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All organisations strive to be successful. Some fail, some achieve periods of success but ultimately fade from view, and a few achieve sustainable success, gaining deserved respect and admiration. The European Foundation for Quality Management was formed to recognise and promote sustainable success and to provide guidance to those seeking to achieve it. Using these three integrated components has helped organisations of all sizes and from all sectors to compare themselves with the attributes, qualities and achievements of sustainable organisations. They can use them to develop a culture of excellence, bring consistency to their management style, access good practices, drive innovation and improve their results.

Used appropriately, the EFQM Excellence Model, with the associated RADAR logic and Fundamental Concepts, ensures that all the management practices used by an organisation form a coherent system that is continually improved and delivers the intended strategy for the organisation.

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The Excellence Model has wide applicability to organisations in all sectors, of any size, in all stages of development. It can be used in a bite-sized format or for organisations seeking to understand some or all of their activities. It is possible for the Excellence Model to be facilitated by one individual. Many organisations that have used the Excellence Model often form a small cross-functional team 3—4 people to lead.

Good relationships with staff will ease the process as they are likely to be involved in some fashion in undertaking the Excellence Model. These will vary depending on how the organisation approaches the Excellence Model.

The EFQM Excellence Model

In general no specialist skills are required although many organisations seek outside training for staff in using the framework or choose to engage an external facilitator to guide the process. Strategic thinking and analytical skills will be useful. Familiarity with software packages will enable the organisation to use BQFsnapshot for working through the Excellence Model, but this is optional. Once learnt, self-assessment against the Excellence Model can be completed very quickly — within days for a very basic assessment.

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However, as a diagnostic tool it highlights areas for action and the time needed to address those action points will vary among organisations and may take several months. Organisations can involve paid and voluntary staff, service users, customers and other stakeholders in the process. Part of the logic behind the Excellence Model is regular assessment and review.

It is a not-for-profit membership foundation based in Brussels and was set up in by the CEOs of large European businesses. Provides a review of quality models, including the EFQM Excellence Model, its background, method, benefits and limitations. We offer tailored on-site training and briefings on SROI, Theory of Change, measuring social impact, commissioning for outcomes and co-production, Total Contribution, measuring local economic impact, community economic development, the social value of research, and more.

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Clients include local authorities, universities, public health services, NDPBs, charities, community groups, membership bodies, and responsible businesses. Find out more here.

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The EFQM Model

Primary purpose Summary Potential benefits Who can use the tool? What resources are needed?

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Development, ownership and support Third sector examples Further sources of information Footnotes Primary purpose The European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM Excellence Model , is a self-assessment framework for measuring the strengths and areas for improvement of an organisation across all of its activities. They give examples of: Questionnaires based upon the Model. A workshop approach where evidence is gathered from across the organisation on how the nine criteria are being met.