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Summer , Summer Poetry June 14, This is the fortieth consecutive year I have preached an Easter sermon. I will tell you this, though: As my own experience of call to ministry came in on a Palm Sunday and was presented to my high school church family on Easter Sunday, I have never forgotten the ups and downs of this week for me. That week I wrangled and struggled and finally decided to accept the call, at least what I knew at that point, to enter the ministry. It was full of anguish. What did I really understand about what this would mean or where it would go? If only the call were so clear!

Come with me.

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Where did it lead? I moved toward the leading but still without a lot of clarity about what it would mean. In the Christian faith, Easter is a surprise. That means people had no right to expect what transpired.

Gary Collier

So, everyone was surprised, shocked, stunned, overwhelmed. There was no way to anticipate what happened. Nothing indicated this was coming. Their hopes were literally in ruins. I have thought of this while grieving the terrible fire at Notre Dame in Paris. I have only had the privilege to visit there one time, but I remember the awe at this magnificent work of human hands motivated by faith in God. Out of ashes and devastation, we wait. One more Holy Week. One more hard moment in humanity. No reason to expect a surprise. This week, we walk into the cold ashes of human disappointment and wait to see what God might say to enable us to build out of this moment something new and unanticipated.

No matter who you are, where you came from, or whatever has happened, Easter is for you. That is the message. Who can be against us? Jul Nowhere do we see this more than in rigid religion in a person. All or nothing thinking—and in this regard, dogmatic atheism and fundamentalism look very similar in spirit—makes the building of community with others quite difficult. This is not to say that there are no absolute truths—merely that to trust that such things are true is not exactly identical with my absolute knowledge of them.

My friend D. His hobby, remarkably, is being a referee for high school football. Tags: church , church humor , civility , Gary Allison Furr , Manners , referees. Apr 7. His words keep living, his story keeps being told, and the events of his life are examined again and again. It is not that time any more. The pain is more diffuse, spread into new struggles for equality and justice.

It is worth marking the remarkable changes that have happened in that fifty years. We can go to any restaurant and drink from the same fountains. A lot of things are better, much better. But the pain he saw is still in the world—the pain of something not finished, a hope not yet realized, a brokenness needing mending. The deepest wounds heal from the inside out, and only with the greatest of care. There will be setbacks and infections and discouragements, but there is still much reason to hope and keep trying.

I remember the civil rights era in the South, but it was not from the vantage point of an adult in the middle of Big Issues, but as a child growing up in the South. I remember going on a hot Sunday afternoon with my father to the home of an employee. She happened to be African American. Her family member had been killed in a train accident, and my father believed that the proper and respectful thing to do was to go by to see the family. I remember waiting in the car while he went in, a little boy watching out the window to see people who also lived in Clarksville, Tennessee, but a very different Clarksville than the one in which I lived.

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It was as though I had stumbled onto a hidden cave where an entire civilization hitherto unknown to me had taken residence. I watched people come and go, just like in my community, bringing food, dabbing their eyes, dressed in their finest. Men tugging at their collars in the hot summer air opened the door for their wives in hats to go in with the bowl or dish. It was impressive, this little world to which I did not belong. People laughing, people smiling, people crying, just like us. But not with us. I took in the strangeness, but something stirred even deeper in me.

I saw my father speaking to them, as he did to everyone, with respect and courtesy and manners. I hear people telling tales from the sixties about marching and protesting.

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I have no tales like those. I was young and oblivious to the invisible walls of separation. But I do remember my father treating everyone the same, kindly, decently. His employees seemed to think they all counted the same with him. He never lost his temper that I knew of, or swore or cursed at people. Just treated them alike. My examples were different from those dramatic and provocative ones.

My family mostly watched the struggle on nightly television with the rest of the world. Lists with This Book.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Nov 15, Russell Henderson rated it it was amazing Shelves: worship. This is a great little book that all worship leaders and future worship leaders should read. More Than A Worship Leader deals with personal and spiritual issues that all worship leaders will have to face and some point in their lives.

Gary Durbin gives some very practical advise on how worship leaders can become even better in their job by analyzing issues like motivation, pride, and mentoring. Durbin does not provide a step-by-step guide, but gives some general sound advice on how to become more than just a worship leader. A lot of what he discusses boils down to the difference between being simply a leader of music and a pastor who also leads music. Anyone can lead songs, but it takes a humble, committed, servant of God to lead both on and off the stage, someone who disciples the church instead of just singing to it.

Sep 12, Rich Kirkpatrick rated it it was amazing. An important read for Worship Leaders!

Gary brings wisdom about discipleship to both the platform and the process of leading worship and more. If you are new to leading worship, you definitely should read this. If you are a veteran like me, you will gain a valuable tool and challenge to take you ministry deeper. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Gary Durbin.

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