Adventures on the Quest: A Companion to The Quest

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Adventure Quest

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. It was so entertaining and fun to read!! I played a lot of KQ6 so I probably enjoyed that section the most, but they were all a lot of fun. And I did. It was a lot of fun. Now if they would just make a fun walkthrough like this for the recent reboot Who would have expected a series of walkthroughs to be so entertaining?

Over half the book consists of novelized walkthroughs for games I know there's one for KQ7 too, but that's in the the 4th edition, which costs 20 times more than this 3rd edition version that I was able to get my hands on, so, no Valanice game for me. These "guides" are broken up with incidental chapters that either expand the Daventry universe or give further hints to the players about how to proceed. Like detailing th Who would have expected a series of walkthroughs to be so entertaining?

Like detailing the spells in KQ3, with the necessary step-by-step instructions for how to make them without exploding into a Game Over plus observations on their values, pros, and cons. The second, slimmer half plays the walkthrough aspect a little more straight, being more clear directions on what to do and when.

It's got lots of really nifty maps some of which I'd drawn myself when I played the games , point rundowns, and, in the case of KQ6, the branching paths and some of the plot variations depending on player action. And I loved nearly every single page. Game manuals shouldn't be allowed to be this fun, and yet! So much effort went into this.

The King's Quest Companion (Covers Games I-VII)

It didn't need it, but they went with it. The author used a fun framing concept wherein the author claims that the fictitious universe actually exists and that it's just over your shoulder in a pocket universe that you could see if only you could turn your head fast enough. He claims to be getting mysterious emails from Daventry explaining the Actual Real Life History of the royal family and their peoples. We're probably buying this guide in '96 or whenever because the Sierra Phone Hintline is always busy and we can't figure out what the gnome's name is in KQ1 no matter how hard we try, or we just can't get full points in KQ2, and Gamefaqs doesn't exist yet.

We don't need adorable novelized walkthroughs, and we sure don't need a bizarre little framing device. But we got one and it gives everything such a nice flavor and earnestness.

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The author is at his best when he's not constrained by "go here go there" parts of the guide like, when Graham stumbles from screen to screen, going north then west then west again. Little side anecdotes about the characters and the chapters between the guides are often the best parts, because Spear gets to play with characters and setting more. Except the one that just lists all the gravestones. It started cute as a Tamir Travel Guide, but the gravestone font is hard to read and it lacks life [hehe] He uses a number of methods to tell the guides, from interviews to accounts told to the court scribe.

Some are stronger than others--the one from Valanice is okay, but somehow missing the spark that was so strong in KQ3's interview-first-person-style. The phrasing itself gets really Fantasy Melodramatic sometimes, in sort of a silly-fanfic way, but despite "The flames that blazed from its jaws had scorched deep the virgin rock" type sentences filling the text, it's still fun.

Sartar Companion - Chaosium Inc.

It gives it the sort of completely nonsensical tone a fantasy like this--wherein you defeat Dracula and steal porridge from the three bears of Goldilocks fame--should probably have. Even the straight walkthrough part has little side notes from the author to the player, like suggesting they save before playing the bone xylophone just because it's REALLY COOL and you might want to watch the animation again, guys! Or "waiting" for people with different versions of the game to catch up to where everyone else is e.

All in all, terrifically entertaining, if you know the games or not. If you can get your hands on it, of course, it being from the mid 90s and well out of print. Edit: I did eventually get my hands on the Princeless Bride guidebook: thoughts on it are here. Apr 17, Lora Shouse rated it it was amazing. What I liked about it was that it had the stories of all the games as stories in addition to the how-to guides for playing the games. Since we worked our way through all the games in painful detail my husband did most of the work on them; it got where it was kind of pointless for me to try and play any of them, since he would tell me every move to make I can vouch for the overall accuracy of both the stories and the guide portion.

As I understand it, the games either have recently been reissued or soon will be in updated form for the newest computers and operating systems by whoever owns the franchise now.

It is possible that there may be a few changes from previous versions. The author notes some differences between early versions of some of the games, and there may be more of the same in the reissued versions. When I finally did play some of the games it was like returning to old friends, since I'd already known the stories more than many players already did.

This is more than just some video game guide, this is a complete work of fiction, multiple short stories taking place in the same kingdom over years and years of adventures. It will only work on the Little Porings hopping around. If you're going to make them a cute pet, you must take care of your Little Poring! Even before that Ghostring came along, the Little Porings were kind of cowardly since they've never been out in the real world, sort of like norman Novices. You're just starting out on your adventure, right? You will visit many towns and meet many people and encounter frightful boss monsters.

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Won't you consider taking one of these chaps with you? They're smeggin' talkative, but they'll be loyal friends! I'd say that Adept Adventurer knows lots of things about pets, so you can ask him about your new Little Poring friend. By the way, you should get a portable egg incubator. It was dropped by a careless pet groomer traveling through. I will also give you the Little Poring's favorite Apple Juice, so make sure that it stays fed all the time!