs. As an almost exclusive WvW player I will chime in - you will be swimming in badges if you start playing the mode, I have spent tens of thousands of these in the last years. As for your question regarding cultural armor, I highly suggest you buy them in WvW, as they get considerably cheaper and the badges are a replenishing currency.

They trickle in steady as you make lootbags. The provision master thing is pretty useful with the food buffs, basically free food and spending them on it also counts for the daily wvw big spender. Provision master we've trait is awesome. Badges are also needed for certain materials to craft legendary pvp armor. Save your badges because they can be useful. You can also buy seige and superior seige and sell them in trade post for silvers per seige. May 25, in Players Helping Players. May 25, Do keep the commander tags in mind, so you can get them if you want to at some point.

How rude! I'm a Procurement Specialist. May 25, edited May 25, May 26, I wish badges had more use, once you play long enough they just become karma2.

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The creep tumors are probably one of the best ways since you can literally carpet the map with them in fairly short order and they provide permanent vision of the area and anything in it. And they dont cost you anything but a few seconds time I dont think.

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I mean, the initial creep tumor costs the queen some energy but thats it. Each tumor can then spawn another tumor free of charge.

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At least i think thats the way, if it does cost something its so little ive never bothered to notice it. And the speed bonus when on creep, combined with the super fast units the zerg already have just magnifies it further, allowing reinforcements to be sent to any corner of the map at light speed. Hmm, queens can only plant a creep tumor on creep, not anywhere. Overlords can fly extremely slowly, when upgraded they are a little faster, however, other factions can create cheap flyers that serve these and other roles more cheaply. Overlords are also our supply mechanic, so if you lose them, you get supply blocked.

They have no offense. Zerglings are pretty good.

However, they also cannot burrow unless -gasp- another tech is researched. We have to really work at it to get decent units to scout. At best we are even, at worst, like everything Zerg, it is harder for us than our opponents. We have to put a vulnerable unit somewhere to see something, protoss cloak theirs, terran can scan on demand or use a cloaked banshee. I would trade you in a heart beat. Zerg has by far the best scouting. The ability to spread creep and the mobility of the army is why they are good at map control.

The threat of overlord drops and zergling runbys and later on mutalisk harass really keeps enemies in their base and their armies clumped together. Btw, a single nydus worm will put units on an island.

You don't need creep to spawn a nydus worm exit. Put a nydus net in your main, float your overlord over to an island, once you have sight on the island you can spawn the exit there and INSTANTLY move your units over there. All you need is the Lair, which you should be getting fairly quickly anyway.

Why do people say Zerg have good map control? - StarCraft II Forums

IMO, the Nydus Network is extremely underutilized. Seeing as all you need is line of sight, you can run a ling just about anywhere, pop a worm up and then cruise your units across the map in a heartbeat. Not to mention that you can load units into the network from any worm or the network itself and pop them out at any exit, its not a 1 to 1 thing like the Nydus Canal from SC1. With mobility and numbers you should have vision of every critical position on the map, with this knowledge combined with your skill you can see things coming like the slow and powerfull MMM ball, or see a void ray armada on the move, and prepare an ambush or counter attack to pull him back.

It can't really be summed up in a forum, it comes from lots of practice. It is VERY important to know when to go full swarm and attack with all your units, doing this at the wrong time can be gg for a zerg. That is good and all, but once again, the point of my post is that Zerg go through more trouble for the same thing. Terran could just build and fly a command center there. Either race can airlift non-supply creating units there and air drop.