Pierre Meinrad Hebga, philosophie et anthropologie (French Edition)

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Related Content. Is writing about peace after the Rwandan Genocide self-defeating?

ONIROLOGIE - Definition and synonyms of onirologie in the French dictionary

Whether it is the intensity of the massacres, the popularity of the genocide, or the imaginary forms of cruelty, however one looks at it, everything in the Rwandan Genocide appears to defy once again the possibility of thinking peace anew. In order to address this problem, this book investigates the work of specific French and Rwandese philosophers in order to renew our understanding of peace today.

Through this path-breaking investigation, peace no longer stands for an ideal in the future, but becomes a structure of inter-subjectivity that guarantees that the violence of language always prevails over any other form of violence. This book is the very first monograph in philosophy related to the events of in Rwanda. Editors: Heinz Kimmerle and Franz M.

For the time being African philosophy is treated regularly in research and in teaching at two European scientific institutions: at the University of Vienna and at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In October there have been held two conferences of Western and African philosophers at both universities.

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Eleven African and nine Western scholars participated as speakers in these conferences. Four African speakers gave lectures at the Vienna and at the Rotterdam conference.

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The Vienna conference dealt with general questions of postcolonial philosophy in Africa. The conference at Rotterdam focused on the processes of democratization in African countries since This volume contains the papers of both conferences. Evil and the State: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Editors: Kiran Sarma and Ben Livings.

Processes of Localization in a Catholic Charismatic Movement in Cameroon

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QUEST: An African Journal of Philosophy / Revue Africaine de Philosophie

Pages: 1—8. Pages: 9— Pages: 41— Pages: 71— Pages: 93— Pages: — Biographical Note Ludovic Lado , D. Students of Religionswissenschaft , sociology, anthropology, political science, and history, as well as policy makers and leaders of various kinds of religious bodies or institutions will be engaged with it.