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It is time for a change of vessel, route, captain and crew. This nonsensical Columbus does not lead us to any new world. This caravel leads to the Sargasso Sea, the imaginary corner of the Mariana Trench. That is what they are saying in the streets. Because the streets are now saying what politicians, gagged by the operators of the system, can no longer say.

Was Chile not the model to follow blindly? Let the brave Araucanian and the fortunately stubborn students speak. London is amazed that there are children among the vandalized protesters.

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How could there not be teenagers and children if they have been suckled on violence since the TV-nanny caught them, if they have seen in the most "successful" films that the beheading, the butchering, the blowing up in scores and machine-gunning of people by bands is a "grandiose spectacle"? The system did not foresee, among many other things, that in making heroes out of lawless monsters they were building lawless monsters that would someday emerge to imitate their idols. Neither did it anticipate that by lowering wages and condemning entire generations to live on credit it was crafting its own insolvency.

It had no way to foresee this because the governments operating the system were doing the very same thing. Capitalism, as we have known it, has stopped working.

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It may get a truce, a delay, or yet more makeup, but its end is near. That the end be peaceful, that the transition is not confused with chaos, will depend on the Los Indignados, but above all, on the causers of so much indignation. The people are fed up, but more fed up is planet Earth. The people are fed up, fed up are the forests, the seas disgusted, Alaska is on the warpath, Antarctica is offended, and the air, full of ash, will in the end, if all continues to be the same, turn off the sunlight: The end of an era even if it sounds dated to the tweeters.

It is not possible to live without values, without big dreams, without fellow man, without the modesty that should always impose on us our being transient tenants of a living rock which shelters us only under certain conditions. Neanderthal Capitalism has clashed with nature. It has not been satisfied with kicking its servants, the workers, around. It has had to make fun of nature, and of course, nature has begun to send it its invoice.

In view of all that, how pale our politics seem and how faded most of our press. The Chinese empire ended, and ended twice, if I may say so, like the Russian empire. Rome ended in rubble. History is the equivalent of the yellow pages of all the dead empires and all their faded arrogance. The current international order has begun to sink for real while its leading power lives on credit, checked by a clinically imbecilic political right wing.

And here we are concerned with what the hell will happen with the cousin of first lady Nadine who was named to head the tax authority, Sunat. Design and implementation of forestation and plantation projects using arboreal species ideal for biomass as a source of energy, through the international transfer of in vitro reproduction of these species for their rapid adaptation to Peruvian soils and climates. Business consulting services. Director of Admission, Registration, and Academic Support. Center for Financial Studies.

Professor Researcher. General Consultant. Ingemedios S. Selected Hotel Management Software System and supervised the corresponding personnel training and implementation process. National Bureau of the Census in the national census. Portland, OR. Effected business plan review and editing. Prepared an eight-year PC Excel financial forecast for their U. Designed a marketing video and supervised its production. Conducted all company contract negotiations including for mergers and acquisitions, and for manufacturing equipment lease purchases.

Designed and supervised the finance and accounting function. Prepared a pro-forma securities private placement prospectus. Conducted a review of its new administrative and sales MIS that resulted in critical improvements to the company's operating capacity at the sales and administrative management end. Negotiated new service rates and provided key input in other vital contract areas. Designed and administered the human resources function. Conducted the purchasing function.

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Handled the parent company's orderly shutdown. Proposed and developed a cooperative marketing arrangement with a large local bookkeeping and tax return preparation company capitalizing on the needs and opportunities presented by the Tax Reform Act of Initiated the company's use of microcomputers for finance and accounting management, financial modeling, and decision making. Designed and administered the human resources function for vessel crewing and staffing.

Designed and administered the ship-maintenance function. Proposed and obtained approval from the American Bureau of Shipping, for structural modifications to a 25, M. Budgeting, purchasing, training, and consulting. Participation temporarily suspended at my request. Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands. Masters Student. Master of Philosophy. Tulane University School of Engineering. New Orleans, LA. Major in EE. Freeman School of Business. Peruvian Naval Academy.

La Punta, Callao. Command Naval Officer Training Program. Flag Bearer, Honors. Centro de Estudios Financieros. Profesor Investigador. Consultor General. Socio y Vice Presidente. Ambiotec Solutions S. Hotel de la Borda. Nasca, Ica. Western Michigan University. Kalamazoo, MI National Bureau of the Census en el censo nacional del Vice Presidente. Sub-Gerente General. Consorcio Peruano de Ahorro Previo S.

Cápsula 1: La Cazuela - Introducción al Pensamiento Sistémico

Gerente de Negocios y Jefe de Finanzas. Marine Terminal Computer Systems, Inc. San Francisco, CA. Ejecutivo de Cuentas - Representante de Mercadeo y Ventas. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. Gerente de Procesamiento de Datos. Maastricht School of Management, Holanda. Programa Master of Philosophy. Programa para Oficiales de Comando. No nos detendremos en nuestra labor de consolidar la oferta exportable agroalimentaria, de pesca, de confecciones, y de servicios.

Nakayama Inc. Se exhibieron productos de las empresas, Ecoinca S. C, Eko Business S.

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C, Quechua Foods S. C, Ecoandino S.

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C, Chocolates Helena S. C, Kusi Healthy Food S. C, Optima S. Santiago Queirolo S. Este escenario es ideal para que las pulpas de frutas peruanas conquisten el mercado californiano por su calidad y variedad.

1.1 Generalidades

Cabe resaltar que EE. Esta feria es el punto de encuentro de la industria agroalimentaria canadiense y la puerta de entrada hacia el mercado norteamericano e internacional. Asimismo se presentaron jugos naturales y una gran variedad de productos gourmet listos para consumir, tales como salsas y preparados de pimientos, alcachofa y albahaca entre otros.

En Santa Cruz, entretanto, se presentan oportunidades para la agroindustria, servicios, confecciones y alimentos. Also to promote Peru as a tourist destination with great and varied attractions, music, dance and gastronomy to suit all tastes. Each international fair or business roundtable, represents dozens of buyers and markets and millions of dollars in sales that the companies manage to place. So too tuna, bonito, scallops, shrimp and paiche.

In the first case, organic foods and in the second, foods in general. We will not cease in our efforts to consolidate the exportable supply of agro-alimentary, fishery, apparel, and service products. A second event took place in Beijing on May 4 and 5 and consisted of a trade mission with Peruvian entrepreneurs. The third activity will be the Seoul Food and Hotel fair on the 12th, 13th and 14th of this month where the exportable supply of non-traditional products, with which Peru is looking to expand into the Asian market, will be promoted.

Consumers in this continent have shown great interest in organic products originating in Peru. China for example is an important buyer of maca, due to the increasing demand which exists from the population. There is also preference for sacha inchi, sacha inchi snacks, quinoa powder, chocolates in various presentations , dehydrated aguaymanto and others. During their visit to China last March, representatives of SDF visited the cities of Shanghai, Weifang, Suzhou and others in the provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu, where they identified several opportunities in the textile sector.

Although China is characterized as a large scale manufacturer, it has niches which comprise specialized manufacturers, whose focus is on high quality products. It is In this segment where opportunities were found with low piling acrylic textiles, known for not affecting the skin. In this regard, the Peruvian Trade Office in Tokyo OCEX Tokyo has identified an interesting market niche for Peruvian bananas in that country, which could boost growth in exports of this fruit. Japanese brand includes in its collection alpaca garments by Puno weavers Various garments produced by weavers from Puno were presented at the fashion collection of the Japanese company Nakayama Inc.

During the event, the Peruvian Trade Office in Tokyo OCEX Tokyo , worked on promoting the alpaca fiber to position it as a high quality product that enjoys the preference of thousands of consumers worldwide. The products stood out for their high quality and good finishes, as well as for their original design in line with the fashion trends in Japan. Additionally, the OCEX Tokyo is in search of Japanese buyers from specialty stores aiming to diversify the offers to their customers.

Also, this company is invited to participate in the fair Peru Moda , together with its principal Sazaby League, which owns major Japanese brands that have transcended to other countries as is the case of Ron Herman and that in addition have an important network of stores in Japan, most notably Afternoon Tea, which is already conducting promotions of Peruvian Pima cotton. It is important to note that economic growth in many countries has greatly increased environmental pollution.

In the case of India, the pollution indices are alarming, so much so that New Delhi has been considered last year as one of the most contaminated cities in the world. Air Travel magazine, which is distributed in VIP lounges at airports and on the flights of the main Chinese airlines, published in its April edition 7 full pages on the touristic attributes of Peru in a report called "Peru, Misterious Country of the Incas.

This magazine has a monthly circulation of , copies and its target audience comprises the first class and business class travelers on domestic flights at airports in the main Chinese cities. This study describes the design concept for the Systemic Protection Scheme SPS proposed to maintain the Ecuadorian power system's stability during potential critical faults, preventing a total or partial collapse of the National Interconnected System.

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