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This is a list of fictional diaries categorized by type, including fictional works in diary form, diaries appearing in fictional works, and hoax diaries. The first category, fictional works in diary form, lists fictional works where the story, or a major part of the story, is told in the form of a character's diary.

Fictionalised diaries set during distinct historical periods or events have been used since at least the s to bring history to life for young people. The form is also frequently used for fiction about adult women's lives, [5] some notable examples being Bridget Jones's Diary , The Color Purple , and Pamela. The second category lists fictional works that are not written in diary form, but in which a character keeps a diary, or a diary is otherwise featured as part of the story.

Some common uses for diaries in fiction are to reveal to the reader material that is concealed from other characters, to divulge information about past events, or as a device to provide real or false evidence to investigators in mystery or crime fiction. The third category lists hoax diaries, that were presented as being true diaries of real people when first published, but were later discovered to be fiction. Go Ask Alice , the first of a number of books by Beatrice Sparks purported to be based on diaries of real teenagers, was originally presented by Sparks as the non-fictional diary of an anonymous teenage girl, [7] but was later classified by publishers as fiction.

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At last night, suddenly the doorbell rang, and who was there? The police! I pressed my hands to my face then and I called you, oh God, and you heard me. It was a policeman from our old village and he let himself be bribed. I reminded him of the good times, the friends, the revels, and somehow it worked. Bulus came on Friday and left today! She warned me not to take this relationship too seriously. It would be all over then. Why am I so angry, really? Is it because of what Bulus said?

No, I do still want him to be my husband. I think perhaps God will listen to my heartfelt, girlish request. Yes, may it happen! God, may my dreams keep coming true. After Bulus left, I dreamed I had an all-night argument with Zygus. Maybe I will be unhappy. But am I ready to give up on my dream? It was his birthday today. I gave him a collection of poems and he was so touched! He said for us to survive this war without splitting up. Do I want that, too?

How good that he understands this. Poems connect souls and elevate love. God, thank you and may my dreams come true. They are closing our quarter; they are moving people out of town; there are persecutions, unlawfulness. How can you be in love for 18 months? Everything is real, pulsating, seething with life and love and youth. I feel as though I were riding a chariot or racing into the wind and rain.

I might dissolve in my own tenderness, my own affection. Today I was really ready to strangle him, but what would I do then? Stupid, mad, wonderful dreams! May Some miles from Przemysl, in Treblinka, Nazis order the construction of an extermination camp. In the two years Nazis operate it, , to , people will be killed there. I spent the day with Nora today. Her attitude toward love is light, while mine is serious. She says that will make me unhappy.

After our conversation, I was exhausted and had a headache. And this ghetto, this situation, this war Some kind of fever has taken over the city. The specter of the ghetto has returned. Lord, forgive me.

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But my soul was so embittered that I felt like maybe that would be for the best. Mamma writes us that children are being taken away into forced labor. She told me to pack. She wants to be with us and at the same time she wants to send Daddy an official letter asking for divorce. They will never patch it up. Her husband will be a stranger. And Daddy wrote to me that he was not sure if he would ever see me again! Daddy, you are an unlucky Jew, just like me, locked away in the ghetto.

Holy God, can you save me? Can you save them? All of them. Oh, please, work a miracle! Life is so miserable. But my heart still fills with sorrow, when I think What awaits us in the future? Oh, God Almighty! I had a good, filling dinner—and I feel so terrible. And Zygus? You might even have more children. And Mamma, so dear, will be with some man who is a stranger to me.

The man I will be with will be a stranger to her. Life brings people together and then separates them. Yesterday Z. I feel like his little daughter and I like it oh so much! Something has been bothering me terribly the last few days.

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I know she doubts whether Z. I know it; I can feel it. And Zygus sometimes says something without realizing it and it hurts me so badly. Sometimes, when it bothers me too much, I think about running away. That would mean giving up my soul. When Z. Such a shame the month is about to pass. The nights are filled with stars. Now I know what the word ecstasy means. For the first time, I felt this longing to become one, to be one body and To bite and kiss and squeeze until blood shows.

And Zygus talked about a house and a car and about being the best man for me. June Some 5, Jews from several other Polish towns are deported to Przemysl. I desire with every tiny bit of my body, my thoughts, my imagination. Even the most innocent book stirs me up. Ah, I struggle with such disgusting dreams. My greed for life makes me fierce. Nora and I went for a long walk deep into the quarter and we talked. She was the first person I told. I realized that burden was what had been tormenting me. I felt at peace. Wherever I look, there is bloodshed.

Such terrible pogroms. There is killing, murdering. God Almighty, for the umpteenth time I humble myself in front of you, help us, save us! Lord God, let us live, I beg You, I want to live! Panic in the city. We fear a pogrom; we fear deportations. Oh God Almighty! Help us! Take care of us; give us your blessing. We will persevere, Zygus and I, please let us survive the war. Take care of all of us, of the mothers and children. June 18, The Gestapo rounds up more than 1, Jewish men in Przemysl and sends them to the Janowska labor camp.

God saved Zygus. They were taking people away all night long. They rounded up 1, boys. There are so many victims, fathers, mothers, brothers. Forgive us our trespasses, listen to us, Lord God! This was a terrible night, too terrible to describe. But Zygus was here, my sweet one, sweet and loving. It was so good; we cuddled and kissed endlessly. It really was so delightfully pleasant that it was worth all the suffering. Yesterday there was a kind of pogrom in our quarter.

Bulus wrote and told me to leave the city with Zygus. It would be so delightful, so sweet! But nowadays even the biggest absurdity can come true. Good, peaceful, quiet, blessed Saturday evening. My soul has calmed down. Because I snuggled against him, he caressed me and made me feel like his tiny little daughter. I forgot everything bad. I could lie snuggled against him for a long, long time. Zygus tells me bad things. He tells me sweet things, too. Zygus is also at his most beautiful then.

The Judenrat includes doctors, lawyers, rabbis and business leaders. We feared it and then it finally happened. The ghetto. The notices went out today. Great Lord God, have mercy. I saw a happy-looking couple today. Zygus, my darling, when will we go on an outing like theirs? I love you as much as she loves him. I would look at you the same way. Only members of the Judenrat and their families are allowed to temporarily remain in homes outside the ghetto. Any- one assisting or giving shelter to Jews is threatened with execution.

Remember this day; remember it well. You will tell generations to come. I live here now. The days are terrible and the nights are not at all better. Every day brings more casualties and I keep praying to you, God Almighty, to let me kiss my dear mamma. Oh, Great One, give us health and strength.


Let us live. Hope is shriveling so fast. There are fragrant flowers in front of the house, but who needs flowers? Lord, please protect his dear head. God, let me hug my dear mamma. You probably want to know what a closed-off ghetto looks like. Pretty ordinary. Barbed wire all around, with guards watching the gates a German policeman and Jewish police. Leaving the ghetto without a pass is punishable by death. Inside, there are only our people, close ones, dear ones. Outside, there are strangers. My soul is so very sad. My heart is seized with terror. I missed Zygus so much today.

I thought about him all the time. After all, we face such a terrible situation.

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Days go by. Evenings are the most pleasant. We sit in the yard in front of the house, we talk, joke and—breathing in the fragrance of the garden—I manage to forget that I live in the ghetto, that I have so many worries, that I feel lonely and poor, that Z. Here, in the yard, doves coo. I was on the verge of tears three times today. I blamed the living conditions, but love can flourish anywhere. And yet, shadows always flit on my path.

Where do those shadows come from? My heart aches so badly. Irka said she would stop by. What for? The world is good to us, even in the ghetto. Now I will have sweet thoughts about everything! Tomorrow Nora is turning I promised to buy her a wonderful camera when we leave here and to go hiking in the mountains, to make my friend happy. That would make me happy, too.

July 20, German authorities demand 1. I have to write to silence the pain. Such a terrible, grim time. We expect families to be taken away. Not a word from Mamma or Daddy. I have tears in my eyes from grief and the tips of my fingers are tingling with anger. It will always be the same. I cover my ears with my hands and close my eyes.

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My dreams are sweet. July 24, The Judenrat in Przemysl is allowed to issue 5, stamped work permits that will temporarily save those ghetto residents from deportation. Dear God, help us. The city is in danger. But I still have faith. My faith is deep and I beg you. You will help us, Bulus and God. The Jewish Ghetto Police came last night. Terrible times have come. Mamma, you have no idea how terrible. I trust, because this morning a bright ray of sunshine came through all this darkness.

It was sent by my Mamma in a letter, in the form of a wonderful photograph of her. And when she smiled at me from the photo, I thought that Holy God has us in his care! Even in the darkest moments there is something that can make us smile. Mamma, pray for us. I send you lots of kisses. My dear diary, my good, beloved friend! I could be afraid now. Hear, O, Israel, save us, help us. Help me survive! And you, my dear mamma, pray for us today, pray hard.

Think about us and may your thoughts be blessed. My dearest, one and only, such terrible times are coming. I love you with all my heart. I love you; we will be together again. God, protect us all and Zygmunt and my grandparents and Ariana. God, into Your hands I commit myself. This nearly seven hundred-page journal by Renia Spiegel, which spans the years to the summer of , presents a powerful insight into the life of a young woman whose life was tragically cut short shy of her eighteenth birthday.

July 27, Lt. Albert Battel of the Wehrmacht takes an unusual stand against the deportation of Jews from Przemysl. He uses Army trucks to rescue up to Jewish armament workers, along with their families, sheltering them from deportation to the Belzec death camp. My dear parents have also been refused work permit stamps. I swear to God and history that I will save the three people who are dearest to me, even if it costs me my own life. You will help me, God! My parents were lucky to get into the city. Renia had to leave the factory. I had to find her a hiding place at any cost.

I have finally succeeded. The Aktion [mass deportation] was prevented because of a dispute between the army and the Gestapo. I cannot describe everything that has gone on for the last three days. I have no energy for that after 12 hours of running around the city. I have a terribly difficult task. I have to save so many people without having any protection for myself, or any help from others. This burden rests on my shoulders alone. I have taken Ariana to the other side.

Today everything will be decided. I will gather all my mental and physical strength and I will achieve my goals. Or I will die trying. I decided to risk my document, because I thought it was my last chance to save Renuska. No luck! They threatened to send me to the Gestapo. After a lot of begging, they finally withdrew that threat. But that forgery cost me my job managing military quarters. Oh, gods! Such horror! It was all for nothing! The drama lasted one hour. Have I just slaughtered myself?! admin