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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Margaret Littlewood. Charles Parker. James Savage.

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Dog Eat Dog: 7/22/02

Paul Schrader's latest action drama is downright awful. User Score.

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Write a Review. User Reviews. From the opening scene you have to buckle up. Sharply written and directed with no fear whatsoever. I give it the highest mixed. This is a well-shot, stylish film that is seemingly both conscious of its own absurdity as well as completely devoid of any coherence, even in subtext. As my friend said, it's sort of a take on Pulp Fiction. I would add that its purpose seems to be to troll the I give it the highest mixed. I would add that its purpose seems to be to troll the viewer. The soundtrack was brilliant. Ralfbergs Feb 18, Even though this movie starts out interesting and has some premise in it that you think it might be somewhat decent or at least a good b-movie type, in the end it ends up just dumb and you think why did you waste your time watching it.

More From Metacritic. We look at the biggest hits and major disappointments of the Find a full list of the movie and TV titles headed to disc in July, What to Watch Now on Starz.

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It was written by Bret Easton Ellis, financed by crowdfunding, and it starred the porn actor James Deen and the troubled actor Lindsay Lohan. It was a bizarre but fascinating confection. Lohan, he has said, was exhausting. Intriguingly for someone who has repeatedly returned to themes of moral and sexual transgression, Schrader grew up in a highly religious environment as a child of strict Calvinists.

He did not see his first film — The Absent-Minded Professor — until he was He was so anxious about sinning that he walked out of the cinema, before returning to watch the movie. It left a big impression upon him. Thereafter he started trying to make up for lost time by watching as many films as he could. During summer school at Columbia University in , he met Pauline Kael, the pioneering film critic.


Despite his alarm, he became one of her acolytes at a time when she wielded enormous influence in the film world. He or she simply wants to get that cadaver on the table and figure out how it lived. A film-maker is like a pregnant woman. All the film-maker wants is to give birth to a living thing.

So if you allow the medical examiner into the birthing room he will kill that baby. In those early days in LA he was the ultimate film nerd, making notes on everything he saw. But as I remind him, he later caught up with the sex and drugs with the same dedication he put into discovering cinema.

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First, though, he was intent on penetrating Hollywood. They were further ahead than him in their careers but what he lacked in experience he tried to make up for in networking. But Schrader and his other film-maker friends sensed that Hollywood was ready to be taken over — they just needed a few contacts on the inside. They were both mega-budget films in the old way and they tanked and sent their companies to the edge of bankruptcy. There was a real panic about what the young people wanted.

Dog Eat Dog review – nihilism with a smirk

And there was a period when the financiers were actually asking the artists what the young people wanted to see. He says that era, which produced masterpieces such as Taxi Driver , The Godfather and Chinatown , came to an end when Barry Diller went to Paramount and made market research the midwife of formulaic blockbusters. But before that happened, Schrader lived through a spate of successes that was matched only by his drive towards self-destruction.

Still deeply affected by his fundamentalist upbringing, he struggled with the moral free-for-all that money and attention brought. These were his years of catching up on sex and drugs. But he felt no more at ease with excess than he did with constraint. And that dislocation first showed up in Taxi Driver , where there literally was a pane of glass between the character and the world. His brother, Leonard, with whom he wrote Blue Collar , was also in a crazed state, and the pair of them fell out in such a damaging way that they never really repaired the relationship before Leonard died 10 years ago.