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Jobs are accumulating in dense urban areas, he explained. People — especially highly educated people — are simply more productive when they cluster in places like Austin. People in Austin are creating the stuff everybody will be buying next year. The city is insanely productive, just as Porter described. And that has profound economic consequences. We now live in La Grange, Texas, pop.

Growing up in Rural Areas Appears to Decrease Incarceration Rate

That was for, and from, 18 people. And we know how to share. Porter would say the ability to put on a pitch-in dinner has very little to do with economic productivity. Community effects can increase or decrease crime. They affect graduation rates at local schools. It turns out that rural communities are very good at producing people who earn more than the national average when they grow up.

And rural communities are particularly good at keeping the kids who are raised there out of jail.

Rural by Choice: Karen Fasimpaur

In three out of four rural counties, children who grew up in poor families went on to earn more than the national average by the time they were On the other hand, only 29 percent of central city counties had the same beneficial impact on poor children. The reasons for this remarkable upward mobility by rural kids have everything to do with place and community.

Yes, the economy is growing in dense cities. The same is true when the measures are marriage rates or incarceration rates.

Yonder Staff (Uganda)

We can all speculate on why Porter and others discount the economic worth of rural communities. Last Saturday, we joined a community Posada in La Grange. Search Advanced search….

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Yonder Mountain String Band: Growing Up and Dreaming Big | Concert Preview

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Lievo Start date Sep 13, Lievo Member Finnish. Hi Are the words yon and yonder totally interchangeable or are there any differences between them? In my experience, yonder is archaic; yon is both archaic and poetic. Southern AE greatly modified by a 1st-generation Scottish-American mother, and growing up abroad.

They are interchangeable to me-- except that in most situations to me at least, since I write with my ear one or the other will be clearly preferable for reasons of cadence.

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Does a one-syllable word sound better? Or a two. Yon is more archaic and yonder is more dialectical. So you'll find yon in set phrases like "hither and yon," and in hoary quoates like "but soft-- what light on yon window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!

Yonder Mountain String Band co-founder goes solo -- and on tour | CPR

Yonder is still alive in some varieties of English my Scottish husband uses it, for example. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say yon in ordinary conversation.

Yonder - Ep. 1 - Slime Rancher Meets Stardew Valley! - Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Gameplay

Loob said:. It's actually: But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? admin