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Snake eyes Easy 8 Double 3's Hard 8. Ross whitens his teeth for his date with Hillary. In her apartment, she turns on her blacklight to "set the mood" and notices his teeth are so freakishly white that they glow.

Numbers Trivia

Ross uses the year as his defense against her blacklight. What year is it?


Logged in players can create a quiz and have their scores saved. In Terminator 2, Sarah Connor Incorrectly states that there are this many bones in the human body?

In Gran Torino, the car in question is what model year? In American Beauty, Ricky charges Lester this much money for the pot he buys?

Can you name the numerical answers for the movie questions provided?

In Rain Man, Raymond quickly counts this many toothpicks that have fallen on the floor? In Tin Cup, how many strokes does Roy shoot on the final hole of the U. In The Planet of the Apes , in what year is the film taking place? In Jaws, how much is the bounty that Mrs.

Kintner puts on the shark? In Jaws, how much does Quint say that he will catch the shark for?

In Jaws, how many shots does Chief Brody fire at the oxygen tank in the sharks mouth? In Scarface , how much is the Porche that Tony buys?

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In Goodfellas, how much money approximately do they steal in the Lufthansa heist? In Die Hard,approximately how much in bonds does Hans Gruber attempt to steal from the Nakatomi building? In Full Metal Jacket, what mm bullet does Pvt. Pyle kill Gny.

Trivia players gear up for 50th anniversary

Hartman with? In Glory, how many casualties did the 54th Massachusetts suffer in their first combat engagement? Harvey's ball club?

In Batman, how much does Vicki Vale tell Batman she weighs? Tough Quizzical Jun 13 01 plays. Very Easy clevercatz Aug 14 18 plays. Difficult ToeKneeK May 29 09 plays.


Easy zambesi Dec 23 16 plays. How Long Is a Piece of String? Average Aussiedrongo Jun 04 10 plays. Very Easy zambesi Oct 20 16 plays. Average eyhung Feb 15 13 plays.

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Average Computer Jul 16 16 plays. Tough Sarah Apr 20 05 plays. Numbers: Who or What Was or Is? Average jinnyjoe21 Feb 10 13 plays.