Catholic Perspectives on Peace and War

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Las obreras que voltearon al zar. Rota, se camina igual. Pagina anterior Proxima pagina. Verifica si tu eReader es compatible con Bajalibros. Artboard Mi Carrito. Subtotal 0 Libros. All the early fathers wrote as if the prophecy of Isaiah and Micah had come true in their midst. They took great pride that their way of loving their enemies was making converts to Christianity in great numbers.

The Origins of War

Tertullian, the crusty lawyer from North Africa, converted to Christianity after he witnessed their bravery under persecution. He later wrote in On Idolatry , "When Peter cut off Malchus' ear, Jesus 'cursed the works of the sword for ever after. Nonviolent action The sparkling, fascinating sign of the times that supports and illuminates the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount is the recent track record of nonviolent action campaigns.

Given the last 60 years of experimentation with nonviolence -- as Gandhi predicted -- Christians are beginning to see that as violence continues its wasteful, ineffective way, there is indeed an alternative worth embracing. We have witnessed the achievements, against all odds, of nonviolent campaigns across the globe -- in Poland, East Germany, South Africa, the Philippines, Serbia, Tunisia and our own civil rights struggle.

Force and respecting human life

And we are now beginning to hear the witness of Christians from all over the world, especially from the global South, who are harnessing the power of coordinated nonviolent action in multiple small settings to achieve marvelous results. Increasingly, research is validating the superiority of nonviolence over violence in terms of effectiveness.

Erica Chenoweth, a professor at the University of Colorado, demonstrates that nonviolent resistance campaigns over the last 50 years have been twice as effective as violent campaigns in achieving their intended results. In addition, the regimes that have been established through nonviolent means are much more likely to remain at peace after their struggles. Leaders of the Catholic church, due to the church's global presence, are able to hear the many stories of nonviolent successes from the grassroots. It is no surprise that Catholic church leadership is emboldened to proclaim the Sermon on the Mount and the message of positive peacemaking all the more loudly and confidently.

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Now is the time to embrace and practice that message church-wide and parish-deep. Rynne teaches peace studies at Marquette University.

Days of fasting and prayer

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  • Why is the Catholic church moving away from just war theory? Apr 9, Young people wear peace flags in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican in May This story appeared in the April , print issue under the headline: A vision of peace. Join the Conversation Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. Enter your email address to receive free newsletters from NCR. Email address.

    Catholic Perspectives on Peace and War de Thomas A. Shannon -

    Perspective Why is the Catholic church moving away from just war theory? Cardinal Burke cuts ties with institute, citing its alignment with Bannon Jun 25, English bishops praise ruling that mentally disabled woman can give birth Jun 25, Purging silence: Vatican expands abuse prevention to lay movements Jun 25, Pope names administrator for Lyon as cardinal appeals conviction Jun 25, Court overturns conviction of death-row inmate for jury selection bias Jun 25, Copy Desk Daily, June 25, Jun 25, Before I take on clericalism, I will say: I love being a priest Jun 25, Pope announces themes for upcoming World Youth Day celebrations Jun 24, Mexican priest accused of murder after celebrating victim's funeral Mass Jun 20, On the other hand, just war can also be waged against a country that refuses to punish adequately its own citizens who acted unjustly against an offended nation.

    In other words, according to Saint Augustine, just war can be waged when recovering goods or legitimate situations or when restoring order and justice violated by a people. Saint Bernard, the great troubadour of Our Lady, the meek mellifluous Church Doctor, was also a great orator and preacher of the Crusades, He was the official preacher of the Second Crusade. What then? I do not mean to say that the pagans are to be slaughtered when there is any other way to prevent them from harassing and persecuting the faithful, but only that it now seems better to destroy them than that the rod of sinners be lifted over the lot of the just, and the righteous perhaps put forth their hands unto iniquity.

    Saint Thomas Aquinas built upon and further developed the teachings of the Church concerning just war. This greatest of all Church Doctors developed and completed the doctrine of just war in several aspects. The military profession must have as its goal defending the public good, the poor and oppressed, the cult due to God, and the Church. Soldiers are therefore instruments of legitimate authority which prevents or punishes, even with death, the misdeeds of criminals.

    Such actions are virtuous when motivated by the love of justice and charity. For soldiers to fight in just wars, the saint explained, supernatural or divine help, which are the Virtues, is needed.

    Why is the Catholic church moving away from just war theory?

    The first such virtue is fortitude, a supernatural help that makes man more courageous and perseverant in the fight. Hence Augustine says Contra Faust.

    Northern Ireland's Troubles - Walls of Shame

    Theologians after Saint Thomas like Francisco de Vitoria and Francisco Suarez completed the Scholastic theory of just war with the principle of proportionality:. Besides a just cause, a summons by legitimate authority, and a right intention, these theologians teach there must be a balance between the good to be recovered or preserved, the unjust situation to be remedied or prevented, and the evils that necessarily come in the wake of war, particularly the number of deaths. These theologians point out that the need for justification applies only to offensive not defensive war, since the principle of legitimate defense in the face of an attack is evident.

    The above-mentioned doctrine of the Fathers, Doctors of the Church and theologians, was accepted and incorporated in the Magisterium of the Church as taught by the popes over the centuries. Order and peace can have recourse to force.