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For instance, in Isaiah , the title is applied to Cyrus the Great, the shah-in-shah of the Achaemenid Empire, who freed the Jews from captivity in Babylon after he captured the city in BCE and allowed them to return home to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. Now that we have that covered, we can proceed to explain where the phrase "Jesus H. Christ" most likely comes from. Most Christians are familiar with the Chi Rho monogram.

If you are not familiar with it, here it is:. It is a sort of clever abbreviation that was used by early Christians to signify "Jesus" without having to write out his full name.

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Here is one form of it:. They concluded that the J must stand for "Jesus" and the C must stand for "Christ," but then no one could figure out what the H stood for. Apparently, some people just concluded, "Hey, I guess H must be his middle initial! Eventually, the phrase "Jesus H.

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Christ" became something of a joke and it began to be used as a mild expletive. In his autobiography, the American author Mark Twain a. Samuel Langhorne Clemens; lived — observed that the phrase was already in common use when he was still a young lad. Twain tells a humorous anecdote of how, in around , when he was apprenticed to a printer, the evangelical preacher Alexander Campbell, the leader of the "Restoration Movement," ordered the printer to whom the young Samuel Clemens was apprenticed to print some pamphlets for one of his sermons. Unfortunately, the printer accidentally dropped a few words and, in order to avoid having to reset three whole pages of text, made space to fill in the missing words by abbreviating the name "Jesus Christ" to simply "J.

The pious Reverend Campbell, however, insisted that the printer must not "diminish" the name of the Lord; he insisted that he needed to include the full name, even if it meant resetting three whole pages of already set text. The printer reset the text, but, because he was annoyed by the reverend, instead of changing the text of the pamphlet to say simply "Jesus Christ," he changed it to say "Jesus H.

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It is important to note that Mark Twain's story is not the origin of the phrase, but it is an early piece of evidence of the phrase being used. This post originally appeared on Quora.

Jacksonville PA announcer Mitchell balances duties with new rules

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Baseball's relationship with the infinite remains in good standing -- after all, a game could theoretically last forever -- but temporality has caught up to it in the form of the pitch clock. The implementation of the pitch clock within all Double-A and Triple-A leagues this season, at the behest of Major League Baseball, has been and will remain a compelling story. Baseball, the eternal game, is finally attempting to pick up the pace a little bit. The clocks, which have been installed both behind the plate and in the outfield at all 60 Double-A and Triple-A ballparks, count down 20 seconds between pitches as well as two minutes and 25 seconds between innings.

This all takes some getting used to, and not just for the individuals on the field.

Clock of the Long Now: Time and Responsibility: The Ideas Behind the World's Slowest Computer

It starts with the man or woman who's got to operate the thing, and at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville -- the home of the Suns -- that man is public address announcer Wes Mitchell. I caught up with Wes prior to April 18's Southern League game, which was the ninth contest of an eventual game, season-opening homestand. Mitchell, now in his fourth season as the Suns' PA announcer, sits on the far left side of the Suns press box.

Directly in front of him is his microphone, which is surrounded by a small, unruly stack of papers listing the starting lineups, roster information and the evening's game script. Beyond these, but still at arm's length, sits a black tablet computer from which Mitchell controls the game clock. It's entirely touchscreen; numbers can be entered manually or selected from commonly used pre-sets, with the all-important "start," "stop," and "reset" buttons located vertically along the right side of the screen.

Non alcoholic drinks Beer, wine, and cocktails available for purchase at the bar. O que levar.

Prague Astronomical Clock – Prague, Czechia - Atlas Obscura

Camera is recommended, and raincoat or umbrella if weather is poor. We will be in the heart of Gastown at the famous Revel Room Supper Club which is famous for its southern style hospitality, boogie piano happy hour, and nightly live music shows. From there we will take a short walking tour to Gastown's iconic steam clock with horologist Ray Saunders, who designed and built the clock.

We will then return to the Revel Room for lunch, music, and conversation. Pontos importantes. Saiba mais. Comunique-se sempre pelo Airbnb.