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In some ways, I felt like I was lying by letting people believe I was that gay boy.

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And I had an enormous fear of male puberty. Once I got on the hormone blocker, which basically stopped my testosterone, that part changed. Is my voice getting deeper? There are still things that scare me.

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Identity documents can be hard for transgender people to change. And, as a semi-religious person who went to Catholic school, I have come to believe that God made me transgender. I believe that I am transgender to help people understand differences. She was fabulous.

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And it was fun to see her and the other girls wear dresses and put on lavish musical numbers. But it was also hard, because I wanted that to be me.

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Contact us at editors time. Totah starred in the Mindy Kaling-produced comedy Champions. I prefer to be flexible and keep my options open. I want most to be seen as successful. I want to be known for being congruent and reasonable.


People tell me I should be less rigid and self-controlling. It's more important to get things done and look good than to have a good time. I often feel confident about my conclusions.

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I frequently doubt my own mind. I want to stand out as exceptional among my peers. I would prefer to blend in than to stand out. I tend to be envious of others' successes. Seeing others succeed makes me happy for them.

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I like to stay busy with lots of stimulating activities. It's easy to get over-stimulated by too much excitement. I work hard to earn the respect and admiration of others. Others should do what's right. People tend to need my caring attention. It's important to build up a system of mutual support.

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I want to be seen as successful and high-achieving. Shimano Nexus 3 speed bicycle.

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Nexus 3 speed Chain bicycle. Rosie and her new i am free bicycle. Daniel by the Yarra river. City bicycle with a chromoly frame.

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Side perspective. Why I am free: I am free bicycles are free from fuel costs and bad emissions!