LinkedIn: A Practical Guide to Optimizing Profile Views

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Utilize tools like Twitalyzer or Bitly. Remember that short and to the point works best. According to a study done by TrackSocial , the tweets with a higher percentage of engagement are those that contain between characters. Stay active! With the Bulk Scheduling feature, you can program content for a whole month in just minutes with a spreadsheet. The minimum size requirement is x pixels. The minimum size requirement is by pixels. Photo of Shared link: x px. Featured Photo: x px. Allow your passions to be communicated in your headline.

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Photo: You absolutely must have a professional photo on your profile! According to LinkedIn, profiles with a professional photo are 14 times more likely to be viewed by recruiters, which can lead to more connections and increased visibility in your industry. Choose a photo in which you are clearly seen in and either wearing professional or job-related attire. Profiles without photos, may reflect poorly as they seem like fake accounts.

Profiles with inappropriate photos give a negative impression to their viewers. Contact Info: Enter an email that is dedicated specifically to business, that is appropriately named. Connect your account to Twitter or Facebook if you see fit.

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I would recommend only linking it if you have a professional presence on Twitter and Facebook. This feature can be found in settings. You can also post a link to an independent website. Only post your cell phone number if you are interested in taking calls. It is likely a good idea to customize your URL so that it is easily shareable.

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A customized URL is highly preferred by most LinkedIn users because it is more professional in appearance and it provides you with the opportunity to post the link in your email signature, business card, social profiles and other websites. Example: www. Profile Summary: Your summary is the section in which you get to tell viewers about yourself. I have seen many accounts with and without summaries, but in order to have an optimized and professional account it is highly recommended to include a summary.

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LinkedIn has stated that the inclusion of a summary will likely draw more viewers to your account. A summary will also help to optimize your accounts as it can increase the keywords in the account which can draw more views from recruiters and potential prospects. It does not have to be lengthy and complicated. It is often better to create a small and simple summary that briefly informs your audience about yourself and your use of LinkedIn.

Listing experiences, posting pictures or documents resume, work sample, link to a website , famous quotes, and goals on LinkedIn are excellent items to include in your summary. In addition, if you are looking to have people contact you, add your contact information in your summary. Typical contact information would be an email address and link to your website. Education: This section allows you to add the institutions you attended, programs of study, grade point average, dates attended, honors and awards, diploma earned, and a summary of your time at the school.

Write a small summary of your time at the school, highlighting the positive aspects.

This is extremely important for college students and interns. LinkedIn also allows you to enter the courses that you have taken at each institution and each job. You can enter the title of course and course code. LinkedIn has continued to work to improve this section and is helping young people to network.

Experience: LinkedIn can essentially serve as a virtual resume or lead generation tool. In this section, you are able to elaborate and mention far more information than you could in a simple resume. It is important to fill in all of the fields as this will help to provide an extensive look into your work history, which will likely provide you with more opportunity. Fill in your position, company, dates of employment, location and a summary of responsibilities. It is also suggested to add some background information about the company. For business owners and freelancers, a complete and well-written account can help you to build credibility and be found by clients seeking your services.

Since many LinkedIn account are either poorly written or barely completed, recruiters will be impressed to see an account that is complete and written objectively.

You can also list the causes that you support. Many recruiters consider applicants with volunteer experience so LinkedIn encourages its members to fill out that section. In organizations relevant to your position or future goals. Any certifications mentioned will be helpful and could potentially increase your profile views.

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