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And note the long Return of the Jedi logo on the side of the packet while the oblong logo is used on the front. Both were used in equal measure on most products released during the time of the film while Palitoy used their own version of the logo. Once again using line art, this shows Luke Skywalker clearly wearing his black Jedi tunic from Return of the Jedi while another X-wing dive-bombs in against a blue background with the classic slanted Star Wars logo behind.

In the same size g packet, we also have images of the biscuits themselves which ingeniously had images of the characters burnt into them.

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And a really cool touch is the inclusion of the address for fans to join the Official Star Wars Fan Club. Here in the UK, the club was run from an address in Maldon, Essex, and so UK fans who were fortunate enough to be a fan club member at the time received many letters with this address on it. Turning clockwise on the side of the tin, we have a rundown of the story of Star Wars with images of the two droids, the cockpit scene with Han, Chewie, Ben, Luke, and an image of Solo and Jabba from the Special Edition.

Star Wars Gift Tin New. Star Wars The Force Awakens metal tin. Playing Cards.

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Rogue One Playing Cards. Cake Candles. Gold Celeb Great condition.

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Just been on display for a year. Boxed - boxes are showing signs of wear - see photos. Star Wars Activity Tin.

Elsie and the Magic Biscuit Tin

New and sealed - includes build your own millennium falcon. One side is flat, and the other is embossed, which you'll see in the photograph of the lunch box open.

The Rabbit, the Dark and the Biscuit Tin Synopsis

UK issue Collectors Confectionery Tin empty. This Star Wars biscuit barrel is perfect for adding a bit of character to any kitchen. View Basket 0 items. Demand for commercially produced biscuits soared in the 19th century, along with demand for tea and coffee. As biscuits were fragile by nature, a tin, box or barrel provided a modicum of protection, with the additional benefit of being air-tight, keeping biscuits fresher for longer. This meant that biscuit boxes became necessary for storing biscuits which had been bought and were to be brought to the table while taking tea.

Fights Gone By #114: The Biscuit Tin Belt, Fedor vs Bador

Biscuit tins and boxes varied in size, shape and materials depending on the desired use. Large tins were used to transport goods, whereas smaller, more decorative boxes and tins were for domestic use.

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Biscuit tins became more grandiose during the Victorian era, as did much silverware, especially pieces which adorned the dinner table. The advent of afternoon tea also increased both the need and the desire for highly decorative biscuit boxes, which would be required to be aesthetically pleasing to take pride of place alongside tea and coffee services. Antique and vintage silver biscuit boxes were often created in either a highly embellished Victorian style, complete with floral motifs and figural characters.

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Occasionally, larger biscuit boxes are referred to as biscuit barrels.